Patience and self-control go hand in hand. What exactly is patience and how do we firmly integrate it into our lives? I need to know too, so let’s explore and see what it is all about and how to embrace it. My journey continues.


Let’s go to the thesaurus to obtain the big picture.

PATIENCE: Synonyms: composure, diligence, endurance, fortitude, grit, humility, perseverance, persistence, poise, restraint, self-control, tolerance,


backbone, calmness, cool, gutsiness, heart, serenity, even temper, staying power.                                                                                                                                    Antonyms: agitation, cowardice, idleness, indifference, indolence, laziness, lethargy, weakness, wildness, fear, resistance, frustration, impatience, intolerance

As usual I have made bold the ones that resonate with me. What do you resonate with?


Having the gutsiness, grit and self-control to embrace patience gives us a high vibration and therefore happiness. Easier said than done. We become aware of how angry, frustrated, weak and resistant we feel and ask ourselves what are we doing wrong? When we feel things take too long to happen the way we want them to happen, our children, friends and even partners refuse to hear what we are saying and of course our ego believes we are right, we put in our precious energy to fix the lawn mower and the nuts will not come off the bolts, go to fix the reticulation and we run out of micro hose, taps, can’t find the stanley blade, need to do some machine sewing in a hurry and the sewing needle breaks and we don’t have a new one, get halfway through cooking something and realise we don’t have enough flour and so it goes on.

When we get angry, frustrated and agitated our whole demeanor takes a plunge and our whole day is ruined. Do you agree? When we are in these states we are in a low vibration state and what do we attract, more low vibration stuff and things often get worse e.g. we hit our thumb with the hammer!


We all do have the common sense to be patient and all conquering. In fact we know, already, how to be patient but will we choose it?

When our patience is being tested, is it not easier to walk away for a bit, calm down and go for a drive and buy what we need, be creative and find another way, accept it is OK, have faith things will become clearer if we have the wisdom to give it a little time. Perhaps even consider there may be a reason things are not happening the way we want right now. In my case, I get frustrated, agitated and impatient because my website is not developing as fast as I would like it to. I put in, put in, put in so much time and energy and I still don’t have the traction I would like to have. Perhaps there is a reason for this, I ask myself. Perhaps there are things I need to put in place, like a plugin, a newsletter, a pop up that I am not aware of yet, a mentor I haven’t met yet. Or simply my ideas are not quite developed enough.

Another example in my life is our cat Sam.


As a stray cat he wandered in and patience, poise and staying power I won his heart. Now, I like a cuddly, lap cat and our Sam wants none of that. I tried picking him up and he fought, I tried putting him on the lounge beside me and he jumped down etc. etc. Frustrated the life out of me. One day I accepted he was not a lap cat and never would be. Sam was a wild cat and he is who he is. He meows in conversation, is in and out of our legs, loves to be patted and his purr is like an engine, he ordains to sleep inside with us when he wants and our lives would not be the same without him. My patience, poise and acceptance has been rewarded with love and cat company. What joy!

When we take time out and approach things calmly, we see with more clarity, trust all is well, the answer is at hand or just around the corner, get out feet back down on the ground and get grounded. Is this small detail such a calamity? I don’t think so. What about you?  Here’s a 30 second quiz for us to do to find out more about ourselves.  Why wouldn’t we want to know more about ourselves and get some clarity.

We are now in a high vibration state and attract more high vibration stuff e.g while driving to buy the things needed we run into a dear friend we haven’t seen in years and they offer to come and help.

Perhaps we don’t get low/high vibration talk. Know that whatever vibration we are operating in we get more of.  Want help, one of my teachers Joe Vitale has shown me ways to get answers to my low vibrations and truly let them go.


Why is it that we are so impatient about life? While ever we are in such a rush


to achieve, get things done, speed and propel our lives,( like rockets) we miss the moment, the tranquility all around us, our peace of mind, the joy of being and the grace of a calmer more fulfilling life. Why do we do this? Why do we complicate things, deprive ourselves of a meaningful, purposeful life? Our egos are so seductive. BEWARE THE EGO. The lessons keep coming on my journey and I welcome them with open arms as they lead me to a better way to live that is rewarding and easier. My feet are smiling! Bring it on I say.


I have enjoyed chatting with you all again. By now, I’m sure you have realised that when I work my way through my challenges, by writing my blog, I find the answers to my lessons. I am so glad when I hear from you, sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experiences as it truly does help me to grow with you. Thank you for sharing.

Cheers now, Jill

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