What You Need Is Water – Sorry I Am Not A Rain Dancer! Want To Discover What I Can Help You With? You Are Serious About Finding A Fix Aren’t You? This Is Not Easy – Another Tough Decision

I too, am suffering financial hardship (mortgage foreclosure), I am a Senior, now dependent on the pension and hate it. In my late 60’s I have  to do something. YES!

My heart goes out to all that are suffering drought conditions. No rain is crippling lives and pressuring families enormously. I understand BUT …


Farmers are wonderful “salt of the earth” clever people and can overcome challenges with incredible improvisations. The header breaks down and you will find a temporary fix to keep the header moving until the part arrives. City folk do not have these skills. You are AMAZING!

Keep Header Rolling

However, not even you can make it rain or find a temporary fix. I ask you, how can you be in control of your life when you are surrounded with doom and gloom pulling you down. Depression and suicide are not the answer and you know it. It’s time to take action and find something that will uplift you. Waiting, persevering and hoping is not going to cut it. Sorry, no lecture intended. I don’t pull my punches and I make no apology for that. We are talking hard cold facts here aren’t we? YES.

What can you do? This is a hard pill to swallow, sorry but be more resourceful. Time to think outside the box. I can offer you an opportunity to, at least, make a side income (over time) that will relieve your financial pressure, keep your mind stimulated and vibrant by giving you something YOU CAN DO. You are an action taker. YES!


People are taking to online business in droves. That now includes me. Are you ballsy and gutsy? You will need to be! I heard how teenage kids, up to their 20’s, are embracing online business and some are millionaires by the time they are 25! This tells me the opportunity to make a living online is real. Yes it was outside of my comfort zone and I had no, ZERO experience however it is doable.

I decided I was not going to be left behind by kids!


By now you will have realised I am a straight shooter and yes, I am a country lass and proud to be so. If you are still reading, Congrats on being an action taker. Pat yourself on the back! There are many that don’t have the fortitude you are displaying. Fact!

There is heaps of knowledge for you to acquire. It is a massive learning curve. My months of researching and experience is packaged in these following few pages to make life even easier for you and will bring you up to speed.

You need to consider and choose wisely the best option for you, best training/education, best hand holding, and best mindset. Click on DO I START ONLINE BUSINESS HEC YES! to read, learn about and consider these angles.


Online Business is a minefield and I did my due diligence so I didn’t get caught by the scams and found the “real deals”. I joined not one but two platforms. YES I’ve done the hard yards for you and now I want to share even more with you so you get off on the right foot. I care for you. No BS.


Below is the one I started one year ago and now, being Black Friday it is a super hot deal.  Only $0.82 per day!  That’s a steal.



Nothing worth doing is ever easy. You will be challenged as I was . Funnily enough my immersion and 100% commitment to our (hubby and me) new future has brought me totally unexpected benefits. Taking the challenge and my determination to make this work has resulted in my being happier, my life is meaningful and somehow the dedication brings me vibrant pulsing energy that lay dormant. Simply by taking action and immersing myself in a tough solution I am back in charge of my life and circumstances. Again, No BS.


Sorry if I have been a bit overbearing and up on my soapbox! I passionately want to help you. This is me baring my heart and soul, not easy to do publicly. I can’t give you the rain you so desperately want, but I can give some of you what you need.

Great chatting with you. Cheers Jill

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  1. Starting an online business and being successful is more real than ever. It’s just that with so many scams out there most people believe that anything online is fake which couldn’t be more far from the truth. You just need to find the right tools that will help you succeed. As with any brick and mortar business you need to have the right connections to make your first successful steps the same applies to online. With the right tools and right mindset online work can be more real than ever.

    1. Hey,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  I agree people are scared of online business because of the “ratbag” ones that create the fear.  It reminds me of a bag of apples, one being rotten doesn’t mean the rest are eh?  I am so delighted to have my online business and like you say, it is more real than ever.  Thank you for that.  Cheers Jill

  2. Thank you for sharing this post Jill, I am in the process of trying to build my own online affiliate marketing business, and I must admit it is quite difficult.  I am making some progress, my website is up and running with some good content and I really can relate to what you are saying in your post here, you are absolutely correct. Things that are worth having never come easy, we must keep at it and this article of yours has really given me some inspiration, I have certainly learned from it.  Thank you for helping me.   

    1. Hey Russ,  Do you know what Russ?  Building an online business is no different to building a bricks and mortar business when it comes to effort and time.  It is reported that a new business takes 2-5 years to consolidate and some fall by the wayside.  It’s the BE UNSTOPPABLE mindset that will get us home.  Gives me joy to have helped you!  That’s what I’m all about.  Cheers Jill

  3. Wow, you’ve nailed it with a magnificent twist at the end of it yet so appropriate. It was compelling and the tone of your delivery was earnest and genuine. Not only have you mentioned a very real problem but you’ve offered a great solution. Your timing could not have been any better with the weather being villain to farmers of late for the very problems you mention for farmers due to drought. I don’t know if you’ve timed this deliberately but its genius. Well done.

    1. Hey Sam,  Thank you for the compliments.  I am blushing a little! I am a farmer’s daughter and consequently the farming life is very dear to me.  My concern for country folk facing drought conditions is real and I have great joy in being able to offer a solution.  Thanks again,  Cheers Jill

  4. I had a tough time when I quit my job and thought of getting something else to engage in.  I tried checking online for a couple of online legit businesses that can fetch me income from the comfort of my house. After about two weeks of extensive research, I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate and I must say I’m happy that I did because I’ve been blessed by this platform.  I now make money with a couple of online businesses.  As it has been said in this article, I was an action taker and the action led to success which is still building.

    This is a really nice article and educating as well, I’ve also gained some things and I’m sure its gonna be useful to those who need to be encouraged to take action. Thanks for sharing your experience .

    1. Hi there, Congratulations on being an action taker!  So great to hear your actions led to success and is still building.  Wonderful!    

      Taking action is an incredibly rewarding move as it places us in control of our lives.  This in itself gives us much happiness, joy as well as the dollars. Helping others with their problems , even the small ones, and getting paid to do so is living life on another level.  Cheers Jill

  5. Hi Jill,

    It’s very nice to see someone who is like-minded. I just started my journey of an affiliate marketer,  and this is the reason why I came to your post for more opportunities at first. I found those paragraphs about mindset is really helping and walking us through the real situation and how we will experience the future.

    But, before joining any program, I used to check the turn-offs/drawbacks before doing the real purchase. Thank you.

    1. Hey Matt,  Thanks for your comments.  Oh yes, mindset is the winner or the breaker.  We can have a perfect product or service and not progress bit by bit if we let out comfort zones dictate our actions.  In my opinion both product or service and a winning mindset go hand in hand.  I believe it is nearly impossible to succeed if one of them is missing.  Cheers Jill

  6. Hi Jill,

    I feel so uplifted reading your article because I’ve been doing some research on how to help people to be in control of their lives when they are surrounded with so much doom and gloom pulling them down. 

    I was excited that you hit the hammer on the head stating that depression and suicide are clearly not the answer and I support that opinion 100%. 

    I have a lovely group of co-workers who have recently lost their jobs due to current downturn in the car manufacturing industry complicated by the political crisis in the UK (Brexit) and it appears there is no light at end of the tunnel for their situation. All we hear from the authorities is that it is likely to get worse before it gets better. 

    Thanks for offering some hope of starting an online business and I want to quickly send the link to this blog post to my friends in distress.

    1. Hey Chris,  Thank you for your comments.  Yes, redundancy causes anxiety and can be crippling if we don’t have the clarity to turn it into opportunities.  Life is a challenge and we are all up for it even if we don’t realise it.  Dig deep and the answers are always there.  Cheers Jill

  7. In today’s world of the Internet, there are many programs and services that, if not
    fraudulent, are said to be untrustworthy and misleading people.  People who genuinely want to create their own online business. Unfortunately with the lack of skills and knowledge, innocence people are subject to  fall into the trap of these kinds of platform. As a result they get frustrated as well as ripped off.

    When creating and posting useful content such as this post by a knowledgeable person like you, those who want to start an online business will achieve their goal in a reasonable period of time. With this introduction and guidance of the two reliable platforms that you have joined, I would just like to say that it’s admirable. Thank you

    1. Hey, Thanks for joining the conversation Shirian.  It is great to be able to share precious knowledge that took months to learn.  I wish there had been “someone” to help and guide me when I first started.  Mind you I have learned how to pick the dubious ones because of my experience.  So It’s all good!.  Cheers Jill

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