Take Action Now!  Your Life Is Rapidly Disappearing Before Your Eyes!   Time Passes SO Quickly These days.  Do You  Agree?

Wealthy Affiliates is ONLY for people willing to do the following:

(a)  1) Commit 100% and play it out 2) Be coachable 3) Apply and Push yourselves 4) Have fun.  If you can comfortably do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.

(b)  Wealthy Affiliates is for young and old aspiring to a wealthier happier life. For those wanting a meaningful and purpose driven action to have more freedom in their lives.

(c)  Wealthy Affiliates is for go-getters, movers and shakers that have a vision for a better than mediocre lifestyle.

(d)  Wealthy Affiliates is NOT for the procrastinators, get-rich-quick and complacent folk who are not action takers.

(e)  Wealthy Affiliates is for go-getter Mums and Dads to master, so they can teach their kids a way to more freedom far earlier than retirement.

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This Platform is Top Shelf


This Will Be The Wisest Modern Decision You Ever Made!

Joining WA when I was 18 years old is one of the best decision I’ve made in my life so far. I went from a broke College dropout to living my dream laptop lifestyle in just 2 short years, thanks to all the training, tools, resources and help I get inside this amazing Wealthy Affiliate community. I’m not making up this testimonial for WA. I’m living it. Just come inside WA and check out all the milestones I’ve shared. Absolutely no BS here. Looking forward to having you onboard

Join Wealthy Affiliates Today!

Why Do You Need To Join This Platform?  And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

1  Best Training Program In The World

 Unrivalled training that will take us from knowing nothing, ZERO (like me) to building our very own website, writing compelling content, building traffic, social media strategies and more.

2  Free Software Packages

It staggers me that we are given free software for Search Engine Optimisation, Headers and Footers, Keyword Search and many more.  I am still using the Lite Version and find them more than adequate.  Of course, we can upgrade to the Pro Versions at a cost. 

3  Learn Marketing Through Live Training

Whatever your sales/marketing needs are there are Live Training Sessions to help you out.  In the training platforms we are given a video walk through each lesson as well as text.  I find the visual video helps me to learn fast.

 Platform Community Is Unrivalled

Anything you may be struggling with, the Community will help you out. Whether It be by simply answering your questions or pointing you to training that will resolve your issues.

5  Join For Free

Anyone can join for free and TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!  YES, you can even start the training to get a feel for its value and whether it is a good fit for you.  



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  1. Hey Jill,

    Thank you for your insights on Wealthy Affiliate – very well put.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the mums and dads analogy, I myself have kicked into the Wealthy Affiliate program as a Dad, who in a short time sees it as a huge opportunity that one day could be handed down and carried on by my kids if I do what is required initially.

    There are that many testimonials out there that regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I am yet to see someone unsatisfied with the entry and progress they have made within the program. Like anything you commence, effort is required, it is not an easy ride to success, but the framework for kick-starting your online career is there in abundance.

    Thanks again and look forward to seeing you along our Wealthy Affiliate journey.



    1. Hi Shane,  Thank you for your comments.  I particularly want to inspire the 18-25 year olds.  Why you might ask?  To save them the agony of a 9-5 job and help them to pursue an online career that will bring them to an earlier retirement. You, my friend are leading by example.  Proud of you.  Cheers Jill

  2. Hello.

     Thank you for this very informative review on Wealthy Affiliate. I have been trying for over 2 year now to make an income online, and so far I haven’t made this possible. I have spent money on some guru’s but I was disappointed by them. It seem that this platform sounds like a perfect place to learn how to build my website and to make some online income. 

    I am interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate but I have a couple of questions before I decide. You mention that I can start for free. How much is monthly payment and are there any upsells or hidden advanced training I need to pay for? 

    1. Hi Oana,  Yes, there are some money wasting scams that we need to avoid if possible.  WA is refreshingly authentic and with massive action anyone can master making money online.  Your questions:  everyone can start for free and take time to check us out.  Once deciding to join, the first month is $19 and $49 per month after that.  This is called Premium membership which entitles all to the training, the community and what staggers me is the amount of free software thrown in.  There are upsells on the soft ware packages if anyone wants the upgrade.  After 6 months I am still finding the Lite Versions more than adequate. It really is a no brainer. Hope this has helped you out and looking forward to having aboard.  Cheers Jill 

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