Let’s explore altered states consciousness (psychology) to get a handle on Ego Intellectexactly what this means. I have researched the topic with due diligence to help get it clear in my mind as to how we might have a conversation that is easily understood by all. Shall we make a start?


This time I have researched altered, altruistic, transcend which lead me to benevolent.  My intention with the Thesaurus Task is to find a way, words, that are more relateable, layman’s language to help not only me, but others to get a grip on what we are discussing. For this reason I will give only Synonyms of altered, altruistic and transcend and you will see how I chose benevolent to best describe, in layman’s language the altered state.

ALTERED Synonyms: transformed, adapted, reformed, remodeled, reshape
ALTRULISTIC Synonyms: magnanimous, Robin Hood, all heart, BENEVOLENT, big-hearted, generous, humane, kind, self-sacrificing etc.                                                                                                                                                           TRANSCEND Synonyms: transform, outshine, rise above

BENEVOLENT Synonyms: all heart, big-hearted, bounteous, bountiful, helpful, kindhearted, magnanimous, generous Antonyms: mean, unkind, selfish, merciless, greedy etc.

The words that resonate with me are bountiful, big-hearted, helpful and generous. Which words would you pick?


An altered state of mind (higher consciousness) is a place in our being where our egos are not present. I believe when we were in the womb and first born we were in this altered state of mind. Our hearts beat for us, our breathing is a free thing, uncontrolled by us, our bodies formed and grew in the womb all by themselves. We are perfection, have no need to think, say or do anything and we grow, and grow until we pop out into the world. All the time we are in the womb we are just being, just being ourselves. We don’t need to do anything except BE. This state of consciousness is the perfect space to be. At this time we have knowledge of what is happening, we are WITNESSING ourselves in this perfect space.  Like looking at ourselves in a mirror.  Let me introduce you to Dr Joe Vitale.  I met Joe on Netflix in the movie documentary called the Secret.  I purchased a product of his called “The Secret Mirror” and by using his techniques I can connect to my higher self at will.  I urge you to purchase this product (with a 60 day guarantee to return if not satisfied) and try for yourself.  Believe me I will not be returning mine.

From this discovery I believe, as we were born in this natural state, we were Altered Statesdestined to live in this state where we are directly connected with our source and anything we need is given. Directly after we are born everything we need is given (breast milk, bathing, cuddles, kisses, love, clean bottoms, shelter, food and so on). This is a state of bliss, our true nature. Think of your pets and how their love is unconditional and they live in a state of BEING.

The only difference for humanity is we were given the capacity to think. Our egos were fed incorrect information at a young age until finally our egos take over and begin to take charge of our lives. They are so audacious that they believe they know what is best for us, and that results in a life of surviving, not thriving. Our egos are so loud, beating their drums with such authority and force they overtake and mask the power that we were born with. When we only use (as most of us do) our ego intellect to figure out our problems, we often run into a brick wall and get stuck, can’t find a way out of our problem. We continue to batter our heads against the wall and our problems seem to become more. The more we dig, the deeper our hole gets and we don’t see the ladder right there in front of us. By telling the ego to take a hike, we are left with our true power and it will see the ladder and up we go. Does this make sense?

So would it be true to say our true nature, this state of bliss, where we witness life, not control our lives, is what we now (in moderndays) call an altered state. It is as natural as day and night and we all still have it waiting there patiently for us to return.


When we finally quieten down and free ourselves of our egos, begin to witnessState of Bliss life, return to our true nature, we are living, or sending out a higher vibration that enables us to ask and we will receive. We can let go and Let the Universe/God. We can have anything we desire because we are creators, a chip of the old block, so to speak, an image of the ultimate creator. We were born in this state, we only need to get back there by dispensing with our egos. We really are one with the creator.

Have you ever let the music dance you, rather than you dance to the music. We let our bodies do what they want to do rather than us controlling what our bodies do. When we allow our bodies to move us, it is called a sensation, being synchronised with our senses and in fact is living on a higher vibration.

When we are living on a higher vibration we naturally become benevolent. We already are big hearted, kinder, thoughtful of others, helpful to others,  loving, generous,  unconditional etc. 


Home, being in the state we were born in. Today we call this an altered state of consciousness. I have experienced being in an altered state, and when I connected with my higher self I transcended all else. Material possessions seemed so petty, albeit it necessary for our earthly journey, but unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I call it home and being home again is a familiar feeling, a familiar space with nothing to be afraid of.


Wait for it, this is a little bit of craziness (or is it?) I simply wrote a letter to the universe, stating my current dire circumstance, how afraid I was. I let my ego intellect throw up, how bad the situation is, how desperate and shameful I felt and much more. Bring you senses with you and give your ego free rein to throw up all the disastrous, horrible things it can find. Then I let these feelings go,  saw them floating away.  Next I imagined myself with all the riches of life: wealth, health, happiness, freedom, swimming in my lap pool, riding along in my Mercmobile etc.  I actually felt like I was doing it all, it was so real.  Then I burned the letter.  Here is a 30 second quiz for you to do to find out where you are in your journey.  Fun to do and informative .


Once again it has been lovely chatting to you (albeit causing me to put myself out there in a vulnerable state), this is an honest diary of my experiences and my opinions. Feel free to leave a comment and contribute to the conversation as we go on our way, being helpful to others and moving ever closer to freedom.

Cheers now,



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  1. Hey Jill,
    thanks for this wonderful article and I love the concept of writing a letter to the Universe/God.
    As I myself, many times write a letter to the Universe, I instantly connect with your article.
    I think Universe has its own language and constantly try to connect with the individual by sending different signs.
    But we are so busy or maybe many of us are not aware of the fact, that Universe actually communicates with us on a daily basis, if only we pay attention.

  2. Hi Jill. Thanks for a very interesting article. I have to agree that while we are in the womb we are in the perfect state of ‘being.’ It is only when we are taught to think and question life that things get messed up for us. We believe we become separate from the perfection that is connection to the source, and with time, many of us even forget that the source exists. Crazy isn’t it!
    Our ego is a hard taskmaster indeed.

    1. Thanks for sharing Andrew. Sure is crazy. At last I have my ego quietened and am now starting to “witness” life instead of acting/reacting with ego control. It is a calmer beautiful space to be in. Got to keep working at it though! Cheers Jill

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