My experience of the Law of Attraction and hypnosis downloads. These modern new concepts are authentic however, will have us fleeing back to our comfort zones unless we open our minds to our explorers. Be brave, embrace the new and reap the benefits.


My first experience was the movie called “The Secret”, which claims that the Law of Attraction holds up with metaphysicalDOES LAW ATTRACTION WORK research and this is explained in the movie. The metaphysical is a topic worth exploring as it brings body, mind and spirit out into the light and this knowledge is well worth having.

I watched the movie with an open mind, was prepared to learn more about our brains and science, then decided to get my feet wet and give it a try. How can we accumulate knowledge without getting out of our comfort zones, having a go and making our own informed decision?


Most people interpret The Law of Attraction will bring us what we desire by simply visualising and thinking our way to instant gratification. I was guilty of this for a while. It wasn’t long before common sense prevailed and I realised it would take magic to turn my life from rags to riches overnight.

Norman Vincent Peal’s book “Think and Grow Rich” requires effort, action and consistency to change our mindsets from a negative one to a positive one to reap the rewards.

With my feet back down on the ground I embraced the Law Of Attraction’s techniques to make a start on my journey to riches. Continue reading “DOES LAW ATTRACTION WORK”

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Goal No: 5 Action Our Talent. Fired up and ready to nail it? In previous articles we’ve found our passion which led to discovering our talent. Now it’s time to tickle our soul and act on our preordained talent.

Fire gives us the energy to dedicate our efforts to our passions. With determination, consistent and persistent hard work we can bring it home!


Working with our talents is not remotely like the daily grind it used to be when working for a boss. When working for a boss we are not passionately motivated or deeply interested in the company’s future. Sure we give our best but our hearts arePASSION, FIRE AND TALENT not truly in it.

Our passionate talents inspire automatic enthusiasm and motivation. We can’t wait to get into again. Our efforts have grunt and we are turbo charged.

We are alive and up to any challenge that comes our way. With persistent exploration we overcome any challenge and nail it!


Ingvar Kamprad, billionaire extraordinaire and founder of IKEA quoted “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow”.

I found this surprising. When we achieve we celebrate, reward ourselves and feel good. I believe what Ingvar is saying is we get distracted from the main game celebrating a small but significant goal along the way. I know I indulge myself for too long, wasting precious time with jubilation.

Focusing on “what can be done better tomorrow” moves us closer to our end game. It is said that Ingvar continually had his butt up and head down consistently pursuing ways to help his customers more and the flatpack was born.

The lesson here is if we keep focused on what we are doing, do more of it every single day, find what can be done better to help people, we will be so busy and by the time we look up “poof” the money has followed us. Continue reading “TOP 10 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GOALS NOW WE ARE FIRED UP”

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This is a bit like saying “does everyone have a dark side?” The human ego is the force that prevents us from having what we really want, our dream life.


Do you resonate with “I feel stuck”. Our dark side (or our ego) runs on auto pilot whether we are aware of it consciously or not and often brings us to the point of feeling stuck. The ego consists of all the (mostly negative) behaviours we have learned from our parents, our school teachers even the press. The press these days reports negative news constantly and our egos soak it up and throws it back at us and we act on false ego guidance.


The ego is at its most damaging when we are unaware of its presence and running on auto pilot. I would like to think these days, that most people are aware or becoming aware of their egos. Are you? Simply make a statement like “I’m going to have a yacht and sail around the world, I’m going to have a Porsche very soon, I’m going to be CEO at my work place in a year or two” and then listen to your ego laughing, taunting you and telling you all the reasons why you won’t succeed.


I’m going to share with you an experience I had this very morning. I have been personally developing and working on myself for many years and believe me I know my ego well. In the last two months I have built the backbone of my online business to the extent of being ready for it to return the substantial profits I dream of. On the way I have fought many battles with my ego and won.  Want to know more, check this quiz.

This morning I asked myself “Why am I not earning dollars yet? My site still needs tweaking, however it is ready to go.” I’m ready, its not happening, I am stuck again. Off I go to look at what my ego is doing this time!

After quietly reflecting on what might be happening up came “I’m afraid of success, this is too big for me, I won’t be able to handle it”.

Ego Intellect

My ego was mouthing off to prevent me from moving forward to claim the success that I deserve and is right there in front of me. I then went and did an easy technique (more on this later), that took me deeper still and up came more layers, “people won’t love me when I’m significantly successful, I’ll feel so lonely, I’ll lose all my friends”. I might say this last one, “losing my friends” rattled me! I will devote a paragraph to this later. Blocks that are thrown up at us are dark energy fields and my dream thoughts are light energy fields. While ever this block of dark energy is in place, my dream energy fields will bounce back. Does this make sense? If not, try to have an open mind and explore the possibility. It helped me to understand and brought me clarity.


I am a logical person and somewhat skeptical about dark energy fields etc. I have persisted in calling them negative thoughts, speak and action however after being around and researching this stuff for years, I am now prepared to call it as it is. A Dark Energy Force Field. Why you might ask? Simply because this field is so powerful. By my seeing and acknowledging its true power, calling it for what it is, I know I have taken its power away. I now know what I am dealing with, I see it for what it is, a force field that can be broken down and conquered. In order to understand, what we are really dealing with, I had to move out of my comfort zone. Will you move out of your comfort zone?

Dark energy fields are low vibrations. How do we conquer them you ask?


Simply with high vibrations. I ask myself “Do I want all the riches of life e.g. happiness, love, laughter, joy, togetherness, harmony, wealth, health, abundance etc?” My answer is yes, and if i have to move out of my comfort zone to achieve what I truly want, I WILL.

We believe in ancient healing arts of Reiki, Acupuncture, Naturopaths, Massage, astrology, physics etc? These practices all work with energy fields e.g. meridians, Qi, chakras etc. So why not our egos? I am accepting of them all as energy fields. Perhaps they take us out of our comfort zone again. This is up to you.


I love my friends and the thought of losing them rocks my core. I have had time to reflect on this and I accept it is possible. I realise right now, my life and my friends are all operating on a lower vibration than I wish to achieve. I am determined to find true happiness before I die. I choose to operate on a higher vibration and it is probably natural that some of my friends will no longer resonate with me and drift away. This thought saddens me and I know I will grieve however I haven’t worked so hard to let this stop me. It is my hope that, maybe, just maybe I can bring them along with me.


I was introduced to what is called the EFT (Emotional FreedoomTechnique) which is simply tapping on 8 acupuncture points with our fingers while saying what is blocking us e.g. I’m afraid of success but I will embrace and love it. This will align our meridians and over, quite a short time, will melt the block away and therefore open the door. You guessed it, we are working with our energy fields. I first heard of this technique through my astrologer friend, thought it was a bit weird, so went off to research it. I found it everywhere and discovered Bob Doyle and Carol Look.

Bob Doyle featured in the documentary “The Secret” and has his own site called Wealth Beyond Reason. Google him and you will discover videos where he talks about the Law Of Attraction from a logical, scientific and reasonable mode that is easier to accept and not so out there. I didn’t have to move so far out of my comfort zone with his explanation. Lovely man in the video. He showcases the EFT technique in his work, comments it is a bit weird, however it works. I have found it works for me too. It is now up to you.


Again, I have enjoyed sharing and chatting with you all. My vulnerability is out there in this one however I am willing to be vulnerable in order to increase your knowledge, or at least have you question what is becoming more common place in 2019. I invite you to share your experiences, especially with EFT if you use it, so we can help each other to a happier, all of life’s riches lifestyle. Cheers now, Jill

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Let’s explore the difference between self esteem and ego. There are layers and layers of ego and when we overcome a layer we think we are done. Believe me there are other layers that go deeper and deeper. The bears and the rainbows are away having a holiday so it’s back to earthling me.


The ego drives low esteem and is learned behaviour that can be unlearned. I believe the first few layers are easily recognised as they are simply “on the surface” negative thinking. The very first thing we need to do is become self aware of negative thoughts to enable us to challenge the ego and take back control of our lives.

By simply deciding we will discipline ourselves to become self aware is the very first layer. The ego will immediately resist any endeavour to become self aware as it knows it is about to be challenged. Consequently, we will have thoughts of :

BASEMENT: “I can’t be bothered monitoring my thoughts, my speak and my actions. This is all bullshit. There’s nothing wrong with my ego, it’s you that has the problem” etc. and our self esteem stays low, exactly where it is. Does this sound familiar?

FIRST FLOOR: We defy our egos and start to monitor our thoughts, speak and action and discover quickly that we do think, speak and act negatively most of our waking hours. We decide to consciously change our thoughts, speak and actions to positive ones. We begin to look at what would truly make us happy. Perhaps more money, more love, a better job, more freedom. Our egos react with:

“You are being silly, you don’t deserve that, you are not worthy, you are not smart enough, you are too old or too young” etc. and our self esteem stays low, exactly where it is.


EIGHTH FLOOR: We have pushed past the bottom floors to about the eighth floor and our self esteem is significantly higher. We do love ourselves, know we deserve and are worthy of anything we desire, have decided where we want to be in 1 year’s time, have set our goals on paper, we have a step by step plan and we feel good about ourselves, have grown in confidence, believe in ourselves and know where we are going. However, we reach a block/barrier that has us reeling, we feel stuck, we are in a maze, every way we turn is unrewarding, we have pushed so hard we are exhausted perhaps even burned out. At this point the blocks/barriers we come across are much stronger and stretching our resolve, however we can find solutions. Our egos have lost layer after layer and are now fighting to remain in control and their reactions are also stronger and more sophisticated:

“You are stuck, you are confused, frustrated, disappointed, despairing, overwhelmed, you have to struggle to get ahead, it’s so tough, things have to be hard, it’s never going to be easy, you will never make it, I told you so” and now our higher self esteem stays exactly where it is.

Have you noticed the higher we go the resistant feelings become a greater challenge to overcome.


By this stage I have learned to identify Higher Self language versus Ego language. Let’s make a list of a few to refer back to.


  • Positive/ Negative
  • Generous/ Greed
  • Light/ Dark
  • Hope/ Despair
  • Belief/ DisappointmentTHE FLIP
  • Love/Self Hate
  • Full/ Empty
  • Joy/ Depressed, debilitated
  • Clarity/ Confusion
  • Compassion/ Indifference
  • Patience/ Impatience
  • Optimism/ Pessimism
  • Healing/ Sickness
  • Winning /Defeat
  • Controlled/ Overwhelm
  • Surety/ Fear
  • Easy /Hard
  • Soft /Tough
  • Harmony /Struggle
  • Anger/ Calm
  • Sweet/ Bitter
  • Free /Stuck
  • Support Sharing /Loneliness
  • Courage/ Doubt

Remember THE FLIP. We simply need to choose the positive attitude and wear it proudly. Be aware the ego will make things seem tougher, a struggle and harder. When I am faced with a challenge that I can’t see a solution, I fall back on my intuition for answers. e.g. I am particularly inept with the technical side of social media. After feeling “helpless and I don’t know how to do this stuff” my intuition told me to get help from an expert. The lesson I learned was “Asking for help is a perfectly acceptable solution”. My ego had me floundering around, wounded and not capable for a day or two! There is always an answer from our higher selves.


It could be a mentor, a teacher, a friend, a business acquaintance, a peer, someone doing what you want to learn. I have found help and assistance in a female entrepreneur group, a business acquaintance and a teacher. Once again I remind you of one of my teachers,  Joe Vitale. I have great respect for Joe, and his teachings have just got me through an ego driven battle (block/barrier) that I was losing big time. His latest scientifically proven method, called The Secret Mirror, really worked a treat for me. I strongly recommend that you give this a try.  It has a 60 day money back guarantee.  I can assure you I won’t be returning mine! Thank you Joe. Once more I am free and off and running, feeling wonderful and confident knowing I have places to go for a helping hand.

In Conclusion

There truly is help everywhere if we take the time to calm down, get grounded, stay true to ourselves and our goals, look and ask. Once again, I request you comments on you journeys, perhaps where you are at, where you are going, a challenge you overcame and how. Sharing and supporting is a wonderful way to give back, lend a helpful hand and grow together. Until next time, Cheers Jill

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Let’s explore altered states consciousness (psychology) to get a handle on Ego Intellectexactly what this means. I have researched the topic with due diligence to help get it clear in my mind as to how we might have a conversation that is easily understood by all. Shall we make a start?


This time I have researched altered, altruistic, transcend which lead me to benevolent.  My intention with the Thesaurus Task is to find a way, words, that are more relateable, layman’s language to help not only me, but others to get a grip on what we are discussing. For this reason I will give only Synonyms of altered, altruistic and transcend and you will see how I chose benevolent to best describe, in layman’s language the altered state.

ALTERED Synonyms: transformed, adapted, reformed, remodeled, reshape
ALTRULISTIC Synonyms: magnanimous, Robin Hood, all heart, BENEVOLENT, big-hearted, generous, humane, kind, self-sacrificing etc.                                                                                                                                                           TRANSCEND Synonyms: transform, outshine, rise above

BENEVOLENT Synonyms: all heart, big-hearted, bounteous, bountiful, helpful, kindhearted, magnanimous, generous Antonyms: mean, unkind, selfish, merciless, greedy etc.

The words that resonate with me are bountiful, big-hearted, helpful and generous. Which words would you pick?


An altered state of mind (higher consciousness) is a place in our being where our egos are not present. I believe when we were in the womb and first born we were in this altered state of mind. Our hearts beat for us, our breathing is a free thing, uncontrolled by us, our bodies formed and grew in the womb all by themselves. We are perfection, have no need to think, say or do anything and we grow, and grow until we pop out into the world. All the time we are in the womb we are just being, just being ourselves. We don’t need to do anything except BE. This state of consciousness is the perfect space to be. At this time we have knowledge of what is happening, we are WITNESSING ourselves in this perfect space.  Like looking at ourselves in a mirror.  Let me introduce you to Dr Joe Vitale.  I met Joe on Netflix in the movie documentary called the Secret.  I purchased a product of his called “The Secret Mirror” and by using his techniques I can connect to my higher self at will.  I urge you to purchase this product (with a 60 day guarantee to return if not satisfied) and try for yourself.  Believe me I will not be returning mine.

From this discovery I believe, as we were born in this natural state, we were Altered Statesdestined to live in this state where we are directly connected with our source and anything we need is given. Directly after we are born everything we need is given (breast milk, bathing, cuddles, kisses, love, clean bottoms, shelter, food and so on). This is a state of bliss, our true nature. Think of your pets and how their love is unconditional and they live in a state of BEING.

The only difference for humanity is we were given the capacity to think. Our egos were fed incorrect information at a young age until finally our egos take over and begin to take charge of our lives. They are so audacious that they believe they know what is best for us, and that results in a life of surviving, not thriving. Our egos are so loud, beating their drums with such authority and force they overtake and mask the power that we were born with. When we only use (as most of us do) our ego intellect to figure out our problems, we often run into a brick wall and get stuck, can’t find a way out of our problem. We continue to batter our heads against the wall and our problems seem to become more. The more we dig, the deeper our hole gets and we don’t see the ladder right there in front of us. By telling the ego to take a hike, we are left with our true power and it will see the ladder and up we go. Does this make sense?

So would it be true to say our true nature, this state of bliss, where we witness life, not control our lives, is what we now (in moderndays) call an altered state. It is as natural as day and night and we all still have it waiting there patiently for us to return.


When we finally quieten down and free ourselves of our egos, begin to witnessState of Bliss life, return to our true nature, we are living, or sending out a higher vibration that enables us to ask and we will receive. We can let go and Let the Universe/God. We can have anything we desire because we are creators, a chip of the old block, so to speak, an image of the ultimate creator. We were born in this state, we only need to get back there by dispensing with our egos. We really are one with the creator.

Have you ever let the music dance you, rather than you dance to the music. We let our bodies do what they want to do rather than us controlling what our bodies do. When we allow our bodies to move us, it is called a sensation, being synchronised with our senses and in fact is living on a higher vibration.

When we are living on a higher vibration we naturally become benevolent. We already are big hearted, kinder, thoughtful of others, helpful to others,  loving, generous,  unconditional etc. 


Home, being in the state we were born in. Today we call this an altered state of consciousness. I have experienced being in an altered state, and when I connected with my higher self I transcended all else. Material possessions seemed so petty, albeit it necessary for our earthly journey, but unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I call it home and being home again is a familiar feeling, a familiar space with nothing to be afraid of.


Wait for it, this is a little bit of craziness (or is it?) I simply wrote a letter to the universe, stating my current dire circumstance, how afraid I was. I let my ego intellect throw up, how bad the situation is, how desperate and shameful I felt and much more. Bring you senses with you and give your ego free rein to throw up all the disastrous, horrible things it can find. Then I let these feelings go,  saw them floating away.  Next I imagined myself with all the riches of life: wealth, health, happiness, freedom, swimming in my lap pool, riding along in my Mercmobile etc.  I actually felt like I was doing it all, it was so real.  Then I burned the letter.  Here is a 30 second quiz for you to do to find out where you are in your journey.  Fun to do and informative .


Once again it has been lovely chatting to you (albeit causing me to put myself out there in a vulnerable state), this is an honest diary of my experiences and my opinions. Feel free to leave a comment and contribute to the conversation as we go on our way, being helpful to others and moving ever closer to freedom.

Cheers now,



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Self awareness will bring you to knowing your purpose life and a future of abundance. I believe we cannot get started towards our purpose life and all of life’s riches without becoming an expert in self awareness. Let’s check it out shall we?


Self awareness is absolutely essential to begin our journey to being the best we can be. I suggest, if you haven’t already, please read my previous post I AM SMALL VOICE to get an idea of how dominant and controlling our egos are. In the main most people (and this used to include me) are not aware that their lives are being dictated and controlled by our egos. Just do a quick mental check on your life now (finances, health, relationships, happiness, community) and notice how short of the mark it is to what you really want and desire. This result is and always will be the life our egos will provide. Our egos are geared/wired with false information learned from childhood onward and don’t know any other way.


Awareness Synonyms: alertness, attention, consciousness, perception, recognition, aliveness, attentiveness, cognizance, keenness, mindfulness Awareness Antonyms: disregard, ignorance, neglect, misunderstanding, unfamiliarity, insensitivity, unconsciousness

The synonyms that particularly resonate with me are alertness, attentiveness, keenness which for me are action words and suggest I stand up and pay attention, exercise my wit and preparedness. Which would you choose?

We have taken the first wobbly step once we become aware of our ego and how and from where it is geared/wired. Now we need to shed the first skin (just like a snake) to learn how to reconnect with our senses, our intuition and our inner voice. The action words I have chosen have already brought my senses into play. I feel the sensation of being on guard and ready. To become acutely aware we need to have sharp sensations that bring our six senses to life (smell, touch, thought, taste, sound, sight).

Once our senses are awakened we start to have sensations e.g. hair standing up on the back of our necks, walking over someone’s grave, uplifted by a song, toe in the water, brilliant colours in a sunset, taste of a lemon, smell of an orange. These sensations are often so strong and connected we can make our saliva start running when we imagine sucking a lemon.

Would it be true for me to say that once our senses are heightened our ego has disappeared for a bit. We are experiencing/living life in the moment not just going through the motions as our ego does. My ego can think about sucking a lemon in a flat way like “Oh yeah, you want to suck a lemon go for it you idiot, you know what will happen” and not be engaged with any of my senses therefore it is not a sensation. I noticed that my ego immediately wants to protect me, dictate to me and control me. And that’s the life my, ego will bring me. No adventure, no risk, etc. “Let’s just do what we always do. I know best”. The strong sensations I have described will always awaken our senses because they unconsciously trigger our senses whether we are still and calm or racing around like a mad thing.


Let’s look at lunch on a blanket in a park. In the fast lane (completely unaware) we can attend, eat, drink, have a conversation in which we have no idea whether we were being positive or negative, yell at the kids or the dog, even worse, at each other and leave.

If we are consciously aware, in a calm relaxed state we can attend, engage our senses, notice the bird calls, the dog chasing the ball, the formation of a beautiful tree, the smell of some nearby flowers, how hot or cold it is, the smell of the salt from the sea if we are near the sea, compliment the chef, whisper I love you, notice how subtle the herbs are in the sausage, the colour of the fruits and their individual tastes, the sweetness of the pavlova, play with the dog or the children and notice their joy, laughter, we could hold hands, a cuddle or sneak a kiss etc. etc. The latter way is conscious awareness, experiencing life, living in the moment, every day a new experience, a new adventure.

I know which lunch I would rather be at! What about you?


In order to live a self aware life and reap the riches we need to train ourselves to notice all things and bring our senses out to play. There are many simple ways to get this process underway.

Bring a calm, relaxed attitude with you when having a shower, notice the water running down your back, the warmth or coolness of the water, pay attention to your feet and notice how lost you would be without them, same with your eyes and ears, hands, arms, fingers, legs, notice your heart beats for you, your lungs breathe for you, notice your perfection and wonder where it came from, bless the creator whoever you feel that might be, notice your body and whether perhaps you feel like gently swaying as you sing or hum a favorite song. Bring your senses with you everywhere you go.

Ladies, when you are doing the ironing, notice the fabrics, the colours, the feel of the materials, the wonder of the iron and how convenient it is, the ease it brings to your life, notice if you are slumped or standing up straight, perhaps you are drinking a coffee, bring your senses to the taste, colour etc. etc.

Men, when you are wielding the chain saw in a relaxed and calm manner notice the smell of the petrol/oil, the sound of the motor, is it running smoothly or does it need a bit of maintenance, the ease in which it does the job so you don’t have to swing an axe, notice your muscles responding automatically, your balance on your feet, the smell of whatever you are cutting up etc. etc.

This is the time to introduce everyone to Melody Fletcher.  Melody is a fan of the Law Of Attraction, has worked with a Sharman, is able to enter an altered state which she calls “Translating Energy” and is not a trance. While in this state she is completely aware of what’s happening.  I was drawn to her work and I trust it.  Melody writes in a humorous way and is a fun teaching read.

When we repeatedly bring our senses into play, our egos are quietened. We then need to bring this conscious awareness to every thing we say, think and do. Choose your words carefully, choose positive words. I use the word challenge to replace many negatives e.g. this chore is so hard flipped to this chore is a bit of a challenge. It is very possible your speech will slow down because you are choosing words not running on automatic ego words. Many people speak so fast I swear they have little idea of the actual words they uttered. This used to apply to me.


As you are teaching yourself conscious awareness, share with your children what you are doing. Believe me if they grow up already habitually self aware you will have given them the edge to early abundance in their lives. The more conscious we are of truly experiencing life with our senses, speaking with positive authority, doing consciously positive things and thinking positively, we automatically become kinder more grateful, more helpful to others and we raise our vibration higher and higher and guess what we attract all of life’s riches. Wealth, Health, Joy, Love and the most powerful of all, laughter.


It’s been lovely chatting with you again and does me good to put my learnings in writing. It reinforces and reminds me of what I am doing. Please feel free to leave your comments and contributions as we learn together. I do urge you to decide to embrace your senses as I truly believe it is a speedy way to become the best person we can and reap the rewards. Cheers now, Jill

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