We need to break out of our hypnotic rhythm! Our stagnation, complacency, boring repetition and even laziness is robbing us of our lives. Robbing us of the very essence of dynamic focused energy.


DAYS, MONTHS, YEARSWe look around at our friends, family and most of the population in our country and see everyone letting life slip by.  What enables this?  Inaction!  Why wouldn’t I, everyone else was. One day I said:

“Not me! I’ve had enough of watching my life dripping away, drip by drip, draining me until there is nothing left. I feel dead, even though I am breathing and walking around, I might just as well be dead and gone.”


Basically, get off our butts and take action. Inside of all of us is a “go-getter, a mover and shaker”.  Inside of all of us is massive enthusiasm, dynamic energy that is laying dormant. Why is it laying dormant? Because we don’t give ourselves anything to be excited about, to be passionate about, to want to achieve before we die.

Firstly, we need to reignite our movers and shakers, our go-getters, and I am reaching out to you today, to help you overcome obstacles that are keeping us in stagnation, boring repetition and keeping us stuck in a mediocre life. Mediocrity brings us misery, financial anxiety, stress and keeps us “wanting”, needy and our fires have gone out. Do you agree?


Together, we have identified stagnation, complacency, boring repetition and laziness depletes our energy. To claim back our dormant movers and shakers, our go-getters we need to give our passion free rein. Do you remember moments in your lives where you felt invincible? Perhaps you hit six after six in cricket, you saved someone’s life, you won the Fairest and Best Award, your secret family recipe for a fruit cake is adored by many, you are a brilliant dog trainer, horse jumper, canary breeder etc. etc. The moments when we feel invincible have us soaring with the eagles. Agreed?

Our passions are taking us to these heights. Once we have the invincible feeling back in our lives, then we can take action and put our newfound dynamic self, our enthusiasm, vibrancy and abundant energy back into play and we feel like we can move mountains.

We have reclaimed our dormant go-getters, our movers and shakers, embraced them once more and we begin to see opportunities around us. We now have choices and can choose paths that stoke our fires and put excitement in our day.


When we are enthusiastic and excited about an event (music concert), a happening (wedding), a project or a hobby we areTAKE ACTION working on, we can’t wait to take action. Why, because we are so keen, ready and firing. This driving force is our passion and amazingly we ignore it most of the time.

I put this challenge to you. Look and find something we are passionate about, can’t get enough of, will skip a meal because we are so engrossed and an hour feels like five minutes when we are engaged in it.

Do you feel you have abundant energy, focus and willingly put in massive action because you enjoy it so much. Even if we are faced with an obstacle that is stopping us doing it, we will find a way around it, to make it work because we are so focused on achieving the end game.


Overwhelm comes about because we are swamped with too many things to do and we make it worse by feeling we will never have enough time to do it all. We put ourselves under impossible pressure to get it done by ………….. Fill in the blank. This, my friends, happened to me today. I have three major projects on the go at the same time, all of which I am not familiar with, that I must get done in order to get where I am passionate about going.

I was rescued by a video I watched. Dean regularly works out at a gym and hates waking at 5am, driving several kilometers to get to the gym and once there, often has to wait in the queue to use a piece of equipment. These are all excuses that challenge him every day to give gym a miss. Guess what fires him to go? How good he feels at the end of the session: physically, mentally, health he has given to his body and that uplifted feeling of I did it!

I totally relate to the “feeling so good” once I have conquered anything I wanted to achieve. Do you? It is all about focusing on the good feeling and going through the action to get it.

In my case, where I have three fiercely challenging things going at once he suggested breaking it down to small steps. Every step achieved will bring that “great feeling” reward and give me the courage to tackle the next step. You get where I’m going with this eh?

I needed to take the “time pressure” I had imposed on myself off as well. That was easy to do. I simply accept it will take as long as it takes, I will have conquered a massive learning curve (will feel elated with myself, that “I did it feeling”) and every step will be closer to my end game. Woo Hoo!!!


These actions actually make me “Captain Of My Mind, Master Of My Soul” which is The Invictus Games Motto. Achieve this motto and we can naturally take massive action and make amazing things happen in our lives. Furthermore, this is HOW TO LOVE LIFE MORE! Let’s go to it and bring it home eh?

Great sharing with you once more and I invite you to join the conversation by sharing your experiences. This way we can help each other out and grow together.

Cheers now, Jill

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13 Replies to “HOW TO LOVE LIFE MORE”

  1. Hi! I agree with you. We must take action. Our days roll by and there is nothing we are excited about. No dream to fulfill, no passion to follow, no goal to reach. There is nothing worse than living purposeless lives.

    I like your approach. And it would be fun to subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Henry,  Thank you for joining the conversation.  Believe it or not taking action leads us to the next action and we are living meaningful and purpose driven lives.  That in itself brings happiness!  Woo Hoo!  Cheers Jill

  2. Couldn’t agree more on the part about overwhelm. In my situation, I’m pressed between achieving multiple goals at the same time. I wanted to be everything at my work, and so what happens is I ended up doing nothing at all, which consequentially gets me depressed.

    Today, instead of having to take on many things, I made a resolve with myself to just take action, ANY action. Passion doesn’t seem to come to me simply by searching it. So I just let my actions move me around until eventually, I find my life’s purpose.

    What do you think, is that an okay strategy?

    1. Hi Dominic,  Thank you for contributing to the conversation.  It’s a good strategy to be an action taker.  My life has gone from strength to strength since I became an action taker.  Amazingly one action taken leads us to the next and yes your life’s purpose can show up because of it.  Good on you!  Cheers Jill

  3. Hi Jill, what a timely reminder. We all need to hear this and get a new enthusiasm for life. Working the 9 to 5 does force us into a routine that we need to break. What a great post, love your website. I will be bookmarking your site and look forward to future inspiration from you.

    1. Hi Greg,  Thank you for your contribution.  Yes, enthusiasm, dynamic energy, vibrancy brings joy and happiness into our lives.  We feel alive!  Woo Hoo!  Cheers, Jill

  4. Ah, I can see my life better now, thanks to your post. Taking actions are indeed important. I have a lot of things I want to do, but rarely act. When I refocused myself on the good feeling after accomplished something, I begin to start wanting to act. Your article here make me itchy to start my life better and livelier. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Alblue,  Thank you for contributing to the conversation.  I’m glad i was able to make you itchy to act.  Action changes our lives, our attitudes and our health!  Let’s act.  Cheers Jill

  5. This is encouraging and uplifting. We all get so busy rushing to get things done that we don’t take time to take care of ourselves.

    Time limits we place on tasks have to be flexible because we never know what will come up.

    I have had to make these changes in my head because I used to have anxiety attacks about being late or behind on projects. Now I just make the necessary adjustments and keep working.

    That’s all we can do. The sun will rise again, and we can keep going.

    Thank you for this insight.

    Gwendolyn J

  6. This is encouraging and uplifting. We all get so busy rushing to get things done that we don’t take time to take care of ourselves.

    Time limits we place on tasks have to be flexible because we never know what will come up.

    I have had to make these changes in my head because I used to have anxiety attacks about being late or behind on projects. Now I just make the necessary adjustments and keep working.

    That’s all we can do. The sun will rise again, and we can keep going.

    Thank you for this insight.

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Hi Gwendolyn,  Thank you for contributing to the conversation.  Overwhelm and anxiety attacks do not serve us to achieve our goals.  They impede us.  It is up to think things through or ask for help to find a way through that actually keeps us steering our ships towards our goals.  Cheers Jill

  7. First of all, I’d like to compliment you on the fantastic layout of your website. The simplicity of an uncluttered look makes it really easy to follow. I like how all your social media links are lined up down the side of your home page. All in all very easy to navigate.

    The blog itself is very informative and really resonated with a lot of my own research. I agree that people have been lulled into a false perception of reality, and they believe that life just is a boring struggle and that is just how it is. They think that they have no control over the direction it takes, when in fact, all they have to do is put a little effort into sewing the seeds of positive outcomes. We all deserve to have our ‘movers and shakers’ creating the very best that there is for us. When we push ourselves well outside our comfit zones and we don’t give up even when the challenges seem completely overwhelming. Because it is at this hardest of times that something shifts and insight hits us like a ton of bricks, these are the time when we have the chance to experience personal growth beyond anything we’ve known. 

    Thank you for sharing your personal insights 

    1. Hi there, Thank you for joining the conversation.  It is amazing when we find a way to overcome, what seems like impossible odds, that we reap extraordinary benefits.  As you say we experience personal growth beyond our wildest dreams.  I believe we then shift to a higher level of knowing.  This pattern continues and each time we overcome the obstacles we grow and reap even greater benefits.  The higher we go the happier we become.  True happiness is achievable and it seems we then are driven to help others.  All good stuff!  Cheers Jill 

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