Psst Hidden Fact! There is no box!! Truth! Our comfort zones and a few of the social norms ARE the box. Step outside of our comfort zone and the sky is the limit.

We ALL have valuable and marketable knowledge trapped inside of us, that we are unaware of while ever we live in our comfort zones.


How many ideas have come to you that you haven’t acted upon?? Be aware that you probably haven’t acted upon them because your comfort zone held you back. Yes? Therefore, the so called “box” is your comfort zone.

Step outside of your comfort zone and check out the Knowledge Business Blueprint.  Your ideas can come to fruition with the help of this Course.

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Step outside of your comfort zone and you will be in the company of entrepreneurs, inventors and others who have left their mark on our world and their legacy to serve others. Fred Hollows immediately comes to mind. His passion to learn the knowledge required, is still allowing the blind to see.

Your ideas don’t have to be grand like Fred. I now have the knowledge that our comfort zones ARE the box. I learned this simply because I stepped out of my comfort zone and discovered a meaningful, pulsing life. I can now share, with others, what I have learned via my blog.

Maybe, just maybe you have an idea that needs exploring, learning more about and putting into action, that will not only serve others but will also leave your mark on our world.

We tend to “pooh pooh” our ideas because we are held back by fear and our comfort zones telling us lies. For example: “ you are not clever enough to do that, don’t be silly, who do you think you are?” etc. You fill in the blanks.


These gorgeous, colorful Swan shaped boats are the result of someone’s idea. They had the gutsiness to follow through on their idea and VOILA! I love the boats and I want one, just for fun! How about you?

Thinking outside Box


Have you heard of these Teachers Extraordinaire? They have brilliant training to extract from your brain, your valuable, marketable knowledge that then, in fact, is the birth of your idea. Once you know what your valuable idea is, they follow through with training you on how to market it.  Cool eh?

I joined the Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) and my ideas are in action and I’ve never been happier. I TRASHED my comfort zone.


Lovely chatting with you again.  Life is truly abundant with opportunities.  Explore and you will be amazed.

Please leave your comments about my PSST! video introduction.  Does it annoy the hell out of you?   I hope you like it because it’s fun for me!

Let me know what you think about my business by leaving a comment and share your journey with us so we can learn together.

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Lovely chatting to you again and LET’S TAKE ACTION TOGETHER.

Cheers Jill



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  1. It’s a thin line acting on your ideas or not. I, for example, have many ideas and most of them are not worth investing more time into, and would frankly look ridiculous if they materialised. 

    But you are correct on your point of going through with ideas that do sound good. I would often have a good idea, but would talk myself down, looking for excuses why it is not a good idea, instead of trying it out to see – maybe it will be brilliant!

    1. Hey Vasilij,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  Yes, unfortunately we do talk ourselves out of exploring the validity of our ideas.  On investigation it is more obvious as to their merit.  Once again thank you for your time.  Cheers Jill

  2. Hey Jill,

    I completely agree that the “box” holds the restrictions we and others place on ourselves. In my experience, in order to achieve success you have to step out of your comfort zone!

    I’m a massive fan of Tony Robbins and have been for a few years now and I’m familiar with Russell Brunson from his product Click funnels.  As far as I’m concerned both men are at the top of their profession, so I’ll be checking out The Knowledge Business Blueprint.

    1. Hey Nate,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  I agree the trio of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson make a formidable team.  The KBB Course is one of a kind with the end goal to make self-education the new “norm”.  The Social Norms mislead people to believe College Education is the way to go and the masses follow like sheep.  It costs to buy courses and programs to educate ourselves, however, the overall saving is enormous. The good thing is, we get to do something we love, have no need of a 9-5 job and are able to work for ourselves and take charge of our lives.  No Brainer!  Thanks for your time.  Cheers Jill

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