Why self awareness is important, (an example of being aware is knowing our values), the trick is to become aware of what you say, think and do, and we are on our way to developing happiness.


It is important to become acutely aware of our speak, thought and action. WHY? Simply because we attract more of what we say, think and do. This is a fact and perhaps you might like to explore The Law of Attraction to acquire an understanding of what this Law is all about. I have explained it fully in my blog titled Finding Life’s Happiness.

To make it fun, I suggest you start something new that you are either passionate about  or a bit challenged by.  Anything at all will get us out of our comfort zone and into adventure. MAKE IT FUN! Ideas that come to mind are, learn a new language, learn how to play a musical instrument, learn something creative (drawing, welding), the list is endless.

Make It Fun

Can you imagine the fun a family could have learning a new language together. When speaking in a different tongue and someone in the family “gets it muddled” everyone would laugh and say things like you just said “the ocean is pink, Goodnight and it’s still morning etc”. Starting something new is the easiest way to become self aware. We run into the monkey on our shoulder saying, “I don’t want to do this, this is harder than I thought, do we have to, etc. etc. etc. This is becoming aware of our blocks that we need to overturn.

One of the things I decided to do was to learn how to play lawn bowls. About the only thing I knew about lawn bowls was you bowled the bowl towards the “jack” and the closer you got the better and if my Mum could be a champion I reckoned I had a pretty good chance.

Rocked along on my first night and my bowls went in the ditch, fell way too short of the jack etc. etc. Makes me chuckle when I look back. With guidance from fellow bowlers I now bowl well. The rewards for my sticking at it are I have a new set of skills, I have met a new group of fun people and it has opened doors to bowling competitions that require travel. Who doesn’t like to travel?


Winners Never Quit

Self development is the way to happiness and overturning the blocks we run into is the key. Turning our negative thoughts, speak and actions into positive happy ones is simply all we have to do. When we quit we are blocking our way to learning new things like, acquiring the strength, patience, determination, self control, trust, integrity, joy, fun and many other positive values. Do you see how this makes us WINNERS? What do we do when we achieve something WE CELEBRATE! How do we feel when we celebrate, HAPPY.

The trick is to become aware enough to identify what makes us unhappy, just listen to the monkey on our shoulder and he/she will tell you ALL the things that make you unhappy, scared, unsure, don’t deserve, can’t have, you idiot and the list goes on. As you become aware of the monkey’s voice you will probably also become aware of “who” told you to be scared, you’re an idiot, don’t deserve etc. Listening to all of these thoughts results in negative action. You quit.

Do you now see that we are running on auto pilot, running on learned false information that our parents, grand parents and even friends have taught us in the past. They are in charge of how we live out lives. and once I got a handle on this I decided I have enough of this. I am going to be in charge of my own life and do whatever I want to do with confidence and an attitude of exploration to be the best self I can be. This action is CLAIMING BACK YOUR OWN PERSONAL POWER and being completely in charge of our lives and ourselves.


You can pay many dollars to visit a psychologist, buy pills to improve our cognitive functioning, take supplements to decline ageing etc. (by the way, only the psychologist will deal with our monkey) or we can take up the challenge to embrace our happiness by simply becoming in charge of yourselves. If we choose to continue our lives with a bucket load of negative habits, following our monkey’s leads and letting other people run our lives (by running on auto pilot) nothing will change and happiness will continue to elude us.

Be aware of, and be grateful for our monkey because it will constantly inform you of what you need to change! Change is simply a decision to turnaround (the flip I call it) negative thoughts, speak and action and embrace the opposite positive thoughts, speak and action. If we do this then life is our oyster and happiness abounds. We can choose whatever makes us happy. Make happiness a new project, to learn about it, apply what we have learned and the rewards, when we win, will all be JUBILATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS. Happiness is a journey not a destination.



  • Start something new. People are time pressured, so to start, pick an easy one. e.g. girls, learn to use a power drill, guys learn to cook something.
  • Listen to our monkey. It will give you a list of things you need to change to win the new project.
  • Find 5 things to be grateful for. Gratefulness is always rewarded with more goodies to be grateful for and a grateful attitude is a hell of a happy space to be in.


Happiness is a cup overflowing with positive habits. Happiness is a journey not a destination. It’s as simple as that.

Happy Face

Please feel free to leave your comments and perhaps share a little about “the something new that you started and WON”. Happy stories make great reading. If you have a question, please ask and I will be happy to respond.

Cheers now, Jill

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