Let’s explore belief and how to learn to believe in yourself. This is a big one and one I needed to research for my own benefit. So let’s go and I will do my best to help you gather an understanding of how to strengthen our beliefs and win.


  1. Dictionary Meaning of Belief: An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. ” their belief in extraterrestrial life”.
  2. Trust, faith or confidence in (someone or something). “A belief in politics”
  3. Synonyms: faith, trust, reliance, confidence, freedom of doubt and more

Did you know doubt is really “sitting on the fence” Doubt has two faces (e.g. “were they speeding? I’m not sure but they are usually safe drivers”). I mentioned this because it is a different thing from a truth. A truth is black and white, right and wrong etc. Useful to keep this in mind as we go forward.


In order to win lotto we have to believe we can. I don’t know about you, but deep deep down I am challenged to really believe I can win millions by buying a ticket. In order to win there has to be unshakeable conviction and confidence that this is a fact, a truth and a steadfast belief. (like it has already happened)

lotto winWishful thinking and passionate strong desire are clearly different. How many times have you heard, or even said yourself, “Oh if I won lotto I would….. or I bought a lotto ticket, wish me luck, or simply the obvious one, I wish I could win lotto”. In my opinion these statements are all wishful thinking and will probably not happen. In order for a passionate strong desire to come about one needs to have steadfast confidence and total conviction that it will happen and take action steps to help bring it about.

I will share my attempt at pulling lotto off! I bought the ticket and thought what other action can I take? I am an artist, consequently I am creative, so I did a sculpture of lotto balls falling into a slot with my numbers on them and then wrote a letter to myself from “The Exclusive Millionaires Club (fictitious) stating that my application to join was accepted and followed through with the “Welcome Bit”. I hear you laughing and thinking I’m a bit loopy, however I took these actions to strengthen my conviction and thoroughly enjoyed myself creating them. Guess what! I didn’t win a thing! It proved to me that deep deep down my belief was challenged. Haven’t given up on this one yet, my passion and strong desire is now focused on “Hello To Happier Days”. I passionately encourage you to give lotto a go and notice the wall of negative thoughts it brings up. The challenge is to FLIP them all. Good luck.


It is obvious to have unshakeable belief in ourselves we need to cultivate and be brimming with confidence. I asked myself “how confident am I and how can I cultivate brimming confidence?”

To cultivate brimming confidence I believe we can:

  • Think positively and flip the monkey on our shoulders
  • Be in control or our lives, claim our innate power
  • Cultivate and wear a winning attitude (behave like we’ve won already). I have fun with this by pretending I am driving my Merc with “Merc Me” number plates, ambient blue interior lights, I can smell the white leather etc. Visualise your dream and act it out. This is fun, let yourself go and be a bit crazy. Your soul will love you for it.
  • Create strong and passionate desire
  • Mix with people who have confidence and are good company. These folk are usually well groomed and so am I.
  • Winners never quit. Keep at it, make it bigger, follow your heart
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I am working on this big time.


If we allow ourselves to think, say and act like life is a bit dreary, a bit of a drudge, I can assure you it will be. Take the bull by the horns and experience life as a journey, full of experiences, a little bit of craziness, an adventure and learning is a great way to get out of the stagnancy and really appreciate how we sell ourselves short. I have become an explorer as I delve into matters that will improve my experience of myself, how capable and strong, kind, reflective and happy I can be. Whenever I share what I have learned I feel uplifted and fulfilled and writing about stuff helps me to get a good grasp of what I am learning. Do and be stuff that really makes us feel good about ourselves.


Believing ourselves is more than important. I am beginning to believe it is a life changer, a game changer and we can turn our experiences into the ones that will make us evolve to the best people we can be. Let’s remove doubt from our lives and embrace conviction, confidence and strong passionate desire. Please contribute to this conversation and help me learn too.

With a pocketful of dreams, taking action and a cup overflowing with positive habits, I’m sure life is our oyster. I hope this post is as helpful to you as it was to me. Feel free LIFE IS OUR OYSTERto leave comments, add to the conversation and ask questions.

Cheers, Jill

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  1. I am Jill’s sister and, unlike her, I dont feel very comfortable in the social network space. So I am challenging myself today to make a comment. Have just read Jill’s post about winning Lotto and it really made me laugh. It was especially interesting to hear, thus far, it didnt work! Total honesty. However, what resonates for me is Jill’s growing self belief and her certainty she is on track to achieve her goals – and I truly believe she will. Not only that but she has now found a credible platform to share her journey and invite others to join her. Go girl go!

    1. Thanks Sis for sharing your comment with us. I haven’t given up on the Lotto idea yet however my time is dedicated to Hello To Happier Days at present. By the way, do you BELIEVE you can win Lotto? I truly think it is possible if one can get past the blocks. Someone has to win it, so why not you, why not me, why not one of my readers? I challenge someone to have a go and let us know. Cheers for now, Jill

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