How To Start My Own Online Business

Finally, I Found The Real Deal Trainer/Teacher To Soar My Business And I Want To Share Him With You, Even If You Have NO Followers and NO Idea Where To Start

I am going to cut to the chase here. I have my own Online Business and have gone through the agonies of trying to find the trusted Teacher I need. Yes it has cost me money sampling this and that to try to get off the ground.


I started with no online business knowledge, no understanding of terms like SEO, CTR, keywords, no followers, no IT Tech skills absolutely zilch, zero, nothing. Does this sound like you?

I have willingly spent money because I am determined to have a passive income to enhance our retirement. Yes I am a Senior! The Programs and Courses I joined were all legit, helpful but not enough.

Are you aware teenage kids are building successful businesses online and some are millionaires in their early 20’s. I am not going to be outdone by kids FULLSTOP.

I have been on a massive learning curve from several different sources (hence the cost). My success so far has come from complete immersion, tearing my hair out, blood, sweat and tears and even burnout. I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO AVOID THIS!


Building my website, writing content/articles, even learning the tech skills is a piece of cake when compared to getting followers (known as traffic), leads and clients. Stating the obvious: no clients = no money.

I can help you to get off on the right foot by introducing you to my trusted teacher Sean.


Sean Bagheri is a calm humble millionaire that is willing to share years of online experience with newbies, and I have just this week discovered him. At last! I am so grateful.

The heartache I would have been spared had I come across Sean nine months ago!


Sean offers many courses ranging from $US5 a month to $US297 when on special. Sigh! I wish I had known about him months ago. NO BS.

Aversity Gold Masterclass will give you the system, tools, education, and mentorship you need to build a successful six-figure/mo online business.  I highly recommend this Masterclass for those that have some knowledge of the online business world.

I firstly, joined Actionate  at $US5 a month to check out Sean’s value as a teacher and his credability.   Be assured he is the real deal and I have already learned about free traffic sources I had no idea existed. This man holds nothing back. I would recommend Actionate to raw beginners as a starting block. All you need is an Actionate account and the training inside!

If you’re tired of your current job and looking to earn some extra money, Actionate is the fastest way to make that happen…Why?

In this Affiliate marketing course you will earn wee commissions like $0.32 for every link click. (CTR= Click Through Rate). Did I hear you groan? I suggest you take it back. What the course does is prepare you and show you how it all works at a basic level, teach you sources of free traffic, content/article writing, basic tech stuff to get you grounded with some needed knowledge. The fact that you can earn a few dollars while you learn is a bonus.



Aversity Gold Masterclass

After working with Actionate I knew I had to have The Aversity Gold Masterclass and headed off to join. I was lucky as enrollments were available.  Enrollments are staggered (every 3 months) to keep numbers under control and to ensure there are enough one-on-one coaches.

If enrollments currently are not available, I highly recommend starting with Actionate to gain knowledge while you are waiting.

The one thing that I can’t wait for is the mentorship, one-on-one coaching that comes with the Aversity Gold Masterclass. In all the others I have joined, NONE have one-on-one coaching. They have supporting communities (which are helpful) but no coaching.

Here’s a Small List of What You Get Inside:

  • Step by Step & Click By Click Training to Build A Successful Six-Figure/mo Online Business
  • System and Tools You Need to Build A Successful Business
  • Direct 1-on-1 Mentorship With CEO & Other Coaches
  • Access to Our Private Community Forum to Ask Question and Contact Other Members!
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Training & Latest Strategies
  • The Upcoming Aversity Partners Program
  • And More…


The online business world is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Here are two massive tips that I can share with you. In order to have your own successful online business you need to:

  1. Cultivate a Winning Mindset
  2. Be an Action Taker

I have accomplished the Winning Mindset and become the best Action Taker. If you are not prepared to take action every day then online business is not for you. Just don’t bother.

The Winning Mindset is an absolute necessity and is not easy to accomplish. I have the formulae where you can tick off the capabilities you already have and know the ones you need to work on.

These two products are essential.  I will forward them in a PDF for the cost of your email address. Ethical bribe. Without this knowledge you may make it or you may not. You definitely will go faster with this knowledge..

If you are serious about moving the needle in your new business and your life please let me know in the comments below and request the PDF’s.

I am not in the habit of sending emails unless I believe you are genuinely interested so don’t expect to be bombed.


Thank you for reading this article. I am constantly updating this article so I really would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment and sharing your journey with the rest of us.

Also, don’t forget to share this article if you found it helpful.

Lovely chatting with you.

Cheers Jill

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4 Replies to “How To Start My Own Online Business”

  1. Wow,I must confess that I am very happy that you could share this here with me bacause like you have said,the most important thing when working online is getting that traffic and if Sean can teach this explicable then why not. The price to join the platform is not so much and luckily, one can earn while learning. Thanking you for sharing this great opportunity and yes, I’d really love to grab your PDF.

    1. Hey, Thanks for your comment. Yes traffic for a newbie is a challenge. Sean gives amazing value for newbies to start on the right foot. Actionate, being so affordable, gives the masses a great opportunity to “get in” on the online business world.   You are most welcome to my PDF. Keep an eye out for the email. Cheers Jill 

  2. I totally agree on your points, but I have a problem with taking action. It comes when I think I am not the best to provide information for others and be successful in my online business. I work really hard and try to study on the subject but it seems that it’s never enough to make like perfect content. I know it’s perfectionism but I think a lot people suffer from it and cannot move forward even though they are trying to have winning mindset and work really hard.
    What do you suggest I do to pass this zone?

    1. Hey,  Thanks for joining the conversation.   Oh I hear you and have compassion. ACTION = POWER. Let me share with you. My first actions were not perfect. I just did my best and jumped in with what I had. It doesn’t hurt to share that you are new at writing content, mistakes and all. It’s what you have to say and give that counts. As with anything practise makes perfect. Stop being so unfair to yourself and jump in.  Once you conquer the fear of not being perfect, just one or two times, you will be free of perfectionism. Then celebrate and REWARD yourself. Heartfelt greetings. Jill 

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