Women Entrepreneurs who smoke. Let me ask you a question. Do you think your business is effected by your smoking habit? Let me know in the comments.

I’m guessing you are secretly done with smoking, ready to quit and not about to ask for help. It’s a touch embarrassing eh?


I have made this Freebie especially for Women Entrepreneurs. Why you might ask? Because I found the best way to enhance your chances of quitting is to prepare.

In this must have Freebie you will establish from my chart where you are on the “10 Step Process” to quit and what your next steps are.  AND the steps that are already behind you that you didn’t know about. #celebrate​

Coupled with this is a brilliant video from Dr Evans explaining the quitting journey in a compassionate and fun way. You are going to love him just like I did.

Just click on this link https://hellotohappierdays.com/1o9v​ and grab the “must have” information to give you the best preparation to “have a go” at quitting. I care about you and fully understand your plight.  Bear in mind “it’s doable”. I did it.

Cheers and Happy Days

Jillian Maxine

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  1. Hey . Thank you for this. I am already excited for smokers who will be grabbing this opportunity. I know people who have tried to quit for sometime with no luck. Will be sharing this with them. There is no better time to win this battle than now due to the covid19 pandemic.

    1. Hi Bogadi,  Thanks for your comments. I have great respect and compassion for smokers. What was a socially acceptable habit became anti social overnight. Hard pill to swallow. So I’m on a mission to help them. Cheers 

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