RICH TAPESTRY OF LIFE (Or is it a Pageant?)

Fallen MaskI love the words tapestry and pageant, particularly relating to life. Life is a stage and we are the actors/actresses in the “lights”. To rise to the lead roles we need to be “our best self”. The self that has experienced life with its ups and downs and learned from mistakes and become better and better until finally we know who our best self is. The self that has become aware of the Law of Attraction (refer to post, “Finding Life’s Happiness”), applied it until it has become habitual and we have taken back our power. Continue reading “RICH TAPESTRY OF LIFE (Or is it a Pageant?)”


To help you recall the Law of Attraction principle, What you Think, Say and Do YOU GET MORE OF, (explained in Article 1 Finding Life Happiness) , I intend to head each Article with an example of FLIPPING from the negative to the positive.

Quick revisit to the  THE FLIP: I was going to call my website ‘Goodbye To Worries’ and flipped it to ‘Hello to Happier Days’. Had I proceeded with Goodbye to Worries I would have attracted more of Goodbyes and Worries. By choosing Hello To Happier Days I will attract more of Hellos and Happier Days. Which would you choose? Choose your words carefully. Continue reading “MASTER HAPPINESS AND TEACH YOUR KIDS”