From The Heart Of An Ex Smoker.  I Feel You And Understand Your Plight.  Let’s Talk

Hello Gorgeous People, 

 Do you know what? Smokers are not bad people – in fact we are, in the main a bit rebellious, free spirited fun people. Do you agree?

With all the horrible packaging, messaging and Government taxes going on I believe our collective self esteem has hit rock bottom. Well let me lift you up level with the best of folk.I would guess most of us think of our ciggies as our “always there friend” and comforter. Be assured many in the population have their own brand of “always there friend” and comforter in the form of food, alcohol, sugar etc. Oops! None of these choices are wise. So we are no better or no worse than most of the population. Amazing and refreshing observation.

The Societal pressure to quit is constantly “in our face” and what chance do we have of even contemplating having a go at quitting when we feel so alienated and our self esteem is somewhat ground into the ground. One of my friends gave up many years ago because she felt like a leper!! (God Bless her but I can lovingly say, she is a bit of a drama queen.) Today’s environment is immensely hostile, unnecessary and does nothing to support our moves to maybe quit. 

 In my opinion to consider quitting one needs to be feeling strong, loved, supported and understood. What do ya reckon?

For this very reason I have set up a Facebook Group called “Improve Quit Smoking Success” for us to gather, share our stories, build rapport, find support, feel understood and then maybe, just maybe have a go at quitting.  

I can’t wait to hear your stories about becoming a smoker in the first place and funny stories about times when you “had a go” and lasted half a day, a week or whatever. I totally resonate and forgive you! It happened to me too!!

In my Facebook Group we can openly do some exploring, share our stories, laugh together, forgive, support, understand and love each other as we claim back our power to choose a better comforter. Are you up for that? 

I honestly believe we have a better chance of quitting and saving a lot of $$$’s by being around each other in a no pressure, no judgement environment.I mean truly, wouldn’t you like to have a laugh together with another person’s attempt that fell over, take their hand, have them feel understood and move forward together to perhaps have another go. AND with support and rapport your first attempt could easily be the only attempt you need!! 

 Trust me. I have claimed my victory (been 6 months now). Am I proud of me? You friggin bet I am! Consequently, I am now armed with techniques, ideas, tools that will in fact have you claim your victory too.

Well all that said, let’s pick up our spirited selves and, when ready, claim your victory. 

Remember I’m on your side and I did it after 50 years of smoking. 

Your No: 1 Fan, Cheers Jillian Maxine

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