To help you recall the Law of Attraction principle, What you Think, Say and Do YOU GET MORE OF, (explained in Article 1 Finding Life Happiness) , I intend to head each Article with an example of FLIPPING from the negative to the positive.

Quick revisit to the  THE FLIP: I was going to call my website ‘Goodbye To Worries’ and flipped it to ‘Hello to Happier Days’. Had I proceeded with Goodbye to Worries I would have attracted more of Goodbyes and Worries. By choosing Hello To Happier Days I will attract more of Hellos and Happier Days. Which would you choose? Choose your words carefully.


In order to help you, I need you to embrace and make it your business to become aware, notice your speak, your thoughts and your actions. Get your close ones to pull you up each time you speak in the negative and find a FLIP right there and then. My husband Rob and I pull each other up with the response, ‘AMAZING’ to each others negative speak. This works and we both have a laugh. MAKE IT FUN! For your kids to grow up with self awareness in your family, they will naturally become aware at a much younger age and therefore attract MORE OF the positive goodies to take forward in their lives. This is called leading by example. Once the FLIP becomes habitual, believe me the hard work is done, and you will naturally speak, think and do everything in a positive way and attract bucket loads of the positive riches in life.




In my opinion, the western human race, and maybe others are all running on auto pilot, i.e. the monkey on our shoulders. We learned this firstly, from our parents, grandparents, and their friends. It has become so ingrained in our society to listen to the monkey on our shoulders and consequently we have not developed our true selves, that has all our power. When I finally accepted I was running on auto pilot I decided to take positive action. I said to my monkey, “Monkey, things are going to change around here. I am grateful to you for helping me to survive and taking care of me in your way over the years however I have found a better way. A way that will bring more joy, happiness, laughter, contentment, compassion, all of life’s riches, including wealth into our lives. Our dream life. I am in charge now. Come with me! Let’s go!” With my diligence, and choosing words carefully we have come a hell of a long way towards real happiness and I have claimed my power. You can do this too, if you seriously want to change your lives.


By embracing this philosophy your children will have a head start in life that very few people have. They will teach their kids and your future lineage will be stronger, healthier and happier people. We believe some people are born with a “silver spoon in their mouths”. The reason for this is their lineage have become aware of how to attract wealth into their lives and taught their children the same speak, same action, same thoughts. It’s that simple. I want to share a little story with you. I worked as a cook for the Aristocracy when I was in London. They had learned the art of making millions (through Hollywood film making) but were they happy?. I can assure you there was very little happiness in this incredibly wealthy family. While I was working for them, their youngest son (about 30ish) hung himself in the stairwell and the Lady of the house had become an alcoholic. The reason I share this with you is to make you aware that money really does not bring happiness. Try to expand your thoughts of happiness to include ALL OF LIFES RICHES.


  2. Write a list of at least 10 things that you already have and say I am grateful for: Fill in the blank 10 times. Do it and be in charge, not the monkey. We are retraining the mind to get off auto pilot.
  3. Choose a word like “AMAZING” and ask your people, family and friends to pull you up when you speak in the negative and immediately ask yourself “How can I say this in a positive way. THE FLIP
  4. Do the quiz and learn more about your Dream Life and yourself



With this knowledge we can all firstly, start to practice getting MORE OF what we really desire and as you grasp the concept and put it into action begin to teach your kids. Honestly they will have the best start and will achieve better lives without some of the challenges we have had to face and possibly still are. Living Happier Days is well worth the effort and remember we will all still be given challenges to overcome. By learning from our mistakes we go on to better ways of dealing with those balls that come our of left field.

Please feel free to leave your comments or ask a question. I am willing to answer your questions and if it is beyond me I will point you in a direction to help you find out.



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  1. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for this inspiring post. One thing that we often forget to do is be grateful for what we have and what we receive.
    Cheers James

  2. Too many people focus on meaningless stuff such as material gain, money, clothes, jewelry, cars and houses.
    Not enough people realize that happiness doesn’t require any of these things.
    Happiness is different for everyone. Some might find it in sitting at a park watching the ducks.
    Some would find it climbing mountains.
    Some will find it simply being next to the one(s) they love.
    When one is materialistic, one is always chasing the next great thing, thinking it will bring happiness. It might make you happy for a few days, but in the long-term, you’ll find yourself reaching for the next big thing, and the next. You’ll never find peace. No mention of the debt these materialistic things can bring, also.
    Great post, Jill.

    1. James, You are so right. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Cliche but true. I have found by concentrating on being grateful for what we do have and then spending energy to bring more joy, laughter, love, harmony, peace and the list goes on into our lives, before focusing on money seems to bring money in with more ease. It really is a matter of getting priorities in the best order. Thank you for leaving your comments. I appreciate it. Cheers Jill

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