Shall we look at putting the spotlight on your life as it is right now. This is a tool I was given to hone in on where I am in life right now and what to do to move life forward.


Is your life at a stalemate. Does it feel like your are running on a treadmill and going nowhere. We all fall into this hypnoticTreadmill Of Life rhythm in life that has us keeping on doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Are you determined to find a way to break out and have the joy and happiness in your life that you deserve.

Do you want to know a way to break out? Do you have a ‘why’ you want to break out? Do you want to have the freedom to go where you want, do what you want, whenever you want and actually live your life instead of going from day to day in a hypnotised daze.


What is your ideal life? Your dream life, the one you crave for, are too scared to go for and have buried because you don’t know how to go about achieving it.

These simple questions will identify where you are and what you can do about it.

  1. What’s the biggest problem you are facing?
  2. What are your possible solutions to your problem?
  3. What’s an opportunity you want to capitalise one?
  4. What are the best strategies or ideas to optimise this opportunity?
  5. Breathe

When addressing these questions, it is best to have a couple of honest friends to work with. People who will share truthfully what their biggest problems are and then work together, to come up with possible solutions for each of you in turn. More brains are better than one.

Once each of you have identified your best strategy or idea to optimise your solution, you need to take action. Taking action is the only way to break out of the hypnotised daze. I promise you, taking action will enliven your life! It is amazing how simply taking action toward a goal uplifts us and gives us exhilarating energy to move forward.

Can you imagine the enthusiasm, the thrill, the fun and the determination you would have taking action day after day to achieve your ideal life. Better still, recall how you felt when you won the girl, won 1st prize for the best………. Hit six after six, won the maths award at school, won the trophy for……….. etc. and how uplifted you felt. It’s time to have those splendid feelings and more every day of your life. Why do splendid feelings bring results? We are focused and following a clear path. Does this make sense?


Cash CowFor us to achieve our dreams we need a “cash cow, a vehicle”. I found the one. I now have my own online affiliate marketing business thanks to Wealthy Affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliates provided me with the knowledge, free Lite software packages to make a start, unparalleled online training to build my website, Social Media strategies and how to monetise my site. Building my business from scratch is a “good life” journey which has me full of enthusiasm, goosebumps and joyful feelings again. The challenge, the thrill to overcome whatever comes my way and win my dream life has me motivated like hell. Bit like winning the man, and now I am married to him!

There are many get-rich-quick programs out there that suggest we can fix our financial anxieties overnight. There are also many online opportunities that are the ‘real deal’ if you know what your are looking at. The trouble is, when you are in a hynotised daze we don’t see the opportunities let alone act on them. More on Wealthy Affiliates.


For most of us the first bite of the elephant is to overcome being scared to step outside of the daze, to try something newEat Elephant One Bite At A Time and believe we can conquer it. Am I right? Believe me there is a tidal wave of people taking to online business to get out of the 9-5 prison. Yes, it takes guts as we are opening ourselves up to a new concept and the only way to prove it is to give it a fair go.

Here’s a bit of a laugh! I had the guts to go for it and I have been on a steep but conquerable learning curve ever since. I reckon I’ve eaten my way through one of the elephant’s legs, one bite at a time. I’ve had elephant stew, hotpot, braised and barbecued. Last night I decided I wanted something sweet! I had “Ele Jelly” flavoured with a few frozen berries. Delicious! Come with me on this journey and have some fun!


Well, good people, it’s time to take the first bite. Maybe I will share my recipes later on. Better still we can all share and grow together. I invite you to share your experiences with the 5 Ways To Fast Track Your Dream questions and what action you took.

Remember your dream will motivate you day after day to help you achieve it.  Sit back and dream for awhile then you will be ready to achieve it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Jill

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