Our Higher Power is a higher state of consciousness. When referred to as a higher state of consciousness, I believe it takes the mystic out of the words higher power and therefore seems more achievable. Let’s see what the Bear Family has to say about it.


Once upon a time Mamma and Poppa Bear dropped the kids of to a Kiddies Camping Weekend. On the way home they dropped into Muffin Break for a coffee and cake. They valued time together where they could relax and be themselves, a bit of togetherness and Pappa held Mamma’s hand. They truly loved and enjoyed each other

Definition of Higher Power

Upon arriving home Pappa headed off to do a few chores while Mamma prepared a Country style Chicken Casserole for dinner. It was Pappa”s favourite meal. Then she headed off to have a shower, put on a trace of make-up and some of her favourite perfume. She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with her efforts, she thought “I look beautiful” and with a smile on her face she headed off to set the dinner table with a few special things. As she was laying the table she heard Pappa come home and he headed off to shower and shave.

The two of them were sitting comfortably with each other, eating dinner and chatting about Teddy and Missy loving the camping weekends as much as they loved time to themselves. As they were about to tuck into a bread and butter pudding Mamma asked Pappa “What is this higher power? The ladies at the bowling club are all talking about it”. Pappa replied “Oh Mamma, not this again”. Mamma said “You see things differently to me so let’s see if we can get some clarity. I need your help”. Pappa replied “All I know is we are responsible only for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what I think. What I think is my journey. You need to think for yourself about your journey”.

 He added, “A wise old man shared with me, a common mistake we may make is, when we believe we have reached a higher state, we tend to parade a Holier Than Thou attitude and are tempted to try to convert others. This cannot be done. Everyone has to want to take, and be responsible for their own journey (a personal one, that can take many different paths). When we try to convert others with our superior attitude, we don’t stop to think, maybe these people are more evolved than we are. Humbling but true. When we stop judging others and ourselves, we can step back and realise we have made mobs of progress, however there is more to discover, new concepts to explore that will further expand our consciousness and being. It truly is a journey, not a race”.

Mamma sat and reflected on what this wise old man had shared with Pappa and realised it was time to take her own journey. She said quietly “Thank you for sharing the old man’s thoughts Pappa” and leaned over, gave him a quick kiss and started to clear the table. It was time for bed.


Meanwhile the Rainbow Family and friends, were celebrating little Bow’s birthday. Mother Rainbow had been inspired to make not only a beautiful fairy cake but had hung many brightly coloured lights that were twinkling away. They all danced around the cake with sheer joy and the kids squealed, a little, as their joy filled the air. It was truly a wonderful happy time.

Eventually the kids, with their tummies filled, went of skipping and playing hide-and-seek in the soft white clouds. The adults retired to their favourite armchair clouds and settle in for a bit of warm fellowship with their friends.

Definition of Higher Power

The moon, a wise old man, and the raindrops had been friends of the rainbows for many “moons” so to speak and the sun dropped in briefly through the clouds. They all marveled at their different energies, and the rainbows commented on “not being solid”.  The moon agreed and said, “in a way, you rainbows are a perfect example of displaying energy, not touchable or holdable yet there you are in all your glory”. The others agreed, they all appeared different and knew they were all the one source of energy.


The wise old man said “It is sad that the earthlings have forgotten their source. They are challenged by the fact that they are not actually solid, like they think they are, they are all simply energy exactly the same as us. I notice more of them are waking up again and it is wonderful to see. As we know, the pure source is simply an energy consciousness, a higher state of consciousness. They wander around in the wilderness not realising who or what they really are. Most are worried about where the next dollar is coming from and more material possessions. This keeps them locked into a low vibration and they get more low vibration outcomes. How can we help them?


LET IT ALL GO. Let it all go in our minds. Our attachment to possessions, our negative thoughts, our negative emotions and negative reactions and our obsession with dollars are the silly little things that keep us in mundane consciousness.  Truly, our egos keep us in this mundane consciousness.  If we could let it all go, we are free to explore new concepts, expand our thinking and consciousness and learn again, how to simply be, be like a baby again, be a living thing, be a life, be a journey and live in the moment.

It is time to introduce you to Joe Vitale.  Joe featured in the the movie documentary “The Secret” and has since written many books and put together helpful programs to train us to rise above our mundane consciousness, face our egos head on and move on to higher consciousness.  Joe , himself, was living on the street and in poverty. Joe’s latest scientifically proven program “The Secret Mirror” has a 60 day money back guarantee. I can assure you I won’t be returning mine! These wonderful teachers are THERE FOR US to learn their wisdom and find our destiny.  Come join me and let Joe lead us to the happiness and abundance we all crave.


My journey continues and I am stretched to keep up with what is happening. I purchased Joe’s “Secret Mirror” to help me through feelings of overwhelm and confusion.  I recommend his teachings in a heart beat.  Your input and your experiences would be appreciated, so please leave your comments so we can grow together.  Cheers  Jill

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  1. This is a good article that I’ll have to share with others in groups that I teach. I’m in a 12-step program and a drug and alcohol counselor I don’t teach the concept of a higher power but I recommend to those that truly want to stop their own addictions attend a 12-step meeting and see how they relate with others. When the ones that actually do go they usually come back with the question of “what’s a high power?” Some say they do not have a higher power and don’t even know the concept of it. Again great article and will need to incorporate this article into my answer to them. Thanks, Jill.

    1. Hi Jason, Thank you for your sharing and your time. I thought I had replied earlier. Sorry. Glad I was able to help. I like to explore ideas and try to find a way for not only myself, but others to relate to these concepts. Please leave feedback from your group. I am totally open to others opinions, experiences and thoughts so we can grow together. Thanks again and cheers Jill

  2. Wow I never thought of the definition of a higher power to be what you are talking about. I always related it to a god, or the universe. here you are relating to a higher consciousness which I hadn’t thought of.

    very interesting.
    how are you doing with the program?

    1. Hi Capt Denis, Thank you for your time and comments. Higher consciousness means operating on a higher vibration. Higher vibrations attract success, wealth, health and happiness. It is in our best interest to learn how to operate with higher vibrations. Easier said than done. I’m giving it my best shot. Glad you found the article stimulating. The program is attracting more and more interest which is gratifying. Thanks again. Cheers Jill

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