Short answer is a big fat YES. I am sure each and every one of us has had the thought of “I wish I could leave a mark on the world, to make my life worthwhile”. If not that exact thought, perhaps a feeling of envy for the people who have and do leave their mark. Mother Theresa, Thomas Edison, the inventors that had the inspiration to create, the car, the tractor, the typewriter, the computer, the lawn mower, the medical masters who broke through and created remedies for our ailments, the sports people who are masters of their games (cricket, footy, tennis, sailing) and the list is endless. One might ask “What make them so special?” Let’s take a look and explore.


They most definitely are. I believe these people know their purposes in life. To get to the top of their fields, they apply themselves daily to their passions, they dedicate their whole lives to that one thing that drives them on and they love doing CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCEit. With this amount of passion, inspiration and striving to achieve their goals they are rewarded with great outcomes, the feeling of success, I did it, I’ve been able to help people and often their efforts bring wealth and abundance. Their journeys were hard work, they faced obstacles/challenges and continuously stuck at it until they broke through to their glorious moments of victory.

I see these people as being different from the mainstream, they have courageous convictions and will stop at nothing to get the outcome they desire and they are brave enough to step out of their comfort zones. How many of us don’t even know what we are passionate about, can’t see past our noses to our purpose in life, or even to imagine the life we want for ourselves. We stay in our comfortable little coma, accept our lot (the norm) and soldier on with our boring repetitive lives until death do us part. Is this what we want? I sure as hell don’t.


CAN WE MALE A DIFFERENCETo make a difference we need to do something different. There’s a quote that comes to mind “Nothing changes, if nothing changes”. We continue to do the same thing over and over and what do we get the same result. I mean truly people this is a logical sane statement and we are so numb and robotic (bit like sheep) we keep doing it. Why? It takes courage to step out of the norm, be different from the norm, be independent and brave enough to create a new norm for ourselves.

In order to make a difference we have to be different, do different, speak different, think different. In other words, you guessed it, get out of our comfort zones, take charge of our own lives and conquer our egos that constantly misguide us.


Try the new, be brave and recognise our passion and follow that passion until the end. Our passions are always linked to making our world a better place. Ask questions like how can my passion contribute to others, contribute to our world, CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCEcontribute to my life, make my life meaningful and fulfilled.

How do I recognise my passion you might ask? Some of us (me too) have been in our cosy coma for so long we think we may have lost touch with our passion. Perhaps you might want to write a book, play a musical instrument etc. All I did to get the ball rolling was to ask myself “What do I love doing?” I love to dance, I love to play sport, I love to create art, I love personal growth, I love gardening. From that list I decided I’ve might have left it too late to be a professional dancer, I’m a bit tired of gardening and artworks, love my bowls but…… and that left personal growth. Now I’m on it – it stood out like the proverbial. I looked at personal growth in my life and it has always been happening, always been there somehow, stimulates my being, makes me curious and excites me. I followed it and Hello To Happier Days was born.

Just as an aside I have “come across” (or been shown) all the help I needed to build my website, my tech skills have taken a giant leap, I now have an online business which I can do from home, from anywhere in fact, I have grown and grown, I’m in love with what I am doing and my life is meaningful, might help a few people and I feel more fulfilled. Furthermore, I have done this on a shoestring.



I have many teachers who have helped me to more meaning and fulfillment in my life. The latest being the sequel movie to The Secret called “The Manifesting Movie” with a learning program attached. It is brilliant and just what I needed. It cost me a whole $40 odd Aussie dollars ($28 US).    Do yourselves a favour, click on the above link and buy the teaching and it will turbo start your passion road to success. I am not affiliated with Aspire3 yet (hope to be soon) so the program is a gift from me.

Talking about our passions may have made you aware that an online business will get you launched. I started with Wealthy Affiliates only 3 months ago and I am powering. The training is excellent, the community supportive, helpful and warm consequently taking a lot of the pain and frustration out of starting a new venture. Best choice I ever made and I don’t say that lightly. Wealthy Affiliates are making a difference to our world and putting technology, the how and the way forward in our hands. I’m not going into all the details here, click on the link and all of your questions will be answered. Oh hey, you get to join for free for 7 days to try it all out. I thoroughly recommend these people, THEY ARE GENUINE.



I thoroughly suggest we claim our independent brave thoughts and actions, embrace the updated new version of ourselves and begin living meaningful, fulfilled and happy happy lives. I invite you to leave comments and experiences you might like to share to help us grow together. I like this new version of me big time.

Cheers now, Jill

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  1. One of my favorite quotes is the Albert Einstein definition of “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

    Everyone can make their marks on the world in many different ways. Even if it is something as simple as having your offspring succeed from something they learned from you. In my case it is an online affiliate business. My kids will grow up with this knowledge and teach their kids and it snowballs.

  2. No matter who we are or what we have done, we all have that ability to change something in the world. It can be for a group of individuals and that can be carried on from generation to generation. It’s the mindset we have that needs to be changed. How to change that mindset is following that path. Great read thank you, Jill.

    1. Hi Jason, Thank you for sharing. I know the work you do starts with a group that need your support, encouragement and guidance. Like you say, they then share with others and it snowballs. Then add the knowledge they have learned from you and they pass it on for generations to come. Jason, take a bow! You are making a difference to our troubled world. Cheers Jill

  3. Hi,
    I watched the original Secret before they edited one of the people out. It was a very motivational movie. I have tried to apply some of the techniques but unfortunately, it has not been successful for me. I did have one success and that was with the vision board. I had to take two exams to get certified, on my first attempt I did not succeed. I took the print out saying I had failed and whiteout the scores and wrote in a score of 90% for each. Looked at it every day until it was time to take the exam again. I got identical scores of 94% on both of the exams. Unfortunately, the same thing didn’t work when I whiteout my bank statement and wrote in a new balance.

    1. Hi Tim, Repetition my friend. It is human nature to be inspired by something, give it a go and if it doesn’t instantly work out the way we want, we give up. In my opinion, most of us have barriers/blocks to wealth. These barriers/blocks take some shifting. I know from experience. Hang with the new movie program for a few months and longer and your bank balance will grow. It worked beautifully for your exam and congratulations! Lose the instant gratification (that we all expect these days) put in the effort and voila! Hope this helps. Cheers Jill

  4. I live by articles like this. I’ve often believed those who think there’s nothing to life other than working, breeding, dying, and paying taxes have had their hopes dashed due to lack of one thing: Change. For one reason or another, they refuse change.

    These are also the same people who envy those who are successful in their given fields, accusing them of being above everyone else, pampered, and being held to a double-standard by society.

    It’s sad, because those who have reached this level of success, be it athletics, acting, writing, whatever the field, have faced challenges like none other, and have probably seen rock bottom. I remember Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson once said in 1995 he had seven dollars in his pocket and knew two things: 1) he was broke, and 2) someday he wouldn’t be.

    It’s all about passion, drive, work ethic, desire, willingness to change. Same old, same old doesn’t exist to those like you and me. Even if we aren’t there yet, I know one thing: If we continue striving for change and pursuing our goals, we will be there.

    1. Hello there Todd, WOW thank you for sharing these compelling thoughts. Believe it or not I was brought to my knees to break me out of my lazy numb coma! Thank God it happened! I was uninspired, dead from the feet up, in six figure debt and dying inside. I suddenly just knew I could overcome my circumstances and lead a meaningful fulfilled life if I changed! Amazingly ever since I stood up, changed and looked for answers and learned new knowledge I have been shown the way. Hey I’m not quite there yet however I wake up with bucketloads of energy, enthusiasm and wonder what will happen today. Everyday brings new directions and surprises. I might add some of the surprises are new challenges that require more growth. It’s not a quick fix but I’m alive and well. With your abundant attitude I know you will achieve your goals and happiness. Me too!
      Cheers Jill

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