Well here we go. I think you will agree Instant gratification is rife these days and others might ask: “What is instant gratification?” Let’s start the conversation and find some clarity shall we?


It is common and normal these days to have instant coffee, frozen meals, takeaway meals, handouts, pensions, the dole, Medicare etc. Let’s not forget the must haves, the biggest TV screen, the best home, two of the best cars, kids go to best schools etc, most of which we can’t afford, however we want it now, this instant and consequently the debt keeps rising and we become slaves to our mortgages and credit cards.

Another example is the tens of thousands of dollars people spend on their weddings to have the biggest and the best. Fancy starting out as a brand new married couple with this debt.INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITION

Another scenario: I overheard people having this conversation. “Everyone should have a pay rise, we haven’t had one for ages”. Reply “I agree my pension hasn’t got up either”. Handouts! If everyone was given a pay rise, it is likely people would lose their jobs as the employers can’t afford pay rises. My pension hasn’t gone up: get off your backside, find an opportunity to create your own money and get off the pension. Not sit there, hand out, GIMME MORE.

This, by the way, is THE NORM. Let’s say a recession hits and numerous people are made redundant and whammo, very few people can service their debts. I ask Is this instant gratification method a healthy way to live?

This” must have now” attitude snowballs into both parents having to work to meet their financial obligations and that means our children need to go to day care. Perhaps in the evening Mum is exhausted and dinner becomes an instant meal, Dad is forever chasing his tail trying to make ends meet and takes refuge in the Big Screen and the parenting role is in danger of being left in the hands of the day care people.

Our children grow up expecting and accepting instant gratification and that day care is normal and Mum and Dad are away having to work to pay the debts. This becomes implanted in their brains and when they grow up they repeat the pattern because they don’t know any other way. This saddens me, does it sadden you?  Do you want help to get started?


I am a compassionate person and there are genuine cases where people need financial help, a tide me over, money in theINSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITION hand for free and needed assistance. Examples I can think of are the disabled, people/kids who need immediate medical attention and even a “tide me over” between jobs.

However, it has become “THE NORM” for healthy young and older people to expect and accept handouts. Expecting handouts, in my opinion, is a camouflaged form of begging. Horrible eh? Many people stay on the dole and live the life of instant gratification for years and teach their kids to do the same thing. Yes it snowballs out of control.


Unfortunately our governments use these handouts as a bribe to win elections consequently the deficit climbs ever higher and the snowball gets bigger and bigger. Perhaps a solution to INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITIONreducing the deficit, policies that guide us, better still lead by example, against instant gratification. A policy to keep coal-fired electricity in place until a workable real alternative is discovered (not throw the baby out with the bathwater (by bulldozing the coal fire operations) and hope we will have enough green energy. A policy that celebrates Australian heritage and traditions (Christmas celebrations, Baa Baa Black Sheep etc) and toss out political correctness (selling our land just popped into my mind, there’s more perhaps you could fill in the gap). Policies like these might win them a landslide full of votes and restore Australia as a leader.

I ask you this “Have our governments fallen into the trap of behaving to collect their fair share instant gratification?” Perhaps some of our politicians “work the system” just like numerous dole people to continue with their instant gratification needs.

I thought politics was their passion, their hearts were in it and their aim was to make a difference. Instant gratification is truly a toxic environment. Honestly people, what has happened to common sense? I sit here shaking my head.


Where are our true leaders? There is no joy or celebration in instant gratification. In fact, I believe, it is a path that leads to unhappiness, confusion and frustration. I guess my blueprint for all people is to embrace what we love with heartfelt intention, for the greater benefit of the whole and make a difference to our world. This requires us to take action on our passions, put in great effort and reap the rewards in due course. Nothing instant about this.INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITION

We need to be brave and courageous to be different, make the hard decisions, never give up, think outside the box and continually take action and put in effort to achieve the best outcomes. When the rewards come, and they will, we can genuinely jump for joy and celebrate our work and effort.  Here is a Quiz that will help identify where you are right now.  Awareness is everything.


Whoops. I was passionate and somewhat harsh writing this article and even stepped up onto my soap box. Sorry, forgive me. Sometimes it is a challenge to remain neutral and unattached.

Please join the conversation and share your views and experiences. I honestly look forward to your comments, even if you disagree with me. By sharing we grow and learn together. Go now and have the happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t that be great?

Cheers now, Jill

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OH YES, we can grow and change what we believe to be a fixed mindset. No mindset is fixed. It appears that way because we live in and accept “the norm”. Time to think outside the box, have independent free thought, accept and live out our potential. Let’s explore “the norm”, how it has changed over time and how did this happen?


You might ask, How does “the norm” limit our lives? The “norm” dictates how we should live our lives. Do you agree? TheGROWTH FIXED MINDSET DEFINITION “norm” dictates: what is fashionable and therefore what we will wear, what is newsworthy and most of it is negative, that we will have a mortgage, 2 cars, 4x bed 2x bath home, the latest big screen TV and the consequent debt is normal, get a job and work hard (only a few people will ever be rich and we don’t fit into the category) , no gender (makes me wonder why we have different genitals), politically correct speak at the expense of freedom of speech, what we will think, how we will act etc. etc.

The “norm” does dictate positive action as well e.g. it is wrong to murder, steal, rape, be violent, abuse, prey, drink drive etc and you know where I’m going with this. The point I am making is the “norm” dictates to us and for those who fall in line it takes away our independent free thoughts and we become sheep. We seemingly, or is that actually, forget how to think for ourselves, make our own decisions and live the lives we choose.


GROWTH FIXED MINDSET DEFINITIONLet’s go back to the horse and cart era. It was normal to have a horse and cart, and still would be, if it wasn’t for independent free thinking people that followed their passion and invented the vehicle. We would still be using outhouse toilet boxes that needed to be emptied, if it wasn’t for free thinking people that invented our current “Throne”. Before that free thinking people invented plumbing, electricity, medical basics and breakthroughs, and now a days computers, smart phones and you get where I’m going with this.

These free thinking people are not smarter, more intelligent, extraordinary people, they are simply brave, courageous free thinkers that do not have fixed mindsets, consequently they are not limited by the “norm”. It is obvious as new things are invented, put in place, taught etc the “norm” changes.

The “norm” today looks nothing like the “norm” in the horse and cart days, the mining boom etc. The new “norm” embraces and dictates climate change, technology, the internet world and you get where I’m going with this.


Perhaps you think I’m joking! Wrong, I am not joking. There are millions of us stuck in our fixed mindsets. We believe we can’t write that book, create a better jug, a clothes peg, discover a new germ, remedy, plant species, be wealthy, be thin, give up smoking, (I’ve got my hand up here, working on it) etc. etc. This is where we end up when we forget our ability to be brave independent free thinkers.

This ability is innate, it is lying there dormant waiting for us to reconnect and use it and you know it. Does this statement interest you? When we continue to numbly accept our fixed mindsets, refuse to change and continue to be lazy sheep we are doomed to a boring repetitive and uninspiring coma until death do us part. It’s not too late!


I would hope that some of us are now willing to lose the fixed mindset and are curious as to how to reconnect to free thought. The above link is profound and will make it easier to reconnect.  I found one of the ways to reconnect is to reunite with our passions. One passion that is common with most of us is to be wealthy, yes? Guess what, we just stepped out of the dictating “norm”.


Next we need to be curious about what a wealthy mindset is and start developing it and putting it into place. Most of us are too lazy to even start and fall back into our comatosed fixed mindset. Why do we do this to ourselves? We can have whatever we want, be whatever we want to be but it takes effort, passion, change, energy, curiosity and the willingness to get off our proverbial and DO SOMETHING, TAKE ACTION.

Who wants to be wealthy?  Wealthy Affiliates is the best decision I ever made.


The amazing thing is once we decide where we want to go or be, and take action and follow the path we automatically discover the next step, the next action, a helper, a mentor even. There is something about taking control of our destiny/life that brings into play everything we seem to need. It has happened to me over and over.


Perhaps we could make it a goal to reconnect and use our innate ability to think freely, think outside the box, do and take action. It is up to you. I know my life has become vibrant, happier, exciting, meaningful and more fulfilled since I stepped outside of the “norm” and proudly created my own “norm”. Go ahead and create your own “norm”.

I invite you all to share your experiences, your knowledge and leave your comments so we can help each other to grow and update our fixed mindsets.

I have enjoyed chatting with you and perhaps my next article might be about addiction and how to give up smoking! OOOOHHHH. This is a bit scary!

Cheers and happy days,  Jill


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Short answer is a big fat YES. I am sure each and every one of us has had the thought of “I wish I could leave a mark on the world, to make my life worthwhile”. If not that exact thought, perhaps a feeling of envy for the people who have and do leave their mark. Mother Theresa, Thomas Edison, the inventors that had the inspiration to create, the car, the tractor, the typewriter, the computer, the lawn mower, the medical masters who broke through and created remedies for our ailments, the sports people who are masters of their games (cricket, footy, tennis, sailing) and the list is endless. One might ask “What make them so special?” Let’s take a look and explore.


They most definitely are. I believe these people know their purposes in life. To get to the top of their fields, they apply themselves daily to their passions, they dedicate their whole lives to that one thing that drives them on and they love doing CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCEit. With this amount of passion, inspiration and striving to achieve their goals they are rewarded with great outcomes, the feeling of success, I did it, I’ve been able to help people and often their efforts bring wealth and abundance. Their journeys were hard work, they faced obstacles/challenges and continuously stuck at it until they broke through to their glorious moments of victory.

I see these people as being different from the mainstream, they have courageous convictions and will stop at nothing to get the outcome they desire and they are brave enough to step out of their comfort zones. How many of us don’t even know what we are passionate about, can’t see past our noses to our purpose in life, or even to imagine the life we want for ourselves. We stay in our comfortable little coma, accept our lot (the norm) and soldier on with our boring repetitive lives until death do us part. Is this what we want? I sure as hell don’t.


CAN WE MALE A DIFFERENCETo make a difference we need to do something different. There’s a quote that comes to mind “Nothing changes, if nothing changes”. We continue to do the same thing over and over and what do we get the same result. I mean truly people this is a logical sane statement and we are so numb and robotic (bit like sheep) we keep doing it. Why? It takes courage to step out of the norm, be different from the norm, be independent and brave enough to create a new norm for ourselves.

In order to make a difference we have to be different, do different, speak different, think different. In other words, you guessed it, get out of our comfort zones, take charge of our own lives and conquer our egos that constantly misguide us.


Try the new, be brave and recognise our passion and follow that passion until the end. Our passions are always linked to making our world a better place. Ask questions like how can my passion contribute to others, contribute to our world, CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCEcontribute to my life, make my life meaningful and fulfilled.

How do I recognise my passion you might ask? Some of us (me too) have been in our cosy coma for so long we think we may have lost touch with our passion. Perhaps you might want to write a book, play a musical instrument etc. All I did to get the ball rolling was to ask myself “What do I love doing?” I love to dance, I love to play sport, I love to create art, I love personal growth, I love gardening. From that list I decided I’ve might have left it too late to be a professional dancer, I’m a bit tired of gardening and artworks, love my bowls but…… and that left personal growth. Now I’m on it – it stood out like the proverbial. I looked at personal growth in my life and it has always been happening, always been there somehow, stimulates my being, makes me curious and excites me. I followed it and Hello To Happier Days was born.

Just as an aside I have “come across” (or been shown) all the help I needed to build my website, my tech skills have taken a giant leap, I now have an online business which I can do from home, from anywhere in fact, I have grown and grown, I’m in love with what I am doing and my life is meaningful, might help a few people and I feel more fulfilled. Furthermore, I have done this on a shoestring.



I have many teachers who have helped me to more meaning and fulfillment in my life. The latest being the sequel movie to The Secret called “The Manifesting Movie” with a learning program attached. It is brilliant and just what I needed. It cost me a whole $40 odd Aussie dollars ($28 US).    Do yourselves a favour, click on the above link and buy the teaching and it will turbo start your passion road to success. I am not affiliated with Aspire3 yet (hope to be soon) so the program is a gift from me.

Talking about our passions may have made you aware that an online business will get you launched. I started with Wealthy Affiliates only 3 months ago and I am powering. The training is excellent, the community supportive, helpful and warm consequently taking a lot of the pain and frustration out of starting a new venture. Best choice I ever made and I don’t say that lightly. Wealthy Affiliates are making a difference to our world and putting technology, the how and the way forward in our hands. I’m not going into all the details here, click on the link and all of your questions will be answered. Oh hey, you get to join for free for 7 days to try it all out. I thoroughly recommend these people, THEY ARE GENUINE.



I thoroughly suggest we claim our independent brave thoughts and actions, embrace the updated new version of ourselves and begin living meaningful, fulfilled and happy happy lives. I invite you to leave comments and experiences you might like to share to help us grow together. I like this new version of me big time.

Cheers now, Jill

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If we would only tune in, resonate and become synchronised with our higher vibrations we would be given such knowledge. And we can. Does it seem out of our comprehension, then let’s try looking in our own back yard to become aware of the sad state of our own plot: OUR WORLD


WHERE ARE WE UNIVERSE?We have countries going bankrupt, politicians who seem to have no idea how to govern and apparently only know how to spend their time infighting, accusing, exposing affairs and such trivia. Our press, around the world, seem to mostly report disturbing news e.g. deaths, murders, drownings, fraudulent behaviour, terrorist activity, pedophiles, retirement village abuse, violence and the list of troubled behaviours, attitudes is rampid and petty. Do you notice the common factor in the above. NEGATIVITY. Low vibrations are simply a waste of energy, time and spirit. I want nothing to do with it. How about you?


We awake to a brand new day that could be so different to all the yesterdays if we choose it to be. What do we do? Exactly what we did yesterday. Each hour, day, month is the same as our yesterdays. It’s like we are in a trance, a robot without intelligence, a tired well worn machine. We are in a coma, totally unaware of our repetitious behaviour, that we ourselves are contributing to, living in, and surrounded ourselves with low vibrations and energies.  Find out more about yourself in this 30 second QUIZ



We all, every single one of us, have it right there inside us, at our fingertips waiting, waiting, waiting for us to become conscious and move from living our robotic disconnected lives. Being the curious and claiming my sub conscious person that I am I asked myself: “Is this truly what my life is supposed to look like, to be, boring repetitious years, mediocre, basic survival with flashes of joy til death do us part?” My heart screamed back at me NO, NO, NO! We could all ask ourselves the same question? Will we do it?

In our hearts, I would guess, that all of us know there is something missing, something more, something meaningful. A way to live our lives that is purposeful, brings joy, happiness and contributes to the very meaning of life for us all.


Our brilliance and genius is sitting there waiting to be discovered in our sub consciousness if we would only connect and embrace a more meaningful, purposeful path. To connect I believe we need to be open, to get out of our comfort zone and explore, accept these concepts of low and high vibrations, low and high energies, trigger our curiosity, learn and broaden our understanding of what the universe is.  I can share with you, with utmost confidence, that we are powerful blobs of energy that take a human form. We are souls, blobs of universal energy dressed in a human body. Furthermore the trees, the mountains, the sun, moon, stars, the animals, birds, flowers, earth, everything is chips of the same universal energy. “A chip off the old block” so to speak and puts this in perspective.

Does this make sense?  Does to me!  I know I am the same energy as a tree or a bird. Strip back the image and look at the perfect energy inside in all things.  This is scientifically supported by meta physics.

When we accept that we are energy it is easier to understand and want to choose to live with high energy, high vibrations. We are one with whatever energy we decide to connect with, follow and stay connected to. I say follow our knowing hearts.  So does one of my teachers Joe Vitale.  Follow the link and check him out.


Have you heard of people who need something and it suddenly turns up, might  be money, help, a partner, a health related answer, a mentor, a teacher. Once we decide to open up, go for, discover, nurture, tune into and accept our brilliance, our genius (high energy) we synchronise with high energy and whatever we need to accomplish our brilliance and genius is given or shown to us.   This helps us to be purposeful and meaningful and therefore contribute to a better, compassionate, healthy and incredible world.


My original question: Where Are We Universe? In pretty bad shape and in dire need of leaders to emerge from their comas and release/contribute their brilliant talents, innate knowing, healing, heartfelt visions to reconnect again with life as it was meant to be. I see evidence of these leaders/teachers emerging in small numbers around our world and they would welcome some help to bring those, still in a coma, back to a life fulfilled with happiness and wonder. Will we start shaking off the coma, opening up, getting out of our comfort zones, exploring, delving, learning, acquiring the necessary knowledge and researching new concepts to follow our paths to a meaningful life?  We only need to open up our sub-conscious.


I am so sick and tired of a boring and meaningless life, it has driven me to explore. This is what I’ve discovered. I sincerely hope my new knowledge has resonated with some part of you all. If it helps or simply stimulates one person to start asking questions I will be grateful. Please share your experiences and comments with us so we can embrace meaningful lives and grow together. Disagree with me if you wish. I needed to stretch myself to accept what I discovered and I am glad I did. I enjoyed chatting and sharing my opinion. Until next time, cheers now, Jill

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It is a choice, however will you choose it? We will discuss “forgive and you shall be forgiven” in the context of this topic as it is more closely related to choosing to forgive than we realise. Let’s continue on my journey.


We constantly judge others around us, particularly those who are close to us, because their action/non action and their speak heckles us. A close friend who laughs at a mistake we made and continues to rub it in, a partner who is untidy when we are tidy, a lover who betrays us, a close relative who physically threatens us, a partner who controls us with disdainful comments and belittle us etc. etc. Do you agree?

While ever we hold onto our judgments of others and react to their behaviours, we keep ourselves in prison and clutter our minds and hearts with resentment and bitterness. The only way out of this prison is forgiveness. Let me attempt to explain my take on how forgiveness can lead us to freedom.

Here is a link to a  30 second free quiz that will help you understand and know yourself better .


For this purpose I have selected forgiveness and acceptance to gain some clarity.

FORGIVENESS Synonyms: absolution, amnesty, compassion, grace, mercy, vindication, exoneration, lenience, respite Antonyms: blame, meanness, mercilessness, accusation, punishment

ACCEPTANCE Synonyms: acknowledgment, admission, approval, compliance, consent cooperation, recognition, acquiring, okay, permission, undertaking, green light, receiving, securing Antonyms: denial, disagreement, disapproval, dissension, opposition, refusal, veto, disbelief, dissent

I have highlighted the ones that resonate with me. Which ones do you resonate with?


By pretending something didn’t happen is simply a smoke screen. It still lives on in your heart and continues to arise in your thoughts and worse still, we bring it up again and again. Whether we speak it or think it the issue still has life and continues to be toxic in our consciousness.

True forgiveness is having the grace to sincerely accept someone’s behaviourYes, but will we choose it? and then we can let it go. It is who they are at the time, they can’t stop, they are hung up on their own lessons in their lives and we have our own role playing out. If someone’s behaviour is intolerable e.g. physical violence, mental abuse etc. it is then our responsibility to forgive them and physically move away for our own safety and protection.

In situations where people are unkind or rude it helps to mentally step back from them, see them as an individual (i.e. not your partner, not your friend) and therefore to see, with clarity, their role in the issue and our own role. Resolution is found and someone is forgiven.

I was unkind to a friend, on the phone, and handled the situation abysmally. I knew I had hurt her and attempted to apologise. She needed time to think through what had happened and we spoke a day later. I admitted (took responsibility) my outburst was blunt, rude and indeed abysmal. However we talked through the issue and she learned she needed to make slight adjustments to her behaviour too. She indeed, forgave me my outburst and we both grew. We can’t change other people’s behaviour and they can’t change ours. It is entirely up to the individual to take responsibility and make changes if they want to. They are they and I am I.


One thing to bear in mind is that we are all different, albeit we fall into personality categories. This is clearly represented in our star signs.

If you are not into astrology, a helpful fun read is a book called Personality Plus that describes four basic categories people fall into. Armed with knowledge of people’s basic traits makes it easier to forgive. We can see and accept their traits and they can see ours.


Examples that exist in my life are: Tidy/untidy, spontaneous/planner, (one leaves things until the lastminute/other has always got a plan to follow), patient/impatient, drives fast/drives slow, creative/mental etc. These kinds of behaviours are innate and we were born with them. It would be pointless trying to get a spontaneous person to help plan. One doesn’t need a plan and the other does. Add to the mix the nature of men and women who behave differently and it becomes a sea of understanding. There is very little chance of a woman trying to change a man’s approach to driving and the opposite is a man trying to change a woman’s approach to the way she likes to dress or wear her hair. Only the individual can change the inherent so we accept them as they are and sincerely forgive them for being different to us.


In learning to forgive others, we are forgiving ourselves for the rants and raves we have performed and realised we are, in fact, not perfect ourselves. Mirror this and we see how others accept and forgive us for being say shy, impatient, always late, needing a plan etc.

True forgiveness brings us peace of mind and a happy heart. We have let it go,Is Forgiveness A Choice? given others approval to be themselves and accepted they are none of our business. In fact, would it be true to realise, we have enough of our own lessons to learn without wasting time and precious energy on what we believe is their lessons. Live and let live comes to mind and I am going to put that up on my wall to keep me reminded. Another thought comes to mind we come into this world alone and we go out alone, is that not a clue to focus on our own journey?


I have enjoyed chatting with you, expressing my opinion and would love your contribution to the conversation. Your thoughts, your experiences, your opinion, so we can help each other to grow into our happiness together. Happy journeying and cheers for now, Jill

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Our Higher Power is a higher state of consciousness. When referred to as a higher state of consciousness, I believe it takes the mystic out of the words higher power and therefore seems more achievable. Let’s see what the Bear Family has to say about it.


Once upon a time Mamma and Poppa Bear dropped the kids of to a Kiddies Camping Weekend. On the way home they dropped into Muffin Break for a coffee and cake. They valued time together where they could relax and be themselves, a bit of togetherness and Pappa held Mamma’s hand. They truly loved and enjoyed each other

Definition of Higher Power

Upon arriving home Pappa headed off to do a few chores while Mamma prepared a Country style Chicken Casserole for dinner. It was Pappa”s favourite meal. Then she headed off to have a shower, put on a trace of make-up and some of her favourite perfume. She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with her efforts, she thought “I look beautiful” and with a smile on her face she headed off to set the dinner table with a few special things. As she was laying the table she heard Pappa come home and he headed off to shower and shave.

The two of them were sitting comfortably with each other, eating dinner and chatting about Teddy and Missy loving the camping weekends as much as they loved time to themselves. As they were about to tuck into a bread and butter pudding Mamma asked Pappa “What is this higher power? The ladies at the bowling club are all talking about it”. Pappa replied “Oh Mamma, not this again”. Mamma said “You see things differently to me so let’s see if we can get some clarity. I need your help”. Pappa replied “All I know is we are responsible only for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what I think. What I think is my journey. You need to think for yourself about your journey”.

 He added, “A wise old man shared with me, a common mistake we may make is, when we believe we have reached a higher state, we tend to parade a Holier Than Thou attitude and are tempted to try to convert others. This cannot be done. Everyone has to want to take, and be responsible for their own journey (a personal one, that can take many different paths). When we try to convert others with our superior attitude, we don’t stop to think, maybe these people are more evolved than we are. Humbling but true. When we stop judging others and ourselves, we can step back and realise we have made mobs of progress, however there is more to discover, new concepts to explore that will further expand our consciousness and being. It truly is a journey, not a race”.

Mamma sat and reflected on what this wise old man had shared with Pappa and realised it was time to take her own journey. She said quietly “Thank you for sharing the old man’s thoughts Pappa” and leaned over, gave him a quick kiss and started to clear the table. It was time for bed.


Meanwhile the Rainbow Family and friends, were celebrating little Bow’s birthday. Mother Rainbow had been inspired to make not only a beautiful fairy cake but had hung many brightly coloured lights that were twinkling away. They all danced around the cake with sheer joy and the kids squealed, a little, as their joy filled the air. It was truly a wonderful happy time.

Eventually the kids, with their tummies filled, went of skipping and playing hide-and-seek in the soft white clouds. The adults retired to their favourite armchair clouds and settle in for a bit of warm fellowship with their friends.

Definition of Higher Power

The moon, a wise old man, and the raindrops had been friends of the rainbows for many “moons” so to speak and the sun dropped in briefly through the clouds. They all marveled at their different energies, and the rainbows commented on “not being solid”.  The moon agreed and said, “in a way, you rainbows are a perfect example of displaying energy, not touchable or holdable yet there you are in all your glory”. The others agreed, they all appeared different and knew they were all the one source of energy.


The wise old man said “It is sad that the earthlings have forgotten their source. They are challenged by the fact that they are not actually solid, like they think they are, they are all simply energy exactly the same as us. I notice more of them are waking up again and it is wonderful to see. As we know, the pure source is simply an energy consciousness, a higher state of consciousness. They wander around in the wilderness not realising who or what they really are. Most are worried about where the next dollar is coming from and more material possessions. This keeps them locked into a low vibration and they get more low vibration outcomes. How can we help them?


LET IT ALL GO. Let it all go in our minds. Our attachment to possessions, our negative thoughts, our negative emotions and negative reactions and our obsession with dollars are the silly little things that keep us in mundane consciousness.  Truly, our egos keep us in this mundane consciousness.  If we could let it all go, we are free to explore new concepts, expand our thinking and consciousness and learn again, how to simply be, be like a baby again, be a living thing, be a life, be a journey and live in the moment.

It is time to introduce you to Joe Vitale.  Joe featured in the the movie documentary “The Secret” and has since written many books and put together helpful programs to train us to rise above our mundane consciousness, face our egos head on and move on to higher consciousness.  Joe , himself, was living on the street and in poverty. Joe’s latest scientifically proven program “The Secret Mirror” has a 60 day money back guarantee. I can assure you I won’t be returning mine! These wonderful teachers are THERE FOR US to learn their wisdom and find our destiny.  Come join me and let Joe lead us to the happiness and abundance we all crave.


My journey continues and I am stretched to keep up with what is happening. I purchased Joe’s “Secret Mirror” to help me through feelings of overwhelm and confusion.  I recommend his teachings in a heart beat.  Your input and your experiences would be appreciated, so please leave your comments so we can grow together.  Cheers  Jill

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