Finally, Professional Help And Guidance To Get You Started By Firstly Choosing Wisely, The Right Fit For YOU, Even When You Don’t Have A Clue.


It is wise to know exactly what will work best for you. I’m going to share with you my first steps into online business which were confusing and a downright minefield. Scams are prolific – beware.

Fortunately, I was prepared to work my way through the opportunities to establish the right direction for me. I researched selling product, services and affiliate marketing. Did you know there were three completely different actions to consider?




Teenagers – Twenty Year Olds are embracing on line business with gusto. Some are now millionaires in their early 20’s! WOW! I find this amazing and extraordinary. How about you?

I decided I was not going to be shown up by kids! So as a hungry vibrant senior I hit the research/due diligence button to find out how to join them! Let’s make a start with the following:

Are you a natural “product” salesperson, “provide a service” person or best at finding a service/product (that is already a winner) and promoting it? “Affiliate marketing”.


Selling a product with Amazon for instance, is most likely to pay you 6.5% commission. You do the maths. A product might sell for $12-14.00 and your commission will be $0.91 on each item. Whereas a turbo charged, top shelf blender might sell for $690 odd returning you $44.85 per item. Hmm! Better!

It is up to you how much you will charge for “providing a service” like teaching clients online how to ………. (fill in the blank).

Affiliate Commissions range from an estimated 12% to 50%. The higher ones are out there however you have to search.

There are many successful people across all three but where do you fit?


A product related business can involve wholesale purchase of goods, say in Asia, shipping to America, keeping a stock inventory so you know when stocks are down and it’s time for the replenish cycle. And many other hats!

A service related choice involves person to person workshops, on line webinars, marketing know how and IT skills and many other hats!

An Affiliate choice involves Social Media Marketing, IT knowledge, Creatives and many other hats!


Most people buy one of the above. The education and training differs greatly and perhaps you get what you pay for. I made the mistake of thinking build a website and they will come. Naive eh? THEY WILL NOT! Consequently, the education, training and hand holding is crucial.

Are you starting to realise where you want to fit, what is your best fit? What capabilities do you already have and which ones you need to learn?


Be prepared for a massive learning curve (unless you already have the capabilities). Am I an IT Tech Guru – certainly not!  Fast becoming one!

Armed with the results of my research I knew exactly what was a good fit for me. After further diligence and research on the platforms, courses and programs I found two that have authenticity, awesome education and training, genuinely supporting communities and the best hand holding ever. I joined both!

Do you know what?  I have,  just this minute decided to run a Mastermind just for you.  I practice what I preach, this will be my first mastermind and I will be right out of my comfort zone!!


I will share the benefits and comparisons of both above platforms so you don’t go in cold and unprepared.  In my Mastermind I will walk you through what both programs offer to help you choose wisely and further vital steps.  Read on!


I have learned so much I want to share with you. It is not possible to cover in this article. These two necessities will be covered in my Mastermind.

  • The Winning Mindset.
  • My “winning” mindset went from non existent to learning a formula for success. One major requisite is to TRASH YOUR COMFORT ZONE or don’t bother starting.
  • Peoples Wants.
  • Another key requisite is “How To Work Out What People Want” and then give it to them. There are many pitfalls here and learning how to do this is will greatly improve your chances of success.


This breathing technique is great for anxiety, frustration, sleep and relaxation.  Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Repeat 3-5 times. Quick and easy.  Extra Bonus you get to meet me!

Click here.  Happy Breathing


Great chatting with you again. Now you will have a better idea of a “good fit for you” and can start your online business with confidence from precious knowledge and without the pain, floundering and being confused.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Cheers Jill


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  1. I will agree that it is very scary to start an online business. Because you do not always know where to start and what are the best practices in order to succeed. The best thing for me was to join a learning platform, where I got a lot of step by step training with a coach to lead me. It is the best decision I made in my life and now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.


    1. Hi there,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  It is exciting to start an online business but overwhelming.  I agree once you have chosen wisely, the Platform that is the best fit for you, and the learning/education Platform that goes with it is a good fit, you are off and running.  Off and running with the unfair advantages of having chosen wisely through precious knowledge. My Mastermind helps to give people that precious knowledge and get the unfair advantage. 

      Great to hear you are now enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Congrats!  Cheers, Jill

  2. I’m glad for you that you have finally created your own training program, the Mastermind. I’m sure you have all the credentials and expertise to put up something designed for bigger community. I am new in online business and frankly, I am still in the process of learning about it. My head is bombarded with SEO strategy, great plug-ins to choose from, great writing content, softwares and other programs that give me mental diarrhea. That’s why i am looking for a training which can simplify all these and would really guide me without feeling intimidated but building confidence. Thank you for introducing your program. Many people really want to find the right answer without all the confusion and complex training. 

    1. Hello and thank you for your comments.  Oh, Oh, Oh I so resonate with the confusion and massive learning curve we are confronted with when we are newbies.  I remember that well!  Even today I get challenged to get where I want to go.  Especially with freaking tech.  Amazingly when we stick at it and are unstoppable it all becomes clear and gels in our brains.  BE UNSTOPPABLE and you will get where you want to go.  Cheers Jill

  3. The world is advancing at such a rapid rate. I eventually decided to start my own website so that one day I will be able to leave something beneficial to my kids. My kids are very young but they are learning so quickly how the internet works. I hope that my kids will benefit from the online money world, especially as in South Africa jobs are so hard to come by specifically ones that pay enough for you to live on. I do believe that affiliate marketing is one of the ways to go, although the internet can be overwhelming, following a step by step guide and platform is the way to go. Thank you so much for your article. 

    1. Hello from Australia.  South Africa is on my bucket list!  Yes!  Congrats on tackling the online business world and I agree online business is the way to go.  Sure it stretches most middle aged adults but the kids are “flying” with it!  Won’t be long and your kids will be able to help you!  Isn’t that a great thought?  Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing.

      Cheers Jill

  4. Lots of very positive vibes I got as I was reading through your article. You have convinced me that getting started with an online business is a very smart thing to do! Not only can young people with relatively little life experience do it, so can I as an older person from what you are saying.

    I liked the example of the $690 mixer and the over $44 in a commission that you can earn. That is some serious cash for sure and just think of selling 10 of those mixers a day. Then we are talking about some huge commissions you can earn. I see so much potential…

    At the top of the page for this article, I saw “Join WA” and am wondering, is that one of the programs that you have joined to learn how to earn and have a business online? I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and the positive comments I see about it make me think it might be a good way to get educated on how to get started. Thanks for all the information, a very interesting and useful post!

    1. Hey Dave,  Thank you for joining the conversation. Yeah, it was the young people that “got me going!”.  No way was I going to be left behind!  We older people “have the ballsiness too!”

      You will have to join my Mastermind to find out about Wealthy Affiliates being one of the two I chose!  Mind you Wealthy Affiliates came up tops in my research!

      Again, thank you, I appreciate your time.  Cheers Jill

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post in fact I am very pleased that I stumbled across it at this moment in time, because I am looking for a way of making some extra cash while my online affiliate marketing business is building up and growing. It is growing slowly but I need some other kind of income while I build it up and get traffic going to my website. Your post here has not just given me some new ideas but it has also inspired me, I certainly need the winning mindset at the moment, thank you once more for sharing this post. 

    1. Hey Russ, Thanks for joining the conversation. Yes, It’s one thing to have the training/education however, it goes hand in hand with a “Winning Mindset”.  I have persevered and finally almost mastered the mindset.  Boy did that make a huge difference to my business.

      Yes, any business needs time to get a hold.  PATIENCE is part of the winning mindset my friend.  I focus on making progress every day, it might be a leap, a step or some small invisible crack.  Makes no difference!  The culture of daily progress will get us home.

      Cheers and the best of the best, Jill

  6. Hi Jill, G’day from Perth WA!

    I just started my own website about 3 weeks ago, it’s been quite an exciting journey so far, and I have to say that in such a short span of time I’ve learnt so much stuff I’d never heard of in my life. And the sheer amount of resources and learning materials available is pretty overwhelming, but I’m trying my best to take in whatever I can get my hands on. 

    I do have some doubts whether this whole thing will work for me, but it’s still early and I do know that it takes time to build an online presence, and I agree 100% that to be successful we need to get out of our comfort zones.

    I wish all the best for your course and business!


    1. Gidday Tim from Perth (my original home state).  I will always think of West Aussie with a soft spot!  Tim, hang loose my friend.  You are on a massive learning curve and go at your pace.  The overwhelm can burn us out.  One step at a time. 

      Did I hear that unspeakable word “doubt”?  Never, never doubt what you can achieve.  You can achieve it all with the culture of daily progress.  It gets easier as you move forward.

       I focus on making progress every day, it might be a leap, a step or some small invisible crack.  Makes no difference!  The culture of daily progress will get us home. You are AMAZING! 

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