Well here we go. I think you will agree Instant gratification is rife these days and others might ask: “What is instant gratification?” Let’s start the conversation and find some clarity shall we?


It is common and normal these days to have instant coffee, frozen meals, takeaway meals, handouts, pensions, the dole, Medicare etc. Let’s not forget the must haves, the biggest TV screen, the best home, two of the best cars, kids go to best schools etc, most of which we can’t afford, however we want it now, this instant and consequently the debt keeps rising and we become slaves to our mortgages and credit cards.

Another example is the tens of thousands of dollars people spend on their weddings to have the biggest and the best. Fancy starting out as a brand new married couple with this debt.INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITION

Another scenario: I overheard people having this conversation. “Everyone should have a pay rise, we haven’t had one for ages”. Reply “I agree my pension hasn’t got up either”. Handouts! If everyone was given a pay rise, it is likely people would lose their jobs as the employers can’t afford pay rises. My pension hasn’t gone up: get off your backside, find an opportunity to create your own money and get off the pension. Not sit there, hand out, GIMME MORE.

This, by the way, is THE NORM. Let’s say a recession hits and numerous people are made redundant and whammo, very few people can service their debts. I ask Is this instant gratification method a healthy way to live?

This” must have now” attitude snowballs into both parents having to work to meet their financial obligations and that means our children need to go to day care. Perhaps in the evening Mum is exhausted and dinner becomes an instant meal, Dad is forever chasing his tail trying to make ends meet and takes refuge in the Big Screen and the parenting role is in danger of being left in the hands of the day care people.

Our children grow up expecting and accepting instant gratification and that day care is normal and Mum and Dad are away having to work to pay the debts. This becomes implanted in their brains and when they grow up they repeat the pattern because they don’t know any other way. This saddens me, does it sadden you?  Do you want help to get started?


I am a compassionate person and there are genuine cases where people need financial help, a tide me over, money in theINSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITION hand for free and needed assistance. Examples I can think of are the disabled, people/kids who need immediate medical attention and even a “tide me over” between jobs.

However, it has become “THE NORM” for healthy young and older people to expect and accept handouts. Expecting handouts, in my opinion, is a camouflaged form of begging. Horrible eh? Many people stay on the dole and live the life of instant gratification for years and teach their kids to do the same thing. Yes it snowballs out of control.


Unfortunately our governments use these handouts as a bribe to win elections consequently the deficit climbs ever higher and the snowball gets bigger and bigger. Perhaps a solution to INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITIONreducing the deficit, policies that guide us, better still lead by example, against instant gratification. A policy to keep coal-fired electricity in place until a workable real alternative is discovered (not throw the baby out with the bathwater (by bulldozing the coal fire operations) and hope we will have enough green energy. A policy that celebrates Australian heritage and traditions (Christmas celebrations, Baa Baa Black Sheep etc) and toss out political correctness (selling our land just popped into my mind, there’s more perhaps you could fill in the gap). Policies like these might win them a landslide full of votes and restore Australia as a leader.

I ask you this “Have our governments fallen into the trap of behaving to collect their fair share instant gratification?” Perhaps some of our politicians “work the system” just like numerous dole people to continue with their instant gratification needs.

I thought politics was their passion, their hearts were in it and their aim was to make a difference. Instant gratification is truly a toxic environment. Honestly people, what has happened to common sense? I sit here shaking my head.


Where are our true leaders? There is no joy or celebration in instant gratification. In fact, I believe, it is a path that leads to unhappiness, confusion and frustration. I guess my blueprint for all people is to embrace what we love with heartfelt intention, for the greater benefit of the whole and make a difference to our world. This requires us to take action on our passions, put in great effort and reap the rewards in due course. Nothing instant about this.INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEFINITION

We need to be brave and courageous to be different, make the hard decisions, never give up, think outside the box and continually take action and put in effort to achieve the best outcomes. When the rewards come, and they will, we can genuinely jump for joy and celebrate our work and effort.  Here is a Quiz that will help identify where you are right now.  Awareness is everything.


Whoops. I was passionate and somewhat harsh writing this article and even stepped up onto my soap box. Sorry, forgive me. Sometimes it is a challenge to remain neutral and unattached.

Please join the conversation and share your views and experiences. I honestly look forward to your comments, even if you disagree with me. By sharing we grow and learn together. Go now and have the happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t that be great?

Cheers now, Jill

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  1. I’m definitely not a fan of instant gratification, but I’m not saying I haven’t tried it in the past; I have. I agree that we live in a culture where instant gratification is promised at every turn and we’re conditioned as a society to be instantly gratified in every aspect of life these days.

    Whether it’s weight loss, government handouts, or a get-rich-quick scheme, we’re always exposed to this. I like to tell people who wish for gratification to look past the instant portion, as it’ll always be short-lived.

    Instead, focus on working toward an end goal and you will find success. Stay disciplined, face and embrace the pain of discipline, and you will be rewarded.

    1. Hi Todd, Thank you for sharing. Instant gratification has become the “norm” these days and with it comes boring, lazy, repetitive and futile lives. Working toward a goal stimulates us and we live active healthy lives that bring meaning, purpose and fullfilment into our every day. Why do we do this to ourselves? Come on people let’s LIVE! Cheers Jill

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