Hellooo Gorgeous Lady Entrepreneurs.

This post is short and sweet and all about grabbing my Freebie for best preparation to enhance your quitting journey.

GRAB YOUR FREEBIE HERE: https://hellotohappierdays.com/1o9v

The trick is to prepare, prepare, prepare. In this Freebie I am giving you the best preparation tools to enhance your success. You will discover where you are on the smoking journey chart so next steps are clear. On the chart you can celebrate the steps already behind you (YES you don’t know what you already know!). Good eh?

Also included is a brilliant fun video from Dr Evans that will help clarify your status.

Maybe you have a friend or two that smoke. If so, please refer them to me and I will give them a 30 min Free Session on Zoom to see if we are a good fit. Your gift to your friend/s.

Oh I have left the link to my new Facebook Group “Improve Quit Smoking Success” where we can chat amongst ourselves about quitting, helping each other to make a start on the quitting journey. Good yeah?? Grab the link below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/330043858122754

I would love you to get back to me and let me know what you think.

Cheers and Happy Days, Jill

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2 Replies to “QUIT SMOKING”

  1. Watching your video remind me to encourage my mother-in-law to quit smoking.

    Lately she is going through some chemotherapy to cure her breast cancer. I would like your tips to help her in eliminating her old habits. Personally I feel that smoking will affect our health and it is better to avoid it totally.

    1. Hi Typ,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  One thing at a time.  Once she is in remission with her breast cancer, would be the best for her to address smoking.  You could stay in touch with me by messenger and we could work out if she is up for it.

      Cheers and Happy Days,  Jill 

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