A YOUNGER Tony Robbins

OMG!  Giving will upgrade your being.  Ladies bring tissues!  Men bring ?????. “From Australia With Love”

I think the word is PHILANTHROPIST.  Say no more.   Speechless!

Happily  sharing this with you.

Cheers Jill

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6 Replies to “A YOUNGER Tony Robbins”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The loss of life and valuable properties due to the fire in Australia is a sad case and the help of every human is needed. There are different platforms where we can reach out to with our money.

    1. Hi Benny,  Thank you for joining the conversation.  Yes the fires in Australia have caused pain for so many people. I was so impressed with the top Tennis Players in the world, donating a massive amount of money to these people.  I read a quote somewhere, can’t remember who wrote it, or the exact words, saying:  “If you want to improve your circumstances, find someone who is hurting and help them”.  

      Giving from the heart, truly does come back 10 fold and more importantly, we feel happy and energised.  

      Cheers Jill

  2. Like most of what Tony Robbins does best, hugely uplifting, inspiring, emotional, masterful and effective story telling.

    Oh would that more of us had this mans ability to interpret and to tell a story in a way that stays with people and they can recall when they need that philosophical or inspirational fix.

    Thanks for posting most enjoyable.


    1. Hi Hamish,  Thanks for your comments.  Yes, I am a big fan of Tony’s and over the years I have been engaged with him, I have come to realise he has mastered life.  I don’t stay that lightly.  Are you aware he and Dean Graziosi have combined their 60 years in the personal growth arena and now have a platform to help people attain a meaningful and fulfilled life.

      I purchased The Knowledge Broker Blueprint and I am delighted to say, I grew in leaps and bounds and continue to do so.  They over deliver in whatever they do and I am grateful to be mentored by these two extraordinary leaders.

      Thanks for dropping in and look forward to chatting with you again.  Cheers Jill

  3. Hello, I learn a lot while watching the video and find it is very useful for everyone.  Throughout his writings, seminars, and speeches, Robbins espouses viewpoints, techniques, and other practices he asserts can help adherents improve their lives.He speaks about various human needs, influences that affect people, the power of making decisions and the need to achieve emotional mastery. 

    1. Hey Parveen,  I can see you are a fan of Tony too!  I have experienced the power of making decisions followed by persistent and consistent action and I can assure you Tony knows what he is talking about.  I’m determined to achieve emotional mastery – probably the most challenging.  Thanks to Tony I am aware of it, what it means and how to achieve it.  Join me.  Thanks for your comments.  Cheers and Happy Days, Jill

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