OH YES, we can grow and change what we believe to be a fixed mindset. No mindset is fixed. It appears that way because we live in and accept “the norm”. Time to think outside the box, have independent free thought, accept and live out our potential. Let’s explore “the norm”, how it has changed over time and how did this happen?


You might ask, How does “the norm” limit our lives? The “norm” dictates how we should live our lives. Do you agree? TheGROWTH FIXED MINDSET DEFINITION “norm” dictates: what is fashionable and therefore what we will wear, what is newsworthy and most of it is negative, that we will have a mortgage, 2 cars, 4x bed 2x bath home, the latest big screen TV and the consequent debt is normal, get a job and work hard (only a few people will ever be rich and we don’t fit into the category) , no gender (makes me wonder why we have different genitals), politically correct speak at the expense of freedom of speech, what we will think, how we will act etc. etc.

The “norm” does dictate positive action as well e.g. it is wrong to murder, steal, rape, be violent, abuse, prey, drink drive etc and you know where I’m going with this. The point I am making is the “norm” dictates to us and for those who fall in line it takes away our independent free thoughts and we become sheep. We seemingly, or is that actually, forget how to think for ourselves, make our own decisions and live the lives we choose.


GROWTH FIXED MINDSET DEFINITIONLet’s go back to the horse and cart era. It was normal to have a horse and cart, and still would be, if it wasn’t for independent free thinking people that followed their passion and invented the vehicle. We would still be using outhouse toilet boxes that needed to be emptied, if it wasn’t for free thinking people that invented our current “Throne”. Before that free thinking people invented plumbing, electricity, medical basics and breakthroughs, and now a days computers, smart phones and you get where I’m going with this.

These free thinking people are not smarter, more intelligent, extraordinary people, they are simply brave, courageous free thinkers that do not have fixed mindsets, consequently they are not limited by the “norm”. It is obvious as new things are invented, put in place, taught etc the “norm” changes.

The “norm” today looks nothing like the “norm” in the horse and cart days, the mining boom etc. The new “norm” embraces and dictates climate change, technology, the internet world and you get where I’m going with this.


Perhaps you think I’m joking! Wrong, I am not joking. There are millions of us stuck in our fixed mindsets. We believe we can’t write that book, create a better jug, a clothes peg, discover a new germ, remedy, plant species, be wealthy, be thin, give up smoking, (I’ve got my hand up here, working on it) etc. etc. This is where we end up when we forget our ability to be brave independent free thinkers.

This ability is innate, it is lying there dormant waiting for us to reconnect and use it and you know it. Does this statement interest you? When we continue to numbly accept our fixed mindsets, refuse to change and continue to be lazy sheep we are doomed to a boring repetitive and uninspiring coma until death do us part. It’s not too late!


I would hope that some of us are now willing to lose the fixed mindset and are curious as to how to reconnect to free thought. The above link is profound and will make it easier to reconnect.  I found one of the ways to reconnect is to reunite with our passions. One passion that is common with most of us is to be wealthy, yes? Guess what, we just stepped out of the dictating “norm”.


Next we need to be curious about what a wealthy mindset is and start developing it and putting it into place. Most of us are too lazy to even start and fall back into our comatosed fixed mindset. Why do we do this to ourselves? We can have whatever we want, be whatever we want to be but it takes effort, passion, change, energy, curiosity and the willingness to get off our proverbial and DO SOMETHING, TAKE ACTION.

Who wants to be wealthy?  Wealthy Affiliates is the best decision I ever made.


The amazing thing is once we decide where we want to go or be, and take action and follow the path we automatically discover the next step, the next action, a helper, a mentor even. There is something about taking control of our destiny/life that brings into play everything we seem to need. It has happened to me over and over.


Perhaps we could make it a goal to reconnect and use our innate ability to think freely, think outside the box, do and take action. It is up to you. I know my life has become vibrant, happier, exciting, meaningful and more fulfilled since I stepped outside of the “norm” and proudly created my own “norm”. Go ahead and create your own “norm”.

I invite you all to share your experiences, your knowledge and leave your comments so we can help each other to grow and update our fixed mindsets.

I have enjoyed chatting with you and perhaps my next article might be about addiction and how to give up smoking! OOOOHHHH. This is a bit scary!

Cheers and happy days,  Jill


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  1. Hi there, you definitely reminded me that it takes effort and courage to be willing to step out of our autonomous mode before we can achieve our dreams.

    We are all unique individuals. Unfortunately we try to blend in too much because we are afraid to be different. Such dilemma.

    1. Hello Winnie, Thank you for adding to the conversation. Blending in cheats us of innumerable opportunities. Why do we do this to ourselves? You are right, being afraid to be different is one of them. Throw in fear of success and being recognised, laziness, complacency , low self esteem and the list goes on. These things that stop us can be overcome with effort, desire to change and courage, bucketloads of courage. BE BRAVE is my motto. Cheers now, Jill

  2. Hi, i have just finished of reading this article and it has inspired me to think outside the box, I didn’t realise that the ‘norm’ influences what we think and how we view ourselves, i will definitely try and work against my mindset which currently is telling me to give up , i will fight my mindset and try and think positive, with luck this could help me in many different aspects of my life, Thank you for this wonderful article it has surely opened up my eyes!

    1. Hello HBee, Oh it seems my article has reached you. I am so happy for you. Please do not give up whatever it is, especially if you are passionate about it. Follow your passion, keep your eyes and heart open and it will lead to success. Be brave, take action every single day and stay true to yourself. Proud of you and you deserve success. Cheers Jill

  3. Hi. I need to reconnect with free thoughts. I think it would spark more creativity and happiness because sometimes the craziest ideas are kept inside so I am not seen as a crazy person and because it is hard to be pointed by the status quo. But we should make the most out of everything and everyday should be lived fully so it is worth taking risks and start thinking freely and challenge our fixed minds. It is so inspiring your post 🙂

    1. Hi Thais, Thank you for sharing in the discussion. It is challenging to be different. We truly need to be brave and courageous. From my experience it is a rewarding, meaningful and more fulfilling. I say “take a deep breath or three and check out the craziest ideas inside”. We may discover they are not as crazy as we thought. WOW! Cheers Jill

  4. This post was so refreshing for me because I am a sucker of personal development so hearing the words I always tell people about being independent thinker is amazing.

    I have been able to achieve many great feats in life due to having this mindset such as winning dancer competitions over and over again.

    Thanx again.

    1. Hi Thabo, Thank you for sharing in this discussion. High Five for creating your personal mindset. The rewards are amazing! Congrats on “being the champion” in many dance competitions. It is challenging to create our personal mindset because of peer pressure or often fear of many different things. We have to be brave and courageous to begin with however, as you would know, this way of thinking becomes automatic with practice. Thanks again Champ! Cheers Jill

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