Quit Smoking Almost Playfully. Not As Daunting A Task As It Seems. Smokers Are Not Bad People.


You Are Ready To Quit – Bravo! I’m Proud Of You Already!

Stuff me, it is hard enough to decide to “give it a go” without having to face pressure to quit or judgement if you fall over.

I don’t have all the answers however tell me what you need and I will do all that is possible to support and help you.  My Facebook group is designed to help you quit smoking as playfully as is possible. For example let’s explore together the reason you started to smoke and find a way to disempower it. I bet we can find some humour in how your journey started and I’d love to hear your story.

Join my Facebook Group here and let’s love on each other together.  

A wee tiny bit about my story:  Back in 1962 my brother taught me how to smoke in our cubby house when he was about 12 and I was 11 years old. Despite the coughing and choking when learning how to do the draw back we had a lot of fun and belly laughed a lot. We are inseparable, very close and our camaradie was cemented in this crazy action.  We are both spirited fun loving rebels.  Kids will be kids and kids love to explore and experiment.


Smokers are a gorgeous group of people who love life and we all fell into the trap of needing a comforter, a so called “friend” that was always there for us. Do you agree? We all need a reliable “friend” however, ooops, we didn’t choose so wisely.  Other people unwisely choose food, alcohol, sugar etc as their comforters and you know where I’m going with this. Yes? The good news is we are not bad people.  In the main we are fun loving spirited rebels that simply needed a comforter. Pretty normal really.

In my Facebook Group we can openly do some exploring, share our stories, laugh together, forgive, support and love each other as we claim back our power to choose a better comforter. Are you up for that?


I gave up 6 months ago (proud of me – you bet!) and decided to share my method to serve others.  My program is up close and personal and:


    • Understood
    • Supported
    • No Judgement
    • No Pressure


    • Easily understood
    • Somewhat playful
    • We are human and actions will challenge you however you will want to try, try again.   Stuff up in the morning, back on board in the afternoon

I am a forgiving person, I know the difficulties and have no expectations that you will or will not quit.  My method is to help you have a go, understand smoking is simply a habit that can be changed, you will quit when you are ready (maybe first time, maybe the 3rd, 4th time and maybe never).  It is entirely up to you.

I do believe you will come away from my program feeling better about yourself, understanding why you smoke/smoked, ready to look at smoking differently and better equipped to try again at a later time if needs be.


I help you to understand your “personal” compelling reason to quit smoking by playfully examing why you started, uncovering and disempowering the hook/hold it has over you. Even if you are scared you will fail, feel humiliated, even useless and believe you simply can’t quit because deep down you don’t want to.


I know most of us don’t want to quit, give up our so called “best friend”.  Amazingly we find ways to not connect with those horrible packaging images that have been forced upon us.  I used to smoke rollies and I turned the pouch inside out so I didn’t have to face those images.

Don’t know about you however, I bet the health related fear messaging can be “turned off” in our heads until some scary symptoms turn up in our bodies.  Then we notice and bravely disconnect hoping it will go away or not get any worse.  Are you on the same page with me?


Ooops!  Time to face the fact that we made a bad choice head on.  Time to call on your brave inner strength, power within or whatever you want to call it. The only way people are successful in any challenge, be it entrepreneurship, top dog in sports, art, weight loss etc is to have a compelling reason that will drive them, when the going gets tough, to achieve what they want.

Mine was, my hubby lovingly shared with me he turned away from me in bed at night because my breath smelt so terrible (embarrassing and it hurt),  I also felt guilty spending $A80 per week from our pension on my habit – hardly fair on Rob.


Join my Quit Smoking Playfully Yeah It’s Doable Group and join the conversation, explore with each other, share the light heartedness and maybe begin to search for your personal compelling reason.  You may choose to share it and discover it is the same as someone else.  Instant rapport and support.


I invite you to come and hang out with us where we can play with the idea of finding a friggin compelling reason, find rapport, camaraderie, laugh, feel truly understood and share in a heartfelt way.

Feel free to leave comments and express your thoughts.  Not a smoker – Refer a smoking friend who may want to think about Quitting Playfully

Well all that said, let’s pick up our spirited selves and claim victory. Remember I’m on your side and I claimed my victory after 50 years of smoking.

Your No: 1 Fan,

Cheers Jillian Maxine

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