Or is it blind faith definition? In my opinion, they are one and the same and they both suggest”unknown” faith. My aim is to have faith in myself and others and the only way to begin is to find out what faith really is. My journey continues.


Back to the Thesaurus we go.

FAITH SYNONYMS: acceptance, belief, confidence, conviction hope,


allegiance, loyalty, certainty, credence ANONYMS: disbelief, distrust, doubt, uncertainty, denial, skepticism, suspicion, faithlessness, lying, treachery

I’ve made bold the ones that resonate with me, which ones resonate with you?

How often does doubt and suspicion block our way? We want to believe, we want to have faith and up comes the ego saying “this project you are working on, ain’t going to work, you are out of your depth, it’ll never work, you’re wasting your time, get real” etc. etc. Are any of these familiar to you? These thoughts discourage us with uncertainty, suspicion and faithlessness.

Faithlessness in myself, oh no I scream! I am going to be faithful and loyal to myself, despite what you say.


Our egos will sabotage our efforts over and over again. There is layer, after layer, after layer of ego interference that will veer us off our true path. I find myself in battle with my ego often. Anything good I want for myself my ego tells me I can’t have it. I’ve had enough of the lies and deception that is learned behaviour (from the past) that can simply be unlearned and tossed in the garbage. Let it go, let it go, let it go I sing to myself.

Get help with battling your ego with Joe Vitale.  Whenever I’m in battle with my ego I go straight to Joe’s method.  He has a brilliant way of bringing our struggles to the forefront,  letting them go and moving on to answers.  He has my highest recommendation and has made a significant contribution to my happiness journey.


How am I going to claim faith in myself? Let’s look back at our lives and find situations where we had faith in ourselves. Where we somehow kinda knew (had faith) that we would: pass that exam with flying colours, win that tennis match, win someone’s heart, get that job, travel to England or where ever, win a prize, or an award for citizenship, or fairest and best, publish that book, sell that idea etc. etc.

An example in my life was playing tennis in our club’s championship singles event and I had to play a woman I had never beaten before. The members expected me to lose. I went out on the court with a spirited heart and clicked into a mind state that was invincible. I knew I would win before the first couple of games were over and I continued to play shots I would never have reached before. I was 100% in the moment and just doing it, knowing where to put the ball, where to serve and how to win. My faith in myself was on full display and I went for it.

Have you ever experienced “knowing in advance, faith displaying before your eyes”? Please share your experiences, they are beautiful to recall and make a great read for others. They are proof we already have faith in ourselves and know how to do it.



Another example in my life was when It was about 8 and my brother was 9. We were playing (he the accordion and me the piano) in a school concert. I made a mistake and forgot we were going to another verse and stopped playing. A little voice in my head said, “it’s OK, join in again at the chorus and no one will ever know”. That is exactly what I did and my dear brother got to play solo into the bargain. We laughed and laughed when our little part was over.

I’ve known ahead of time I would pass an exam, win a match, get a job I wanted, sell an item and the list goes on. Even if, I made a mistake I knew what to do. Check out the many times we have known the outcome. It is time to reconnect with our faith in ourselves.

Learn from your children or other children, it’s right in front of us. Kids have absolute faith in their next meal, their comfy dry bed, their next hug or kiss, that the apples will ripen, that their best friend loves them, that their family loves them, that they will get a spot in the footy team etc. etc. If it is something they want, they go for it and most of the time it happens. When they really want it and it doesn’t happen they work harder, apply themselves more, keep believing it is possible and keep their faith.



The ego will remind us of all the times it hasn’t happened (and I guess we all have some of those) and what did we do? WE QUIT. We give up and our egos won the battle. Will we let our egos win, throw us off the path or will we dig in, claim our faith in ourselves, work harder, find ways to help by learning more and let it happen when it is supposed to happen or better still at the right time.  A book called “Clearing Negativity” by Joe Vitale is another tool that will help us. Help is at our fingertips.


I’m going to let you into a little secret. I know, in my heart, my online business is a success. Yet I fret sometimes as it is not growing at the pace I want it to. Now why would I do this? It causes me grief, my ego tells me” I’m doing something wrong, I’ll never get it right” and I fret more. I create heartache for myself because I want it in my time, like right now. These thoughts drag me down to lower vibrations and I simply won’t let this happen anymore. I need to step back and allow it to happen when it is meant to happen. Meanwhile, I need to keep doing what I am doing, do more, continue to learn and I will be shown or stumble upon the actions I need to take. I need to continue to have faith in myself, it’s that simple.


Well, my journey throws up what I need to learn every time. Please feel free to share your experiences of faith in yourself, how it came about and whatever else comes up that is relevant. We grow faster by sharing and empathising with each other. Go Well, Cheers, Jill

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

    I completely agree with what you are saying, at times, life throws you in situations, wherein we feel hopeless, tired and give up. It’s in such trying times of our life, a leap of faith, a strong inner voice echoes “come what may, i will overcome this” ~ Thanks for reminding me this, lovely post 🙂

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