Life Goals Depend On Confidence. Understated Quiet Confidence Gives You Humble Power. NO BS!


We are talking Mindset when we speak of confidence. Believe it or not Mindset is essential to achieving confidence, our goals and dreams. Regardless of whether we are speaking of relationships, health, wealth, losing weight or whatever goal we are targeting to achieve.

Just a girl with Goals


The best way I know of to acquire a permanent quiet confident state is visualisation. I am fortunate to be a natural at visualisation. All I do is repetitively picture/imagine in my mind how I want to feel and you can do this so easily.

We build confidence by achieving and overcoming our fears. Let’s say you fancy someone, they are popular and you feel you haven’t got a chance. Here’s a story of mine.

When I was 18 (remember those crazy teenage years), I fancied a guy called Peter. Trouble was Lorraine fancied him too! I knew I had to find a way to compete. My family (and Peter and Lorraine) lived in a small country town, and my Dad was a farmer.

It was my Dad’s way to watch TV programs that interested him and bad luck for the rest of us. I was always bored with his choices and created a habit to go up to the big machinery shed, sit on the back of the old green truck and day dream (well it was nighttime actually.

This night I sat there with the stars in full view and rehearsed/visualised Peter asking me out and my saying “Yes!” and us having a marvelous evening together. The picture in my mind was vivid, I had a huge grin on my face, my heart was racing a bit, we were holding hands and finally the “Kiss Goodnight”. I was in heaven, feeling elated and on cloud 9! You know how you feel when you are a teenager!!! I don’t recall how many times I did this but feel it was more than once, and in my heart I KNEW IN ADVANCE Peter would ask me out. I was totally confident! It was a CERTAINTY! AND of course, Peter asked me out many times. I had won the “guy”.

What I had enacted and rehearsed, on the back of the truck, was a visualisation of a focused deep desire and I brought it Into reality. My brain contributed by way of my behaviour. At the time,  I knew the right things to say, the right questions to ask and I remember us laughing and having fun. I had no fear!  Do you agree now how potent visualisation is.   As we achieve the results we want our confidence grows and grows. The more we achieve, we have the confidence to take on bigger challenges and begin realising our dreams/goals over and over.

Eventually, we will have developed “humble power quiet confidence”. It is a quality that we don’t need to make a big fuss about, brag about. It is understated and quiet. You know those people who quietly go about their business, achieve success in everything they do, they are willing to help/serve others and they live in a state of happiness.  Another quality of these people is they have a deep desire to help/serve others.



When we visualise having a quiet confidence we connect a picture of ourselves being quietly confident to our brain. The brain cannot differentiate between what is visualised/imagined and what is real fact. By continually rehearsing the state of quiet confidence in our minds, the brain picks up that this is important. Believe it or not once the brain accepts this picture we are rehearsing is important it will start noticing many external things that will help us achieve what we want.

Have you felt like things are falling in your lap, you were in the right place at the right time and “things” breaking your way. This is the brain pursuing what you think about that is important.


I learned humble power quiet understated confidence from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.  For those that don’t know, they are both multi millionaires and I have never seen them in videos sporting flash cars in the background.  They both wear T shirts when on stage, not flashy suits with red ties as the braggarts do.  They are so relateable.


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Thanks for reading, I hope I was able to help. Would love you to join the conversation and share your visualisation experiences.  I can learn from you too.  Also share with your friends and help them too.

Lovely chatting with you,

Cheers Jill



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  1. Thank you for your post. It is inspirational. I started my online business for a while now and am still struggling to make money to support my business and myself. Somehow, I have doubt on the success of my business.

    Here comes your article, which give me a dose of encouragement. I particularly like your description of how to build confidence. You are absolutely right that mindset is everything and is essential to achieve confidence. I have mindset to achieve my business goal and to realize my dreams.

    With this mindset, I have confidence and I am ready to work more to achieve my business goal. It is kind of you sharing this helpful message to us.

    1. Hi Anthony,  Thank you for joining the conversation.  May I suggest you start visualising daily picturing yourself celebrating your business success.  Stand in front of the mirror and say things like “I’ve done  it”, my business has gone viral.  Picture yourself celebrating over dinner, big smile on your face, laughing and joyful.  Don’t forget to get your body involved:  fist pumps, wriggle your whole body with glee, thumbs up motion etc.  At the end put your hands together in prayer and say “I am grateful for your guidance, grateful for my freedom from ________ fill in the blanks”.  Most important to get your body moving and celebrating.  And most of all, make visualising FUN!  Cheers Jill  

  2. Thanks for the tips. This has confirmed my belief that building confidence can take gradual ascension. Like you said, when we overcome fears, when we achieve something, it helps in building up our confidence one step higher than the previous. It adds up to the motivation and soon, by consistent achieving, we will find ourselves like those winners in life, like Tony Robbins. He happens to be one of the role models I look up to.

    1. Oh Wow Gomer!  Tony Robbins is my chosen “mentor”. I watch, listen, learn and follow him everywhere.  You, my friend are in “good hands!”  Cheers and thanks for commenting.  Jill

  3. Hello Jill. It is the absolute truth and it is real that the way we think has ways of influencing our actions and the things that come our ways. It has a way of structuring and moulding our future. Visualisation is key to determining how the future will be and it’s really nice to see that your visions finally came through. That’s the power of visualising. It’s so powerful that any picture we capture becomes mature and is given birth to.

    1. Hey Mr Bilzy,  BRAVO!  I Love your words!!  “Any picture we capture becomes mature and is given birth to”.  So elegant and so true.  Thank you for your wonderful comments.  Cheers Jill

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on build confidence and find it very useful for everyone like me. I know confidence is the key element in our success or failure. While reading your guide my confidence start boosting automatically. Now I understand lots on new thing via your guide and hope everyone will get something very useful from your article. Keep it up.

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