We are about to explore things that rhyme with life. Is life ours to create however we desire? The answer is yes, however we do need to shed our skins, just like a snake. Another analogy, is to peel off the layers of an onion. Let’s make a start.


How do we find our passionate life purpose. I read somewhere recently that when people are on their death beds they often express they wish they had found their life purpose. I found this intriguing as we all seem to know that we were born with a life purpose. Our egos develop with incorrect information being fed to us from a very young age and take charge of us. We lose our power and our true identity and become lost in a world of egotism. We journey along ignoring the little voice that is leading us to our life purpose. Basically it gets drowned out.


Let’s explore and try to get our heads around the truth. Believe me it can be a bit of a “reach” for us all and that includes me. I researched Dr Wayne Dyer and gleaned an understanding of the following information from his teachings. From the time of our inception (that tiny wee speck of life), to our birth everything we need is taken care of from the colour of our eyes to fully functioning organs etc. We had nothing to do but hang about contentedly and let something grow us. Can we begin to perceive that the source taking care of all this is spirit, the Almighty, the true essence of life or the light within us. There are many ways to describe this source and it is responsible for all creation (the planet, the trees, flowers, seas, mountains, flora and fauna, the universe, stars, moon, sun absolutely everything and all is perfection).


Do you agree this level of perfect creation is beyond man and therefore, for me, it is easy to believe in a power greater than ourselves. Immediately I want to know and understand what this power is. We have it within us, as it grew and took care of us in the womb, so where is it now? This power (a voice, or is it intuition) is still there however now drowned out by our egos. Our egos teach us “we are not some divine being” we are what we have and we identify ourselves with our possessions, we value ourselves with what we achieved and strive to get to the top, and while we are working so hard our egos throw in be careful of what people think of you (our reputation) and consequently this new image becomes our identity, or who we think we are. Does this make sense? So how do we reconnect with our source? Big question and I will humbly attempt to explain what seems to have worked, or is working for me.


We are often brought to our knees to wake us up. This has happened to me personally. When we have failed miserably what or where do we turn to? That wee small voice that begins to SHOUT! ” LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! You have tried it your way and failed, now follow me and I will handle everything for you (like I did when you were in the womb)”. At this point in time we have to surrender our egos to reconnect and obey our inner nature, our essence, the light within us.

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I hear you ask? Forgive me but you already know what I am talking about. Have you ever asked yourselves “I wonder what my purpose in life is?” Follow this, follow, follow, follow. Read what we can, go out into nature, focus on the perfection, pick up an ant and see the perfection, smell the roses, watch the waterfall and the sunlight sparkling in it, focus on a sunrise, sunset, a bird winging along, the perfection of your pet dog, or cat and the perfection of your own body (your heart beats for you, your breathing, sight, hearing, mobility etc). Really look in a calm peaceful frame of mind and ask questions out loud, or quietly within like “how did this all happen?” Make the realisation that you are perfection too, you are a part of all that is. To do this exercise, I suggest that you are sober, quiet in your mind, peaceful and wear an attitude of wonderment. By doing this you are witnessing the source and the source is in you too. I have found that my inner voice, intuition is at it’s loudest when I am quietened. Ask question after question and you will become connected and get the answers you are looking for.

The person drawn to me to this time is Dr Wayne Dyer internationally renown author and speaker in the fields of self development and spiritual growth. His first book Erroneous Zones, published in 1976 became an international bestseller and launched his career as an author and speaker. He died in 2015. I want to share this beautiful quote from Dr Dyer “Don’t die with your music still in you.” (Meaning of course, your purpose unfilled).


I have found since I faithfully follow my inner voice all that I do leads me to the next step and the next step and the next. Articles about people I need to read about, pop up on my computer when I’m searching for something else and when I read the first one it leads me to another or information I have gleaned becomes my next post subject and so on and so on.

Bear in mind, my website was brought about by sincerely wanting to help others, share and learn from others and personal development has always fascinated me and been my passion.

My website has become my daily diary believe it or not. As I face my demons and grow, enquire, explore and develop, I am sharing it with you. I must be one of the few people whose diaries are so public!. Please be aware I am not an expert, my content is my opinion and if it helps people I am grateful.

Please share with me your comments, experiences and questions. I would love you to join the conversation and contribute to the whole. Many thanks. Cheers now, Jill

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I am going to share with you my best visualisation techniques. Creative visualisation works when you synchronise your mind, body and heart with what your are visualising. (This is becoming at one with your dream). Without synchronicity it is possible to attract what you want however “it” maybe temporary. By learning to synchronise your heart and body with what you are visualising will bring forever results. There are two different ways people practice visualisation: a) meditative and b) synchronised.


The most common explanation of visualisation suggests you sit quietly, close your eyes, relax, breathe and when feeling calm and in a meditative state start to imagine what your dream looks like. Let’s pretend it’s a car. Before attempting any visualisation we would have already gone and looked at the car in detail, possibly taken it for a test drive, chosen the colour, smelled the leather, checked out the features etc. etc. Once in this meditative state one recalls in one’s mind the look, the details, the smells, the colours, what it feels like to drive etc to try to recreate the real thing in a meaningful picture in our minds. It also helps to have a picture of this dream car hanging up in a place in your home or office where we see it every day. In my opinion this method works, however maybe temporary. Temporary best explained in sport where one plays like a champion for days and suddenly is off form for days. It kinda comes and goes therefore is not synchronised with our body and our hearts.


Let’s first get clear about the meaning of synchronicity. I have, once again gone to the Thesaurus so we can be clear. Being synchronised and being “at one with” are pretty much the same thing. Synchronisity synonyms are: co-existence, concurrence, simultaneousness, harmonious and the antonyms are: disagreement, fighting, difference. At one synonyms are: allied, coinciding, compatible, convergent, cooperating, harmonious, in agreement, joined, like-minded, of the same mind, unified and the antonyms are: disagreeing, divergent, non concurrent. What this clearly shows me is synchronicity and, being at one with, are co-existent, allied, unified and harmonious. I wonder what words resonate with you to give a clear picture of what we are going to be exploring. Now let’s go explore SynchronisedVisualisation.


This is the time to introduce everyone to Carole Dore`. I quote “Carole is a Master of Metaphysics and is widely recognised as the leading authority of the Law of Attraction and Visualisation. She is an international speaker, teacher and an author”. Carole is the master and I am her student. I am going to explain in my humble way how to visualise in a synchronised way.

The trick is to immerse our six senses into our visualisations as much as possible. Ways to incorporate our six senses is to be physically active and involve our whole bodies, including our senses in the visualisation. (Complete opposite really of the meditative technique).

I will share with you some of the ways I attempt to do this. To sing, dance, use my hands and arms to express, smile and laugh with myself as I act out, animate my dreams. I picked the song from Abba Money, Money, Money and rewrote the words to read: Money, money, money, I love money, It’s my rich rich world. I sing this out loud and use my arms like I am on stage when I am driving the car and it makes me feel happy, uplifted and alive. In this case I am creating a positive relationship with money. A little aside here, I became aware that I, and most others, have an aversion to money. Most of us don’t talk about it, where even told it is evil, handle it as little as possible, talk about our debt like it’s the moneys fault and create a negative relationship with it. Is it any wonder we attract the negative aspects of money.

Let’s look at joy and laughter. I think of a time that bought me joy and laughter and then recreate those feelings by smiling, allowing myself to giggle right there and then and that causes me to laugh at myself being a little bit crazy. Is it crazy? Look at children and how they skip along, jump on couches, roll somersaults, have abundant energy and these activities bring smiles to their faces and they are having fun. They are synchronised with having fun and enjoying themselves and the actions they take are spontaneous. Their bodies, minds and hearts are connected with their actions.


Healing for instance, we can watch comedies and laugh, laugh, laugh and clap our hands, we can eat healthy foods and appreciate the vibrant colours and sensational tastes. We are consciously deciding to apply our senses and in doing this we uplift ourselves and live with a higher vibration and an expanded energy. Are you getting the idea?

At this point I am turning you over to Carole Dore` and I remind you that Carole is my teacher and I am the student!  I am not an expert but I love to explore, experiment, amuse myself and others and I know I have lifted my energy and my vibration is higher.

I thought about people I know that are somewhat inhibited and I would be at a loss to know how to help them. I am sure Carole would be in a position to help these people. I thoroughly recommend her teachings and there are many to choose from. We can all do with a little more money so I have chosen The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money Fast! Please realise, although the focus is on money in this one, take heed of the principles as I believe they can be applied to anything.


I have thoroughly enjoyed starting this conversation with you all and I encourage you to join the conversation and share your experiences of your visualisation techniques. Please leave a comment or a question and I will do my best to answer for you.

Cheers now, Jill

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