Make The Pain Go Away By GIVING YOURSELF the opportunity.  Only YOU Can Claim The Tools To Turn Pain Into A Pulsing Vibrant Life


Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scam.  To be successful you will need to devote 12 months of your life to get a handle on a better life and the friggin dollars.  Are you prepared to give over one year of your life?

One year of your life is a tiny part of your 80-100 years.  BUT… this one year will have you happier, wealthier and the pain will be gone!

I promise you I am the happiest I’ve been in my entire life.  I am so proud that I gave myself the real opportunity to break out of the underdog chains I was born with.  Will you give yourself the chance?


WHAT the Black Friday special is. You can get an ENTIRE year of Wealthy Affiliate Premium (the best of the best) for $299.  That works out to be less than $0.82 per day

$299 per year.  No upsells, just the pure knowledge to grow a fun and passive income business in any niche or interest you want.

This is a steal and your best and easiest decision for 2019.  Opportunity Knocks LOUDLY.  Will you hear it this time?

Premium Membership


Wealthy Affiliate will give you the CORE foundation and the knowledge of how to have and run your own online business.  This is so precious.  A solid base, foundation and understanding of the “how to”, the knowledge.  I learned all of this from the Wealthy Affiliate people who know and share the “how to”.  Learn More

This is the cool part, after only one year of pure determination and gutsiness I am armed with real core knowledge. Now I am able to take advantage of the many other opportunities that present themselves in the online world.  Learn More


A bit about Dean Graziosi.  Dean has partnered with Tony Robbins (both Teacher’s Extraordinaire) to spread the word that “knowledge is the new currency”.   By that I mean that acquiring knowledge and putting it into action is the way forward  to a better handle on life and the friggin dollars.

Ninety percent of us were born underdogs (I certainly was) and that includes both Dean and Tony.  When they were kids Dean lived in trailer parks and Tony was never sure where his next meal was coming from.   Amazing but TRUE.

Underdog Advantage


Dean’s book is about harnessing our somewhat broken energy and turning it into the fuel to discover our unacknowledged talent and sharing it to help others.

Quick example:  When the worst thing happened to me as a senior, (looming foreclosure) I had to do something.  I took on the challenge to bring in $$$’s by starting my own online business.

What I DISCOVERED is I have a talent for writing and I have an ability to understand, have empathy with others who are facing  their worst circumstance.  I know how to help them because I helped myself.

Dean’s new book will teach and help you how to discover your unknown talent, how to share it to help others and make $$$’s for your willingness to share what you know with others.

Dean’s book  launch offer is that he will give you the hard cover book for free if you pay the nominal postage and handling. Generous offer – he always gives value!   ORDER HERE


Dean’s book, The Underdog Advantage, Wealthy Affiliate Platform and my free Elite Winning Mindset will arm you with powerful weapons to take the pain away.


Thanks for reading. I really would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment and sharing your journey with the rest of us.

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Lovely chatting with you.

Cheers Jill


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4 Replies to “ONLINE Black Friday SPECIALS”

  1. I’m really impressed the quality of your content. Most people promoting WA are not sincere in their marketing stuff.  They simply load their pages with many call to action , but not evidence that the program really work. By giving a testimony for what the program has done for you will simply encourage other people to join. 

    1. Hey Randy,  Thanks for joining the conversation and I appreciate your frankness.  I guess I write what I would like to know about when starting a new venture.  It’s the nuts and bolts bits that matter to me.   Cheers Jill

  2. Sometimes, it’s more than that. You have to spend more than 12 months to succeed in the affiliate marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate. But that should not bother you because, once the foundation phase is over, you will be on the reaping phase or the rewards stage. Congratulations for taking the leap towards affiliate marketing success with the most outstanding online business training platform in the planet. 

    By the way, about the book that you’ve shared, about the author, Dean Graziosi. I remember, isn’t he the Italian-looking man with a beautiful wife? I think I saw him on Facebook. He’s spending a lot of money in Facebook ads so that shows he’s really making money.

    1. Hey Gomer,  Thanks for your comments.  Whether it is 12 months or less or more, it is a rough guide and I believe it really depends on the hours people are prepared to and are able to commit each day.  For me it was 8 hours a day.

      Yes, you have got the right man.  Dean is Italian with his beautiful wife Lisa.  Believe me, I know a lot about Dean and his business practices and he really is making money nowadays. Truly is a teacher extraordinaire!! 

      Thanks again, Cheers Jill

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