From my understanding our brain has compartments that serve us in different ways. We are going to discuss one particular example of states of consciousness that I have experienced. For others like trance, please read my previous blog called ALTERED STATE OF MIND DEFINITION.


The two compartments that we are going to discuss is the conscious mindset and the sub conscious mindset. If we had to ALTERED STATES CONSCIOUSNESS EXAMPLESuse our conscious mindset to beat our hearts, breath our lungs, action our flight/fight response etc our brains would be forever busy keeping us alive. All of these functions and millions more are stored in our sub conscious and happen by auto pilot.

This leaves our conscious mind free for the everyday functions: to learn, cook, work, read, garden, socialise, play, think to form an opinion etc. You get my drift.


It is apparent that the sub conscious mind “takes care of all the functions that are repetitive”. Consequently, everything we learn as a child from our parents, teachers, peers is stored in the sub conscious and runs on auto pilot. The adults in our lives repetitively teach us “we are not good enough, what is normal and what’s not, what’s right and what’s wrong, our life values etc”. Some of these lessons are good and some are limited by the adult’s beliefs. Nevertheless, our sub conscious runs on auto pilot and we constantly behave accordingly. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.


ALTERED STATES CONSCIOUSNESS EXAMPLESOur conscious mindset takes care of all our daily decisions like “I’m going to have a shower” and all that daily boring grind stuff and the good stuff like I’m off to dancing”. Now what happens if we throw a spanner in the works and consciously think “I’m going to get out of my boring job and build myself an online business”. Our sub conscious immediately comes back with “you’re not good enough, that’s not normal”.

What if we consciously think “I feel inside, that I have a purpose in life”. Our good old sub conscious comes back with “that’s rubbish, that’s not normal.”. Consciously we ask “Why do I wonder about this, why do I have this longing inside?”.. Good old subby says “forget about it, it’s not normal, we are doing what is right” etc and it can only guide from the store it has, that was born out of repetition.

What happens next is we dismiss the thought and return to our “norm” and retreat into our so called comfort zones. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Reminds me of a quote: “Definition of insanity is: We keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results”.


When we know and become aware of how our sub conscious takes charge of our lives, we become no longer prepared to accept the limitations that we have been fed for most of our lives.

Now we know the sub conscious does repetitive actions, learns from repetitive instructions and faithfully reproduces these instructions time and time again. With awareness of how this works we can begin to create our own unique instructions by repeatedly acting in a certain way. By consistently and persistently pursuing a goal our sub conscious starts to take the new instructions on board and will store the new knowledge.

We persist with a new idea, keep being consistent and never give up until we achieve the goal and then we celebrate, feel good about ourselves, are proud of ourselves and all of these great experiences are now stored in our sub conscious. The next goal we set for ourselves, our subs throw up “keep going, never give up, you can do this, try this” and whatever worked last time.

This is an example of how we have altered our sub conscious mindset. We can create the life we want for ourselves. How you might ask, by taking repetitive courageous and brave action, stepping outside of our comfort zones, having the balls and audacity to think outside of the old training, that we have inadvertently absorbed, and teaching our sub conscious new tricks.

Let’s look at a person who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Their childhood sub conscious learned from the ALTERED STATES CONSCIOUSNESS EXAMPLESwealthy adults around them, that “this is normal, this is how you do it, I’m proud of you son etc.”. and they take the right action automatically. Are we beginning to realise how powerful our sub conscious is?

How badly do we wish we were born into this way of thinking? How badly do we want a better life? Well opportunity knocks for the brave. Have an open mind and take a chance. The  Manfesting Movie Program is changing my life. Guess what, I intensely dislike the word “manifest” and it conjured up for me “what a load of crap”. I prefer “create” which is what I’m doing. Creating a better life. Am I rich yet? No, however, in only three months I have in place an online business of my own which is the framework to bring in the money. Has it been easy, no. I am working my butt off, being challenged every day with technology I no nothing about BUT loving it and feeling alive and well.


Our sub conscious doesn’t have the ability to judge. It simply spews forth whatever is stored there, whether it is good or bad. Consequently if all that is stored there is negative, it will continue to keep spewing forth the negative and we will continue to experience life in a negative way. If debt is stored there as “normal” it will keep supporting debt and continue to teach us how to stay in debt.ALTERED STATES CONSCIOUSNESS EXAMPLES

We have the power to feed our sub conscious mindset with our CHOSEN UNIQUE SET OF INSTRUCTIONS that will give us what we want by repetitively taking healthy action toward whatever we want.

To start this process is not easy, it is probably the biggest challenge we will have in our lives. It is not a quick fix and takes dedication, massive determination and motivation. IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU.

There are many programs that will help us facilitate our “new instructions” and they all require us to breakaway from the “norm”, get out of our comfort zones and accept the new. They may sound a bit wacky and indeed they are, UNTIL THEY WORK! How can we make a considered honest decision about something we haven’t tried.

This brings me to the cheats way of dealing with repetitively feeding in our unique set of instructions. HYPNOSIS downloads are full of repetition and that is why they work. I know they work because I use them.


Take a chance on ourselves by doing something different. I’m not going to sell you on anything, however, by sharing my experiences I am opening doors. It is up to you to walk through.

It’s been great sharing with you and I invite you to join the conversation and share your experiences so we can grow together. Until next time,

Cheers Jill


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  1. Hi Jill,

    Have you ever read the chimp paradox? This post really reminded me a lot of what the book covers and I absolutely love learning about this the brain.

    It’s amazing how much of our subconscious brain controls our lives!

    Thanks so much for sharing


    1. Hi Mike, No I haven’t read The Chimp Paradox. I will make it my business to get a hold of it. Is it about chimpanzees or fantasy chimp monks?
      Our sub consciousness does control our lives unless we claim our power and synchronise with it. Requires effort and determination and the want to change. The benefits make it amazingly rewarding. Cheers Jill

  2. Hi Jill,
    Good article! The Manifesting Movie program looks really interesting; I plan on checking that out when I have a moment. I like the idea of creating a better life, too.


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