You might ask what are belief systems? We have two belief systems, the one we were born with and the other formed by our parental influences as we are growing up. The belief system we were born with is totally unlimited, the sky is the limit (or is it beyond that?) and the one we form with parental control is accomplished at limiting life.

As an aside, I am letting you know that I am experimenting in a new writing style that is lighter, fun and childlike. My last post was heavy, heavy, it is my aim to lighten up and have some fun. What do you reckon?


Once upon a time there was a bear family that lived in the woods together. Define A Belief SystemMother Bear, Father Bear and two little ones called Teddy and Missy. One day, Teddy and Missy headed off to a forbidden cave to explore and have some fun. Un beknown to them Father Bear had followed them and he burst in on them yelling “I told you two you were never to come here and venture so far away from home. Look at what you have done, you have put yourselves in danger of the cave falling in or being bitten by a snake. Now get your butts out of here and get home now” he yelled. As they cowered past him he tweaked their ears to send them on their way. Mother Bear was not happy when they got home and sent them to their rooms to think about their actions.

Later that night, when Teddy and Missy were snuggled up in bed, Missy said to Teddy, “You know Ted, I was having so much fun with you in our special place, catching tadpoles and climbing the rocks”. Ted answered “Me too. I love the way the taddies wriggle in my hand. I don’t understand why Mum and Dad forbid us from adventure, but we best not ever go again”. And Missy said “I agree, I always feel so guilty, ashamed, naughty and unloved when Mum and Dad get so upset”.


Pappa Bear said to Mumma Bear “Those kids don’t listen. We are only trying to protect them from danger and they will wander so far away from home”. And Mamma Bear agreed and said “Parenting is a challenge eh Pappa?”. Then they sat in front of the fire, Mamma knitting and Pappa reading a book.

Suddenly Pappa put his book down for a bit and thought as he stared into the fire. Some time went by and he said “Mamma, you got me thinking about parenting. Maybe we have got it all wrong”. Mamma Bear looked up and said “Pappa, what on earth do you mean? They disobeyed us and we know what’s best for them”. Pappa Bear looked intent and said “I’ve never thought of this before, maybe we are teaching them to be afraid of adventure. I rememberWhat Are Belief Systems when I was a child I wandered off to explore, climb rocks, even a high tree and I was having so much fun. Dad came along and scalded me for climbing trees and warned me of the danger. I never climbed a high tree again”. Mamma Bear said “Oh, that is interesting Pappa, maybe you are right, we are teaching them to be afraid of exploring and adventuring. I noted they are so quiet when we catch them out. I’m wondering if they think we don’t love them anymore. Missy always looks so guilty and ashamed”. And they agreed they would search for a better way where they could encourage the kids to explore and venture without fear, to be safe and careful instead.

The moral of the story is, this is how limiting beliefs are formed. The children now know fear, feeling unloved, guilt, shame, think they must obey, their sense of adventure and exploring is tainted by fear.


Once upon a time there was a Rainbow family that lived in the sky. Mother Definition Of A Belief SystemRainbow, Father Rainbow and two little ones called Rain and Bow. One day the Rainbow Family headed off through the clouds and came across a heap of raindrops. As they talked with the raindrops, Bow noticed her rainbow reflection in the water drops. She pointed this out to everyone and they all agreed the reflections enhanced the appearance of them all. The Rainbows had a shine about them and the raindrops had absorbed the colors of the Rainbows. Then they all sat down together around a table in the clouds and the raindrops starting telling their stories. When they fell to earth they landed in a fairy pond at the bottom of the garden. The fairies were beautiful with their wispy glistening wings, perfect little bodies and all the colors of the Rainbow family. The fairies told stories of the humans they had encountered and how they had bright conversations with the children. One day when the raindrops were visiting the fairies, Santa Klaus and his reindeers dropped by and while the reindeers fed on the lush green grass, the raindrops, fairies andWhat Are Belief Systems Santa all shared a lunch. Santa and the fairies talked of the children and the joy on their faces whenever they met them. The children loved them with their hearts.

The  Rainbow family and their community are simply BEING, celebrating life and have synchronised their energies.Their reflections in each other are (win/win)  because they all have higher vibrations.  They only see the positive. I say, find and connect once more to our child’s higher power and we can all be free once more as we were meant to be.


The young children in our lives have not developed ego based control mode. The seeds maybe there but the egos are flimsy and consequently the children believe in Santa and the fairies. Their beliefs are unlimited and life can be whatever they wish. They are still in contact with the high vibrations we are all born with. We need to recall the true belief system we had when we believed in Santa. When we reconnect with our true belief system we can have and be whatever we want because we truly believe we can. Then the sky is the limit (or is it beyond that?).

I read recently an article about setting goals which said, First write them down, then make them specific, then make them time measurable (give them a date) and lastly, make them attainable and realistic. By making them attainable and realistic we are coming from our limited belief system. Our goals can be what we truly really want like freedom, all the riches of life (health, healing, soul mates, joy, laughter, love, peace) and enormous abundance, wealth, and passive income of $m’s per year.

Whatever you think you desire, make it bigger, then bigger again, then bigger again until you can’t make it any bigger and then you will have reached what you truly desire and deserve. THEN BELIEVE YOU CAN HAVE IT WITH THE SAME BELIEF YOU HAD THAT SANTA IS REAL. We all know what that belief in Santa felt like (there was absolutely no doubt at all) then nurture that belief and bring it back to your life and your consciousness. We honestly can have it all. It’s time to introduce you to Joe Vitale a legendary Law of Attraction Teacher.  Joe features in the movie documentary “The Secret”.


Remember when, as small children we played in a simple puddle and the joy we felt. Bring our child back into our adult lives and VOILA.

It has been fun exploring writing in a childlike fashion and I think I’m hooked. Please leave your comments and let me know how I did. Your feedback will be welcomed and appreciated. Meanwhile: BELIEVE WITH THE SAME BELIEF YOU HAD THAT SANTA IS REAL.

Cheers now, Jill

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  1. Hey Jill,

    What a fantastic blog, and how neatly you describe how limiting beliefs can harm our children and ourselves.
    I like the way you have written this article, in a story form and all the stories are fantastic and yes, we can learn from our children.

    Thanks for a great article,

    1. Hi Jivita, Thank you for sharing. I am uplifted by this childlike approach to my writing. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers an go well. Jill

  2. what a wonderful post-Jill and I can relate to this so much
    Late last year, I put some big goals for 2019 and then made them bigger- We are what we think and if we believe it and work hard, it shall be
    Thanks, Jill
    I will return for more inspiration

    1. Thank you Vicki. Making our goals bigger, then bigger, then bigger again until we can’t make them any bigger uplifts our energy to a place where we can make it happen. Simple really. The bear family complicate things, the Rainbow family simply BE themselves. I call this FREEDOM! Cheers AJ

  3. Hi Jill. Writing in a childlike manner does not mean missing out on the wisdom to transform our lives. I read way too much heavy stuff and enjoyed the difference that storytelling brings to my energy.
    It’s sad that so many parents are full of so many fears and these are then passed on to their children through conditioning or progressive programming. Maybe there should be some sort of test that people wanting to be parents should be required to pass? The highest marks would, of course, be given to those with the ability to love unconditionally and share joy and abundance with their future offspring!
    Thanks for sharing your stories.

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