I WAS BORN TO HAVE A CHAUFFEUR! I Purchased Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Offer Last Year And I Am Close To Having MY CHAUFFEUR!  YAY!

What were you born to have? A pulsing vibrant life, a yacht, no money worries, your own business and trash the 9-5. What is your dream life? You can have it with a successful online business.

Would you want to achieve any of the following?

    1. Supplement your income with a few hundred dollars a month
    2. Perhaps double your retirement income or add a few hundred dollars
    3. Make a part-time start now and trash your 9-5
    4. Maybe leave a legacy to your kids
    5. Have what you were born to have

You can have it all by creating your own online business. All you need is the best training, tools, resources and a community to answer your questions and help with your needs.


I picked the right one! After researching and a few costly false starts I am sharing with you the one that is a treat for all beginners. AND with their BLACK FRIDAY Sale on 29th November you can enjoy massive savings for a limited time. The clock is ticking.

Take advantage of my experience and the Black Friday Sale and save yourself the agony of costly false starts and the hours of research and confusion I had to endure.


Let’s talk about you. What are you prepared to do? Groom yourself for success, develop a winning mindset and play all in for as long as it takes? Be prepared to do this, work hard and voila – SUCCESS is yours. Remember this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Now let’s talk Wealthy Affiliates shall we? Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is the perfect platform to start your own online business. Even if you know nothing about IT Tech stuff, websites, social media marketing, keywords, SEO ranking and more.

Here is what others are saying about Wealthy Affiliates.

Jerry Huang

Joined May 2016

Joining WA when I was 18 years old is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. I went from a broke College dropout to living my dream laptop lifestyle in just 2 short years, thanks to all the training, tools, resources and help I get inside this amazing Wealthy Affiliate community. I’m not making up this testimonial for WA. I’m living it. Just come inside WA and check out all the milestones I’ve shared. Absolutely no BS here. Looking forward to have you.

Lynne Huy

Joined June 2015

Earning a Full Time Income

I keep having people asking me are you earning a full time income online. Yes now I am. I am not earning in exactly the ways I thought I would.

Some things that I thought would be big earners are small or not at all, other earners are bigger than I thought and some big earners came from nowhere and landed in my lap as a huge surprise.

My current monthly earnings are about $3000. I will be earning more and more as time goes on.

Everything that I earn now has come about from this community, from the things I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate.


Live Weekly Classes

Expert help and support along the way

Training on market know how

Training on Social Media Leveraging

With a community of 2 million participants (many of them now millionaires) to network with, any help you need is a click or two away. This has been my saving grace believe me! The community has got your back!

Managed WordPress Hosting

Website Platform

Keyword Search Platform


Within WA you can build your first website in 3 minutes. WA walks you through step by step video training, all you have to do is follow the steps, even if you don’t quite understand what you are doing, and voila success!


TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK! Black Friday Sales only comes once a year and this is your chance to get a Premium Full Year Membership for a mere $299. This is 49% off the regular price of $588 per year.


You need to subscribe between November 29th and December 2nd 2019. You can sign up before for FREE for 7 days to check out the platform, the community and the training, however you must upgrade your membership to Premium on November 29th. For $299 and then you are subscribed for a year. When you purchase in The Black Friday Sale your yearly subscription will renew for the same price every year.


The founders Kyle and Carson are throwing in the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020. The White Paper

Bonus #2: The Path To Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Him Anything)

Bonus #3: Early 2020 Beta Access To New Platforms (Yearly Member Only)

Bonus #4: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)

THATS 4 BONUSES and I will throw in my Bonus for free.  THAT MAKES FIVE!

Bonus #5:  The “Elite Winning Mindset”

The know how is one thing however your mindset is a necessary component for you to achieve your goals. I make clear the qualities you need to have, then you tick off what you already have and the remainder needs to be worked on.

The “Elite Winning Mindset” is a direct result of my having to work out what was holding me back and how to overcome my barriers. You will be armed with this, right from the start.


How To Decide Your Niche. Your niche will inevitably be a subject that you are passionate about. So much so that when working, reading, practising it, time flies by without you even noticing. I often get so immersed in mine I realise say around 2.30pm I have eaten lunch!! Eventually my stomach starts roaring not rumbling.

Some common niches are: health, fitness, digital marketing products, laptop lifestyle, Supplements, Pets and thousands more.

Once you have picked your niche you will find loads of companies selling the very thing that is your niche. You then become an affiliate partner with them, promote THEIR products and you get paid a commission on every sale that takes place through your affiliate link with them. Makes sense? Easy peasy – no handling physical products, packaging, mailing etc. It is all done for you by the company.


TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK! Take Action, hit the banner and secure your deal, if you haven’t already. This deal is too good to miss and a big opportunity knocks.

If you have any questions please ask me in the comments section below. You could even tell me a bit about yourself and we can start a conversation before your journey online begins. I would like that. See you on the inside and I will help wherever I can.

Lovely chatting with you,

Cheers Jill


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    1. Hi Isilda, Thanks for joining the conversation and great question. I was a raw beginner with no, nothing, zilch knowledge of online business. Being a Senior and about to lose our home, block, absolutely everything I HAD to do something to help us. I jumped in feet first and joined Wealthy Affiliate and bam! The training is superb. There is a lot to learn for Seniors and baby boomers that were not born in the tech arena however, by following the training step by step I now have a winning website with great hosting from Wealthy Affiliate and I am unstoppable! It took me only a year to become successful and viable. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

      For those younger ones who were born in the tech arena the training will have them powering in as little as 3-4 months.

      Isilda, I say go for it. The training and the supportive helpful community will get you there with bells on!! And I will be there, on the inside to make it easier for you. Cheers and look forward to working with you. Jill

  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your Black Friday page. This is an awesome sale of $.82 per day, and it is a great time to join.

    I am a happy premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned so much. They offer great training, videos, and support you need to design your website.

    I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, and I think you will be happy you made the right choice.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hey Margaret, Thanks for joining the conversation. I have got Black Friday Frenzy! So excited for newbies that can join for a mere $299pa. Crazy but true. Cheers and happy Black Friday! Jill

    1. Hey Kat, Thanks for joining the conversation. Yes, it is an awesome deal and the best bit is it lasts a lifetime. When you join Wealthy Affiliate on Black Friday your yearly fee is always $299pa! Only $0.82 cents a day. This enables anyone, beginners and all, to have the opportunity to learn Affiliate Marketing and make a passive income. Not a get rich scheme, the first year is a massive learning curve for most people. After a year you start to get the tech stuff sorted and get some traction. Then the only way is UP, Up, and away. Exciting stuff. Cheers Jill

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