My experience of the Law of Attraction and hypnosis downloads. These modern new concepts are authentic however, will have us fleeing back to our comfort zones unless we open our minds to our explorers. Be brave, embrace the new and reap the benefits.


My first experience was the movie called “The Secret”, which claims that the Law of Attraction holds up with metaphysicalDOES LAW ATTRACTION WORK research and this is explained in the movie. The metaphysical is a topic worth exploring as it brings body, mind and spirit out into the light and this knowledge is well worth having.

I watched the movie with an open mind, was prepared to learn more about our brains and science, then decided to get my feet wet and give it a try. How can we accumulate knowledge without getting out of our comfort zones, having a go and making our own informed decision?


Most people interpret The Law of Attraction will bring us what we desire by simply visualising and thinking our way to instant gratification. I was guilty of this for a while. It wasn’t long before common sense prevailed and I realised it would take magic to turn my life from rags to riches overnight.

Norman Vincent Peal’s book “Think and Grow Rich” requires effort, action and consistency to change our mindsets from a negative one to a positive one to reap the rewards.

With my feet back down on the ground I embraced the Law Of Attraction’s techniques to make a start on my journey to riches.


DOES LAW ATTRACTION WORKThe knowledge gained prepared me to get my abundant mindset in front of me by way of a vision board. A vision/goal board is pictures of our goals we want to achieve. My pictures are of a 20-25 meter lap pool, my “Mercmobile”, African Big 5 Safari, The Blue Train, and more. Preparing a vision board is not unusual and I strongly suggest we create one.

Seeing my dreams in front of me everyday gives them power and they become more real and achievable as my brain takes them on board by repetition.


There are three different funnels to the Law of Attraction featuring three individuals, namely Kathryn Hurst, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale. I have purchased product from all three. I noticed Kathryn’s take is metaphysically informative and discusses her experience to discovering the LOA. Bob Doyle’s take is “feet on the ground” consequently he is readily acceptable without the mysterious and Joe Vitale is a bit of both.

I strongly suggest purchasing The Manifesting Movie as a start because it has the new updated version of “The Secret” (a better version), The No B/s Manual, two hypnosis downloads and a Cheat Sheet. In my opinion it gives a strong grounding as to what to expect from LOA products.

Working with the Manifesting Movie products will give us a taste of hypnosis, grounding and a simple 5 step formulae to use every day, where possible.


DOES LAW ATTRACTION WORKThe brilliance of these modern concepts for personal/professional development is, no matter what we may think of them originally, once we start using them they have our mindsets focused on healthy, positive and possible better outcomes for our lives. There is no difference to “I don’t like exercising but I will do it because my health will benefit from it”. You get where I’m going with this. Often we don’t like something, but we do it anyway, because it is good for our well being.


It is said in the movie how “what you need suddenly appears in your life”.  This is absolute truth and has occurred over and over for me personally.  People have shown up, I’ve been drawn toward new ideas, things, that have taken me further along my path. In fact, dare I say, I have manifested my next step over and over.  I have had many small but significant successes along the way.  Having just reminded myself of the “help” I have received makes me grateful.  It truly is amazing how things unfold.


It is helpful to know where we are now as it is encouraging and sheer joy to realise our progress in say 3 months, 6 months and even 12 months time. Take Action here and find out where you are on your journey.


Something I would like to share with you. I love the hypnosis tracks in this package. Listening gives me the opportunity to take a break, relax and rest for half an hour each day. The benefits to my body and mind of having some simple relaxed down time is extraordinary. I always come away from it feeling recharged and energised with no tension in my body. How would you like to feel this way?

The tracks themselves are simply repetitive positive instruction e.g.” take massive action and make amazing things happen”. I laugh to myself when I regurgitate these words in my everyday conversation. Want to put a smile on your face? Experience this! So much fun.

One of the most common issue with people these days is weight loss.  Take action to try a sample for free!.


My life, my happiness and my well being has benefited enormously by focusing on the positive healthy trainings available in these modern self help programs.

It has been fun chatting with you, and again, I love writing about this stuff because it reaffirms how helpful these programs have been for me personally.

Right now, I deserve some relaxed downtime so I’m off to have a break and listen to positive jargon. Woo Hoo! Cheers now Jill

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  1. Hmm! This post; I must confess is very helpful for me. Getting the courage to do things has not been a great friend of mine. I considered majorly to improve my grades in school but I never did because I didn’t see a reason to it. I think before courage can be summoned to tweak our belief on the attraction laws, one needs to identify potential benefits for not giving up

    1. Hello and thanks for joining the conversation. I don’t really understand the last sentence of your comment.  What I will say is, we need to have a powerful reason to be courageous and try something we are unfamiliar with.  Our comfort zones will dictate our lives unless we find a powerful reason to step outside of them and have a go at the new.  Cheers now, Jill   

  2. Hey Jill,

    Great post! I believe that the Law of Attraction does work. But it needs the right mindset and putting in the effort consistently, day in and day out. You can’t win the lottery by not playing it, no matter how much effort you put into visualizing or reciting your affirmations, right!


    1. Hi Marios,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  Yes, I agree with you it takes consistent effort and action.  Unfortunately, I believe people misinterpret and think it is a way to turn their life around instantly.  Get rich quick is a fantasy, nothing comes for nothing comes to mind.  Cheers now, Jill

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