Connect with our subconscious/higher power and we will live in an altered mind state. How do we do this you might ask, simply lose, say goodbye to our egos.

We continue on my journey. For the newcomers, I have been sharing my personal diary through the many stages of my development, as blogs on my website. This has necessitated me being vulnerable to strangers and has been a scary process at different times. My work is written from the heart. Nevertheless I will continue in the hope that I am helping and have helped one or two people along the way. Shall we make a start?


Whether we like it or not, most of us are in bed with our misguiding egos. While ever we bed down with them they will keep us living unmeaningful, boring, repetitive days which lead to repetitive months which lead to repetitive years of unfulfillment until death do us part. Does this alarm us? Sure as hell alarmed me. Our lives are, unrewarding, dull and yet we know inside there is more to life, more to live for, more purpose and long for freedom from the rat race. We can all have a glorious life if we decided right now, to ask questions, explore, read, learn and open up to the possibilities and opportunities that are right under our noses.  This quiz will show you where you are now.


Humanity opts for the easy way, the familiar, cosy and comfortable path, refusing to even begin to learn a better way of life. We continue to expect government handouts, instant gratification (we have to have: the 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 garages, home with the swimming pool included, the latest new vehicle x 2, the latest IPhone, computer and sound system and our kids also have to have hundreds of, hundreds of, hundreds of) with borrowed money. Even when we are in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, we continue to live repetitive patterns and will not budge from our comfort zones. Stand back and look for a moment at this scenario and see how futile, stressful, silly, even stupid, unfulfilling and empty it is. The sad thing is we teach our kids to do the same thing! Perhaps now, you will want to and be motivated enough to move out of this so called comfort zone. In my opinion, ALL OF THE ABOVE, is ego driven. Would you agree?



Saying a permanent goodbye to my misguided ego was a sad and emotional time. I have lived with my ego for many years and it was like saying goodbye to a friend. I used the tapping technique saying “I am sad saying goodbye to my old self but I am healing and celebrating being my higher self, my best self”. I was in a bit of a panic, like what do I do now? That was immediately followed by a feeling of calmness and knowing that I was free from the dull and boring. I opened my trunk and saw all the new tools that I would now learn to use.

Our sub conscious has not only a trunk full of treasures, it also has incredible powers, our personal brilliance and genius that we can access. The above highlighted attributes, I believe, are our higher powers. LOSE YOUR EGO and the trunk magically opens to reveal the capacity to live a meaningful life. In the trunk are physic powers, synchronised energy, healing energy, abundance energy, happiness energy. You name it and it was there. Sound a bit wacky? It is a bit wacky. I don’t need your approval and I believe, in time, knowing we all have a trunk full of treasures will and is becoming the new norm.


ALTERED STATES CONSCIOUSNESSIf our computer needs an upgrade we gladly hit the upgrade button. We do this over and over to have the best available technology at our fingertips. Our own computers (our brains and our hearts) also have upgrade buttons. I continually upgrade mine by moving out of my comfort zones and learning how to operate the new version. Is this not what we do when we upgrade our PC? The upgraded version is given to us and without a thought we accept it, hit the upgrade button and learn how to apply the new technology. Doesn’t it seem illogical to not hit the upgrade button for our own computers? It does to me. We seem to have huge resistance to upgrading our computers and consequently continue to live with an obsolete version of ourselves.

There are many leaders, teachers, even pioneers bringing us the latest in scientifically proven information which once accepted, can lead us to a higher version of being. This mode of operation is slowly becoming the new norm. One of my teachers is Joe Vitale  who featured in the movie/documentary “The Secret” with a sequel movie now available called “The Manifesting Movie”.  The mass reluctance to even check out, what seems wacky, is keeping us living repetitive, boring, lazy, habitual and dull futile lives. I am uplifted every time I hit the upgrade button and my life has become more exciting, meaningful, energised, purposeful, satisfying and I wonder each day what new surprises will appear. It might be pleasant and it might be challenging to spur me on to more changes and more growth.


Our current lives are created by our egos that, from the day we are born, absorb all of what we currently know is the norm (e.g. politician behaviours, what is newsworthy, how we should buy a mortgage etc.etc.). We come into this world with nothing but our consciousness. Strip off everything we have created (the current version of our lives) right back to nothing, to being a 20, 30, 60, etc year old baby. We now have a blank canvas. Would we create the same life or would we create an extraordinary life where we made a difference, left a mark. AND WE CAN.  What would our new comfort zones look like? My new comfort zone is one of exploring, accepting the new and trying it out, learning from my challenges, delving into the wacky and weird to arm myself with the knowledge/results to make my own decision.

Imagine what our world would look like if our pollies upgraded their current version of behaviour from petty in- house ALTERED STATES CONSCIOUSNESSfighting, looking for the mud on people, campaigning with scare tactics and spent their energies on governing. After all that is what we pay them for, not their ego driven trivialities. If they were to push the upgrade button over and over and learn the new versions we might see some meaningful results instead of the boring, repetitive (e.g. open the borders, close the borders) and futile results we get now.


Are we prepared to push the upgrade button over and over and learn how to use the new version. Are we prepared to step outside of our comfort zones, try something new and make changes in our lives that will result in better outcomes? Create a new norm for ourselves. That is entirely up to you. I have enjoyed chatting with you as usual, and welcome your comments and experiences. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge so we can grow together.

Cheers for now, Jill

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Great article, enjoyed reading it, although i Wouldn`t say its just the ego necessarily, its mostly programming as well, most of our lives we get so much junk taught to us(or as kids we even just copied it), that we believed that it was simply the norm and that most people don`t even know a different type a living besides the one they are used to right now,

    I love what you wrote about the upgrading part, if we all just *upgraded* ourselves with new features & knowledge then we would perform and live better gradually overtime, but again a lot of people just don`t know how to do it,

    But with amazing spirits such as yourself spreading the word, folks lives will definitely change for the better and the world with it :), i also truly believe that Anyone can live a fulfilling and happy life by letting go of the ego & changing the programming,

    thanks for sharing, it was a good read,
    I wish you much blessings and a happy, abundant life!


    1. Hi Mark, Thanks for your comments. Wow, changing the programming is challenging, however getting out of our comfort zones is the first and the most challenging step. Our comfort zones represent “the norm” and our resistance to “look at the norm and think of changing it” requires independent and brave thoughts. It is my job to give people the courage to taste and try the new. Thankfully there are many others, like myself, offering assistance and encouragement to embrace change. I can see you are one of them. Thanks again for sharing and Hello To Happier Days especially For you! Cheers Jill

  2. Hi Jill,

    I love reading your posts. I totally agree with you. In one point we all live in our comfort zone and don’t want to upgrade our ego.

    For my understanding, the ego we have right now is a program we have been taught and followed in our whole life. It’s hard to just simply pressing the button and move forward.

    Luckily, I have done that many times. That’s how I become who I am and where I am right now.

    My husband did it too. Ten years ago if he didn’t press that button and challenge himself to overcome his ego. He would not have accepted the job in China. Furthermore, we wouldn’t have met each other and our life would be totally different.

    I enjoy the feeling of being the new version of myself. I will continue to press the button.

    Thank you for this beautiful article.


    1. Hi Amy, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I agree, in the beginning it is hard to push the button. It really does mean stepping out of comfort zones which is the “norm”. We feel silly, even a little stupid to challenge the accepted “norm”. It takes courage to be different.

      I also enjoy being the new upgraded version of me. It is truly liberating and my life is becoming amazing. My confidence has grown and My life is becoming easier and more fulfilling. Bring on the upgrade buttons I say. Thanks again for your comments and sharing. Cheers Jill

  3. Wow! You have covered a lot in this article. Stay in growth through learning from posts such as yours is pretty amazing.

    Most people have a hard time stepping out of their comfort zone because they cannot see beyond the wall they have erected up.

    Once these walls come down a person moves quite quickly because they can see the benefits of the other side. I think you’ve written very eloquently, yet in a very understandable manner.

    1. Hello Jag, Oh yes, stepping out of our comfort zones and not being able to see beyond is perhaps the biggest challenge we will face in our lives. Ooooh WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY, WHAT WILL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY THINK? It is very uncomfortable stepping outside of the “so called norm” consequently we deprive ourselves of the wisdom we all have. Saddens me. We need to be brave and courageous individuals to claim our brilliance and make a difference, leave our mark. I shout be brave! Cheers Jill

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