In today’s modern world most of us are aware of trance, hypnosis and even channeling. In my opinion, it is sometimes a stretch to get our head around some of these concepts. Having said that, in this later stage of my life, I have found my explorer/adventurer, got out of my comfort zone, and now check out all of these new somewhat challenging concepts.ALTERED STATE OF MIND DEFINITION

The results have been advantageous and exhilarating. So shall we go and explore?


I continue to experience light trance, (which is, by the way, a pleasant state) and tends to bring up bucket loads of fears, doubts and other things that impede me having a life of happiness. Often action thoughts to fix the problem come at the end of the relaxation session. Amazing but true.

Another trance like state is where our bodies move us. Think of a time when we were “in the zone” playing a sport, dancing, anything active and our bodies automatically did what was needed to mark the ball, hit that backhand, be swept up gracefully and land perfectly in a dance. And somehow we knew, with confidence, it was going to happen. I love it when my body moves me, the proof is I can’t make my body move like that no matter how hard I try.

One night at lawn bowls I bowled every bowl like a champion. It stunned me to the point where I thought “who is bowling these bowls?”. It sure didn’t feel like me. The next time I went bowling I tried to bowl like that and I couldn’t. Has this ever happened to you?


ALTERED STATE OF MIND DEFINITIONSimply allowing ourselves to deeply relax, by concentrating on our breath, will take us into a light trance. For me it’s like day dreaming. Mastering meditating could even take us deeper. Truly, it’s not rocket science. In our fast, spinning out of control lifestyles we don’t make time for this simple 10-20 minute pleasure.

Deeply relaxing into a suspended mind space not only allows us to deal with our “baggage”, it also heals our bodies by removing stressors and recharges our batteries. This suspended space is like an intermission where we put our brain activity on hold and take time out. Why oh why wouldn’t we?  Joe Vitale Ebook Clearing Negativity (baggage)


Quite honestly, I have never been a fan of hypnosis. Since I decided to get out of my comfort zone and explore life’sALTERED STATE OF MIND DEFINITION opportunities, I decided to check out modern hypnosis downloads that we can listen to in the comfort of our homes. Today, there is no need to go book an appointment with a hypnotist and pay for the session. By allowing myself to check out the modern downloads, experiencing the effects, I am now an avid fan.

Hypnosis downloads quickly take us into our deeply relaxed state without us trying to make it happen, or not being able to stay focused on our breathing, getting restless, thrashing about in our minds and giving up. All we have to do is stay focused and listen to positive suggestion and ideas and we will drift off into our own world. Our sub-conscious can then communicate with us about all manner of things.

The downloads I have listened to are very repetitive, keep saying the same thing over and over and truly it gets boring. So boring in fact, I naturally drift off to my daydreaming place. The place where it all happens.


It works for me. The only way to find out if it will work for us is to try it. There are downloads for everything imaginable from weight loss, health issues, unhealthy mindsets, addictions, relationships, goals, wealth, social confidence etc. The one I use is for creating happiness and, as I keep saying, my life has become meaningful (never stagnating and boring like it used to be), I now have goals and my fulfillment levels have sky-rocketed.

When I say try it for ourselves I mean give it a “fair go” (as they say in Australia), meaning try it for a month or so. Find 10 minutes every day to deeply relax and reap the benefits. Invest in ourselves, our goal, our health, whatever is most important for us for less than $20. These days some personal development programs are somewhat expensive (albeit value for money) whereas the hypnosis downloads are within every one’s reach. How badly do we want to lose those migraines, addictions, fears, doubts etc. I say “give it a go for a month and then make a decision.”


Let me share a true story about a close relation of mine. Unfortunately, he was involved in a traffic accident which resultedALTERED STATE OF MIND DEFINITION in the death of two of his friends (who were passengers in his vehicle) and lost one of his legs and is now an amputee. His journey to finally mastering a prosthesis took two years of extreme pain, recurring infection, frustration and his dedicated attitude prevailed. It was heartbreaking to witness. The Invictus Games (for amputees) was held while he was recovering and he took heart in their motto: I AM, MASTER OF MY FATE, CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL.

This event hit me like a lightening bolt, I adore him and witnessing his motivation broke me out of my stagnation. I quickly realised I was wasting my fully functional mobile life, how unhappy and bored I was with my existence. This gave me the strength to be brave and courageous and embrace my life, find my mojo, get off the couch, break out of my toxic comfort zone and go LIVE MY LIFE with the zesty ballsy determination and dedication he had shown me.

Let me ask, what are we going to do with our lives? We can make a difference. It’s not too late to start.


It’s been lovely chatting and sharing with you all. I invite you to share your experiences, knowledge and inspirations so we can contribute to each other’s lives and grow together. I so look forward to your expressions as they help me too.

Cheers now, Jill



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  1. A very interesting article, Jill! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I meditate regularly every day. And have experienced instances where my body moved me. So, I know what you mean. When my body moved, it was fascinating. I could feel this joy and peace at the same time.

    Also, I have channeled before. Started when I was meditating in 2000. This was after years of meditation since a child. I came out of the meditation with the feeling that something was ‘downloaded’ into me. After a few days, the information came through. This was very fascinating too.

    Once again, thank you for this enjoyable article about the altered state of mind.

    1. Thank you Timotheus for sharing your experiences. They are a confirmation and commendation that anyone can access these deeper mind states. Furthermore, once accessing them the benefits are helpful to our daily lives. Why would anyone not pursue techniques that teach us how to live meaningful happy lives? ANYONE can learn and apply once they accept these methods as authentic. Thanks again. Cheers Jill

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