You might ask how to be a great person? The pages here will provide you with the resources, the help, the ideas and even a blueprint for life. Grab it and be happy be bright be you! YOU are unique, there is no mould!

LET’S REVISIT OUR GOALS                           POWER OF THE DREAM

    1. Challenge/Question The Social Norms
    2. Get Out Of The Rat Race and Trash Our Comfort Zones
    3. Get Off The Couch and Take Action
    4. Discover Our Passion, Find Our Talent and Fire Your Belly
    5. Now We Are Fired Up, Action our Talent
    6. Overcoming Obstacles
    7. Stick With The Plan
    8. Emotional Freedom Techniques
    9. Learn How To Emotionally Detach


Having addressed all the common issues that keep us stuck in unreality we can now embrace our dreams and turn our lives around. We are coming from a place of clarity, our decisions are cool-headed, we know how to overcome obstacles and we are off and running with focus.

We keep the fire stoked in our bellies, energy abounds and we know we can achieve our dreams by taking massive action and making amazing things happen. The sky is the limit. Let’s go, go, go!


The five most sought after dreams are:

    1. Wealth/Prosperity/ Abundance/Money
    2. Health
    3. Relationships/Love Life
    4. Purpose/Career/Job
    5. Family

We are stalling, perhaps afraid to make a start. Is it that we don’t believe in ourselves? A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Try it, take the first step, one foot in front of the other and keep going. There will be times that we will fall down and when we get back up we are stronger for the fall. This has happened to me many times and I refuse to give in or give up. I made a decision that this is not an option and I will keep going to see what is at the end of my efforts. Curiosity is a great driver!

Breathe deeply and take your first step! We don’t want to look back in years to come, and regret not having a go or wondering what would have happened had we taken the first step. Do you agree?


We all want our dreams. Don’t you? Now that we have taken our first step, and got our foot firmly on the ground, what POWER OF THE DREAMcomes next? What do you need? Perhaps a website, help to get started, let your talent lead the way. In order to express your talent you will need tools and a plan. How am I going to market it? What niche am I in? How do I find my audience? How do I target my audience? Need training? Need like minded support group? Sounds a bit daunting to some. I can help you build a website for $0m with a brilliant Traiing Platform and a support group of people doing the exact same thing.

After doing my due diligence I know the best way to promote anything, these days, is on line. It is a proven fact, so why reinvent the wheel? In Australia there are more and more bricks and mortar shops are closing, even after years of success. People these days shop online. Do you? I do and most people I know do.


I needed all the above and found it all in one place at Wealthy Affiliates. One stop shopping Woo Hoo! As I mentioned I can help you get the perfect start….. Are you ready to take action? Bit scary but exhilarating eh?


If you want you own website in less than 5 minutes from this moment you will need to take the following steps.

Step 1: Join Wealthy Affiliate with a Totally Free Account

Step 2: Start building your website for free

Step 3: Here YOU get access to not 1 but 2 FREE Websites

Step 4: Here YOU have a Top Training Platform and I mean TOP

Step 5: Here YOU have one helluva community of like minded people who are doing the same thing

“Poof” In less than half an hour YOU will have met all of your needs for FREE.

How it has been simplified for us, here at Wealthy Affiliates, is exceptional. This was an exhilarating and exciting moment in my life.


When I started with Wealthy Affiliates I had zilch technical knowledge and a lot of balls. The Community not only helps usPOWER OF THE DREAM out and holds our hands with the technical issues but also our personal development needs. If we are feeling down and lost we put up a public blog describing our struggles, our frustrations or whatever and the people in the community reply to us with appropriate responses that lift us up and stoke our fires. Often the sharing comes from their personal experience when they were lost and frustrated and how they overcame their “downer”.

Members share about their health, relationship, careers and family issues. Anything at all! We all know we have a million strong foundation that will help, support and encourage right behind us. In my opinion, this is rare. Do you agree?

I put up a question about where do I get a free Ebook Template and a fellow member came back with two sites for me to go get it. Free software is abundant to get us where we want to go if we only knew where to look. Whatever our needs there is someone in the community that is able to meet them. All we have to do is put up a blog asking for what we need.


After devoting our efforts, staying focused and having wins along the way we do share our successes and back comes the pat on the back, the celebration and jubilation and never ending encouragement.


And of course, once we are out of our trainers, we are then in a position to help the newbies that are joining all the time. Who thought life couldn’t be perfect? This environment, training and success machine is close to it.

This is how entrepreneurs, millionaires and mentors are born. It is more common than not that successful people use whatever tools they can to keep them on track. Firstly achieving the NINE GOALS ABOVE, embracing the new, trying it and surrounding themselves with perfect teams. I know for a fact, successful people, these days, listen to streaming, hypnosis downloads and explore modern ways of training their brains for success. Why not YOU and I? I’m excited to say I’m on my way!


We all need a little help from our “friends”. I enjoy chatting with you and I have found my way to the happiness that was eluding me for years. I am confident there is even more to come however right now, I am the happiest I have ever been. Please feel free to join the conversation and share your thoughts and experience so we can help each other out.

Cheers now, Jill


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Put simply it is a state of mind where we witness life rather than reacting to life. Now that’s not hard to understand or is it? Let’s explore how to emotionally detach from life’s events shall we?


Let’s first be clear on what emotional attachment is, in order to undo it. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those UNDO buttons. Press the button “poof” gone!

We can be emotionally attached to our pets, special plants, friends, kids, money, lovers, family, precious memories, homes,WHAT IS EMOTIONALLY DETACHED cars, all of our possessions, all of our favourite things, winning and even our thoughts like possessing our goals, she’s so perfect, he is a hunk and the list goes on.

In fact these attachments are very like addictions. We desire them so much we imagine we can’t live without them and should we lose any of them we feel differing levels of sadness. Notice here we are reacting to loss. An extreme example is loosing our home and everything in it to fire, flood or some natural disaster.

To easily discover our attachments, ask ourselves if we lost “it” and experienced any level of sadness, we were surely attached to it.

Unfortunately, the consequence of being addicted/attached to anything is we give the attachment power over us and they basically control our lives. Another consequence is often what we are so attached to will leave or allude us. Sad but true!


Our state of mind when we become a witness to life’s events, is keeping a calm nonreactive demeanor, a cool head and we can do whatever we need to do without our emotions becoming involved.

Classic examples here are a medical doctor, going about his business, of amputating a limb. He may feel helpless, even a little sad, because with all his due diligence and medical knowledge he is unable to save the person’s limb. However he will calmly amputate because it has to be, or is the best outcome for the patient.

Another example is the Paramedics that attend an accident scene. They coolly and calmly assess the patient’s condition, make a judgment call and then calmly act to get the best outcome.

In both of these examples the Doctor and the Paramedics are witnessing their patient’s conditions, making a clear and calm judgment call and then acting in the patients best interests.

For me, these people are special types of people, however all they have done is to train their brains to witness these events without becoming emotionally involved. We are all capable of training our brains to witness life and not react to life.


WHAT IS EMOTIONALLY DETACHEDIt is not by coincidence that I am writing an article on detachment because a real life situation has just come up for me! This one is not such an obvious one. I determined to build my online business to enhance our retirement years so money was not dictating what we could and couldn’t do. I found a niche I am passionate about, and allowed me to continue my own development and help others by sharing my personal journey.

This project called for me to set goals, follow my plan, stay dedicated, determined and focused. After 4.5 months I have not yet made a dime and am in the battle of my life to attract traffic (customers). A friend I know is powering and cleaning up and I felt so disappointed for myself and started to doubt my abilities. Here’s a laugh, it’s the first time in my life I have felt a “cold sweat”. I never knew what it was.

I calmed down, shared it with my hubby (who calmly said, “It’s OK. Just keep doing what you are doing and let’s try to make it bigger and better”. Sage words from my man.


I suddenly saw, how my emotional attachment was coming back to bite me by putting doubt in my mind, panicking about whether I had chosen the right niche and about to take me off my path, away from my goals and plans. This, for those who don’t recognise it, is self sabotage!

Now I can see the beast, I have detached from the outcome of my efforts. I love doing what I’m doing and if it helps one other person, my efforts will not have been in vain.

Since then, my mind has showed me clearly what I can do to make my efforts bigger and better and keep on my path to where ever it takes me. I know what I am doing has purpose and meaning for me personally and I have grown and grown. This is reward enough as my life is fulfilled and happier and what will be will be.

This shift is NOT EASY!!!


Suddenly there is nothing to worry or stress about! What will be will be. Do you get it? For example our car gets stolen: weWHAT IS EMOTIONALLY DETACHED can do one of two things. Fly into an emotional reactive state of mind and stress ourselves to the max as we run around in circles thinking “Oh no! What am I going to do? How am I going to get home? How am I going to get to the shops, take the kids to school etc.”. We can run around in a panic, tearing our hair out, putting our blood pressure through the roof and doing ourselves a great disservice. Notice how frantic and wound up this behaviour is.

Or we can: stay calm, keep a cool head and clearly think our way through the situation. Then we will call the police and report the car stolen, grab a taxi/bus or call a friend to take us home. Explore who we might be able to borrow a car from or hire a car until the situation is sorted. Notice how relaxed we are when common sense (clear thinking) is in control. Sure we are annoyed, to say the least, that our car has been stolen but it hasn’t controlled us. We have control of what is the best outcome.


Well, I have bared my heart and soul in the public arena again and this is not easy to do either, however Hello To Happier Days is and always has been about my personal journey.

What comes up for me now is IKEA’s founder Ingva Kamprad who quoted: “Keep your head down and your butt up” looking for better and better ways to help people, and the dollars will follow you”. Remember he developed the flat pack to help his customers with furniture purchases.


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I invite you to share your experiences, to help me and others as we grow together to happier days. I love it when people join the conversation. It makes it fun!

Cheers Jill



Goal No: 8 Let’s explore how to overcome emotional baggage. We all carry emotional baggage and there are ways to release it. We need to learn how to make wise decisions with our emotions in check. Emotionally charged decisions will have us quit, will put us deeper in debt and drop us in the shite.


Firstly we have to recognise the beast is in action. Some examples of these feelings are: believing we are always right andEMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE HANDOUT battering others with our incessant ravings, I have to have it and I have to have it now resulting in blowing the budget, getting into conflict through jealousy, when trying to achieve a task and running into obstacle after obstacle, our emotions overcome us and we miss something important.

The emotional beast is at work when we feel frustrated, fed up, angry, jealous, overwhelmed, overloaded, wound up like a spring, tight as a drum, tense, throw things, hit out, yell, blame, abuse and you know where I’m going with this. These are all damaging emotional patterns.


Have the presence of mind not to take the bait. Simply make a statement like I’m not arguing with you, perhaps we can talk about this later when we are both calmer, I need time to think about this or simply walk away. Try to defuse the situation. A task that is frustrating us where we keep trying the same thing over and over? Simply walk away, take a break, go for a walk and clear our heads. Often when we resume we notice, what we were missing, or see the answer with fresh eyes.

Reactions and decisions guided by highly charged negative emotions never end well.


In his day Socrates, a Liberated Adult and well known philosopher once said:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

For those interested in philosophy: Socrates, an Ancient Greek Philosopher (399 BC to 470 BC) developed the Socratic dialogue (his method of questions and answers) and led to today’s platform of understanding in this area.

He then taught Plato, who in turn taught Aristotle who then advised Alexander the Great.

Pretty awesome reference I reckon.


By following the “norm” and staying in my comfort zone I was dead from the feet up for over half my life! They say you get wiser as you grow older, but nothing can give me back that wasted half of my life.


I implore all of you to not waste your lives like me, and furthermore, teach our children to truly LIVE their lives. It is not too late!


The Liberated Adult acknowledges and owns the damaging emotions they are feeling. In order to progress to making a common sense, inspired decision these feelings need to be released and recognised for what they are, simply damaging feelings. How do we do this?


These techniques, like all techniques or instruction papers, are somewhat clinical to read. I suggest you skip over them for now, read on and find why they will help you. It is my intention to have inspired all of you, and then come back, read them, print them off and make them an integral part of our daily lives.

NO: 1 I sit the feeling up in front of myself and examine it. I recall all the associated feelings that come up. Now I have aEMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE HANDOUT clear picture of what it feels like, looks like, smells like, where it fits in my past and the guts of it.

Then I look for the opposite positive feeling and sit that up in front of me and recall all the times in my life that I have felt that feeling, how good it feels, how I’ve already experienced it and I know I can feel and have it.

Then, charged with the passion of all my past knowledge where I felt so good, I am able to release the negative feeling that was holding me back and replace it with positive feeling.

This space is an extraordinary place to be when making decisions. It is a place of detachment, being cool and unemotional. Everything becomes crystal clear and decisions are made with intent and total confidence.

NO: 2 A session with any mirror. Have you ever really looked yourself in the eye? This technique is similar to the first except we face ourselves as we discuss with ourselves our current damaging emotional state. Usually my eyes become glazed and my normal focus can become distorted. This is a good thing, we are now in a state of deep relaxation just let it happen.

For example:  After a few deep breaths and relaxing, I say to myself in the mirror I feel desperate and bring up and discuss with myself all the past details just like the first technique. Then I picture myself in say 1-3 months time in the future still feeling desperate and nothing has changed. Let all of that go.

Now I imagine myself having made the change to my confident self. Play it out like running a video and make it big and full of passions and knowing. Let it go.

Then I ask myself, how did you make the change or what do I need to do next? Sit ever so quietly, wait and listen. Thoughts will arise to the forefront (from our own experience in life) that will answer our questions and show us what action to take. Sometimes, nothing arises at that moment, but we will have one of those “aa ha, light bulb flashes” in the next day or so.

Then I quietly find 5 things to be grateful for in my now. My cosy bed, roof over my head, health and well being, success I have so far etc. etc. This finishes the session leaving me feeling looked after and taken care of despite my struggles.  For this I am truly grateful.

I learned this technique from Joe Vitale extraordinaire, by purchasing and trying his so called “new age fan dangle rubbishy program”. Says it all doesn’t it!  Joe has a free quiz you can do to find out where you are on your journey.


Due to an emotionally charged decision made a couple of years ago, I am DESPARATE to make money. I woke feeling DESPARATE. It seemed that all my dedicated efforts kept amounting to nothing and I wasn’t getting any traction. I felt miserable, frustrated, heavy, tense, hurt and angry to name a few.

The opposite that came up for me was CONFIDENT. I looked back in my life for times when I brimmed with confidence and success. I remembered my excellent school report cards (until I discovered “boys”), how I got every job I wanted with ease, how I did well at tennis and swimming, how I became Manager of a Credit Union. The icing on the cake was I recalled the job references that I was given and how they expressed my competence and amenable personality.

I was uplifted and remembered how CONFIDENT I had been and took on anything I wanted and achieved success. I knew I had the confidence in myself to achieve today’s goals.

Dressed in the confidence I know I have, I went back to work with an amazing attitude that all is well and I will succeed.


They rob us of opportunities and they drop us in the shite and here we are back in our comfort zones and wallowing in the  “norm” again. If, the sometimes misguided “norm” says it’s a scam, people believe it. The word scam is highly charged and we mistakenly accept all without question. I implore people to question, research and gather information for themselves soEMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE HANDOUT we can make independent unemotional decisions based on fact.

Examples of a “norm” scam” is pyramid selling, any get rich quick programs, buying email lists etc and after researching, gathering facts I made informed decisions they are not for me. Note: Had I made an emotionally charged decision, based purely on “hearsay” I would not have been able to weed out the good from the scams.

Why did I say that? Because tossed into the same “norm” basket was Wealthy Affiliates, making money online, manifesting programs and hypnosis downloads. I put on my Liberated Adult hat, gathered facts, did my own due diligence, tried the products and discovered they are authentic, genuine and have integrity.  Are you interested in an online business?  YES!  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates, it is free to join.  Upon clicking on the link the first page will ask for your email address, scroll on to research and get an idea.

On my journey I have learned to release the past and focus on the new. To do this I had to get out of my comfort zone, question the “norm” and make my own unemotional decisions. In the process I grew up and became a Liberated Adult.

We must grow up and become independent free thinkers. Liberated adults get all the goodies. When we naively accept the “norm” and remain cemented in our comfort zones we are not living. We are, in fact, dead from the feet up. Is this what we want for ourselves? NO! Not for me!

This new place I’ve discovered of being detached, being cool, having clarity and making common sense unemotional decisions is living my life, on my terms.  Now I know why the monks talk about detachment!


EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE HANDOUTI have shared with you two techniques to escape being “dead from the feet up” and I sincerely wish that I have helped you out. It is not easy to break out of old habits, however, once I practiced these techniques I became aware I now find making changes in my easy. I have developed a new habit and a new way to live.

Sorry if I have got up on my soap box again. My having found a better more rewarding way to live my precious life I simply want it for you too. We all, YES ALL, are amazing talented people who can and will leave our mark on the world if we choose to.

I invite you to share your experiences and your comments so we can help each other, grow together and, at least, visit the realms of Socrates!


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Cheers now, Jill


Our belly is fired up due to our passions/talents, and along comes the obstacles. This is, unfortunately, perfectly normal and our plan goes “poof” out the window.  .

For the newcomers to my site, a big WELCOME and let me fill you in a bit. HelloTo Happier days is my personal diary of events, over the past 6 or so months, that has led me to the now. Choose to follow my journey, each step of the way, and you will find out where you are in your journey and what comes next.


Keep our fires stoked by facing these challenges “head on”. For example, an opportunity came my way that was in conflict with my passion. I was selected for an intensive training program (real hand holding and person to person), that could EXAMPLES OVERCOMING OBSTACLESmaybe bring dollars into my life more rapidly. I was emotionally tempted with the shiny thing, however it meant changing my focus away from my passion, leaving 4 months of work behind and starting again! Bitter pill I was not about to swallow. I faced the dilemma and it took me about a week to discover a way I could have my cake and eat it too!

Instead of changing direction, moving away from my passion, I found a way to weave the program criteria into my passion. Much to my delight, this move has been accepted and I’M IN! Woo Hoo!

I guess what I learned from this, is obstacles can be overcome if we look at them wisely and not allow our emotions to make the decision. I practiced what I preach by staying on track following my passion, thought outside the box and VOILA!


We are all faced with obstacles when learning new things. Emotional obstacles are perhaps the most common. For me to follow my passion (personal development) I needed to find a way to promote my thoughts and opinions. This meant building my website. I am not a tech savvy guru, more like a babe in the woods, however threw myself into the deep end. I was faced with numerous technical tasks where I felt totally at sea. I needed no idea of what I was doing and robotically followed instructions, banking on the hope that I needed followed the instructions properly.

On many occasions I needed misunderstood or missed some !#! gorgeous#&# little thing and what was supposed to happen didn’t happen. This caused me great frustration, overwhelm and I often ended up wound up tight as a spring. Time to walk away for a bit, breathe and be kind to ourselves. When learning something new we need to accept that sometimes it will be challenging and with passionate perseverance we will win.

I am glad to report that these basic technical skills have now become automatic, now I do them without even thinking about the how. I am constantly facing new technical tasks and when frustrated, I recall my knowing it will eventually fall into place. I keep my fire stoked!


HOW TO STICK WITH A PLANRemember that goddamn 12 Month Plan we put on paper previously? Because we are researching and learning new things about our passions new bells and whistles are constantly in our face. Ooooo that looks good, want to try that one etc. What do these bells and whistles do? They distract us from our plan and we spend/waste hours exploring the how, why and when they might be handy? Do you agree?

We have a goal for the week and the month and this needs to be forefront in our minds daily. I keep reminding myself each day, now what is it I am focused on this week. I then go looking for anything that can help me achieve my goals.

Being able to tick off tasks brings us great satisfaction (that “I did it, woo hoo” feeling) and has us charging forward to the next step to get that feeling again.

When we stay focused and can tick off little steps along the way that brings us tremendous pleasure we move closer to the end game. Furthermore, before we know it we have achieved our weekly goal.


Do you know what, this doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. I have read over and over that successful people surround themselves with like-minded people. By keeping company with others who are taking responsibility for their actions we automatically receive “free” mentoring. Like minded people share what is happening, how they did it, or how they overcame the very same obstacle. They willingly lift us up when we are down, point us in the right direction and have our backs. AndHOW TO STICK WITH A PLAN we delight in doing the same for them. We have our own community and so do the entrepreneurs.

I have discovered when I was wallowing around in the “norm” with my friends, we were all complaining about how tough life was, how stupid the pollies are, discussing the pros and cons of renewable energy etc. etc. and you know where I am going with this. In essence, we were wasting our lives, totally unaware of the way out of the rat race and keeping each other in the mud. Poignant quote comes to mind: “How can we soar with the eagles when we are mixing with the turkeys”. When we set our sights on being successful, we naturally surround ourselves with friends that take responsibility for themselves, are on the same journey and support our endeavours.


I am proud of those of you that have discovered your unique talent and need a way to promote them.  Online marketing is fast becoming the “norm” (I might add a good “norm”) and in my opinion is the best way to expose and promote your talents.

After much researching I managed to sort the scams from the authentic ones.  I joined Wealthy Affiliates and into the bargain came an exceptional community of like minded people that have held my hand and continue to support my endeavours.  Are you ready to showcase your talent?  YES!  Join for free, have a look around and come with me on this roller coaster life giving ride.  I too will be there to hold your hand and get your back.


AND I AM LOVING IT! Do you know what, I am aware now, that I am living my life on a higher level. How did this happen you might ask? It happened with a hell of a lot of hard work, questioning, exploring and discovery. My journey is documented here in the pages of Hello To Happier Days. Maybe these pages can help you out? I discovered self help programs, cheat sheets  and hypnosis downloads that are common in today’s world, and are designed to speed up our progress.  We will need to trash our comfort zones and become liberated adults to take advantage of these programs.  Help is everywhere. Do you want another helping hand?  YES!  Try this Cheat Sheet for free.

I am happier than I ever was, leading an exhilarating uplifting life, that is meaningful because I chose to find happiness.


Do you know what, I could beg you to challenge the “norm”, get out of your comfort zone, force yourselves off the couch, follow your passion, discover your unique talent and take action but it would all be in vain. You and only you can take responsibility for what we want out of our lives. It’s all there for the taking for all of us. Believe me there is nothing special about me.

Hey people, if you want to make a start, it is my job to help you out . Meanwhile, my writing my thoughts on paper helps me to reinforce the strength, courage and attitude to follow my passion.

I would love you to share your thoughts, experiences and understanding life’s processes so we can help each other and all grow together.


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Cheers now and HELLO TO HAPPIER DAYS for you all.