After being brought to my knees financially, I had to do something! I researched many many online business opportunities and found THE one! I went from being an emotional wreck to an abundant vibrant woman. The happiest I have been in my life!


I joined Wealthy Affiliates for FREE! Firstly, from experience I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliates is an authentic and trustworthy Company. That’s half the battle won!

Anyone can join for free and TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! YES you can even start the training to get a feel for it’s value. WhereBlossoming Again else can you do this?  Amazing when you think about it. When I first joined, the number one challenge, for me, was to master the navigation around the site. I am a vibrant senior however my tech savvy skills are not so hot!

I conquered the navigation and was amazed at all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Just by reading the questions and answers, the encouragement posts in the main community feed assured me I was in the right place for like-minded people. The community truly has our backs all the way to the top!

Among the community are entrepreneurs and now Wealthy Affiliate millionaires that are willing to share the actions they took to help us get off the ground and grow our business. Where else would we get mentoring at this level for free?

We can join for FREE, (literally try before we buy) check out the inside and when ready to grab this opportunity with both hands, we become Premium Members at a cost of $US19 for the first month and then $US49.00 per month. We can pay annually and save.


In order to get our businesses off the ground in Wealthy Affiliates, we need to prepare our mindsets to be mentally and emotionally strong. There is little point in joining if we are not prepared to develop a winning and dedicated mindset. Trying half heartedly will not get us there.

Mental StrongholdHang out on my website which is a personal diary of my journey to personal development and happiness.  In my articles I describe Overcoming Obstacles, Belief Systems which hold us back, How To Love Life More and and a wealth of free training to prepare our mindsets for an amazing journey.  A good place to start with Ideas For Professional Development

I have been with Wealthy Affiliates for 5 months and honestly have made but a pittance! Do you know what, being a 70 year old, I needed that time to grab a hold of the technical stuff (I am still challenged frequently), to learn strategies, sales and marketing skills, get my head around social media and create a 5-year plan with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

In 5 short months I am now prepared, have the mental and emotional toughness required and finally my ship is afloat and tied up at the financial gain wharf. The $’s are starting to follow me.

Wealthy Affiliates is not a get-rich-quick platform nor is it for those that believe all they have to do is build a website and the people will come. This is a lie.

To succeed in WA we have to work harder than we have in our lives, be consistent, persistent, focused and play “all in.”  If we are not prepared to totally commit and focus, then this is probably not a good fit for us.


Unrivaled training that will take us from knowing nothing (just like me) to building our very own website, writing compelling content, how to build a following (traffic) social media strategies, and even how to rank No1 on Page 1 in Google Searches.

What staggered me, and still does, is the free software packages we are given like Search Engine Optimisation, Plugins for Headers and Footers, Keyword Search and many more. We are given the Lite Version, and of course there is a charge to upgrade to the Pro Version. Do you know what? I am still using the Lite Versions and finding them more than adequate!

We even have access to the Founders, Kyle and Carson to help us out! Our questions are answered in the main Community Feed so that we all can benefit from the answers. Cool eh?

Check the list of all the benefits here!


Surprisingly age is not a factor in Wealthy Affiliates. In my opinion, the 18-25COMMUNITY
year olds, that already have digital and technical skills that are way superior to the baby boomers, could turn there lives into a dream run. There is a tidal wave of people taking to the online business machine to help them opt out of 9-5pm boring jobs that bring them little but a mediocre life. Imagine our young ones putting in a focused effort for only 2-5 years, maybe 8 years or however long it takes, (as opposed to a lifetime 9-5pm job) to achieve financial freedom and an early retirement. Cool and achievable!!

The only other option is to follow the old way, work for someone else (which fulfills there desires) and leaves the workers out in the cold. Those that complete University Degrees often have difficulty finding placements. Am I right? Doctors, lawyers and skilled others start their own bricks and mortar businesses and are locked into rent leases, overheads and wages etc. before there is a single $ for them. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I believe self education (learning the modern) is fast becoming the new norm.

As for the 25-80 year olds (YES we have 80 year old members) the same opportunity is beckoning. I am a SENIOR baby boomer and even I have been able to embrace the technical aspects of modern online business. Hey, for me it ain’t a dream run, however with mental toughness I’m doing it! Furthermore, I’m loving conquering it! Why not you? Wealthy Affiliates is truly for everyone, anyone who has the ballsiness to go for it, have patience and claim modern business mindsets that bring more wealth and more happiness.

What are you hesitating for?  Today is the day! JOIN FOR FREE AND TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!


I challenge you to deeply research the modern ways of life, to become self educated and arm yourselves with the tools that will take you out of the mediocre (forever in debt) lifestyle to a healthy, wealthy and happier lifestyle.

Cheers now, Jill

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  1. I enjoyed the positive outlook you have generated about wealthy affiliates program.  I am also looking for online success and have joined their program and so far I believe they are far from trying to scam people like most online venture do.  I have learned quite a lot and keep learning with high hopes that I will eventually be earning.  

    1. Hi There,  Thank you for your comment.  When speaking from the heart, my truths about Wealthy Affiliates flow.  Stay focused and the $’s will follow you. Good luck on your journey.  Cheers Jill 

  2. Hi Jill,

    As a returning member of Wealthy Affiliate, I believe you hit the nail right on the head when you said ‘There is little point in joining if we are not prepared to develop a winning and dedicated mindset.’

    I didn’t take the business seriously back then and decided to stop my membership. And when I came back, I regret the opportunities I missed. I can never bring back the lost times but with perseverance and proper mindset, I know that one day, I will be in a position to say that I am one of the successful entrepreneurs!

    My salute to all the people at your young age in WA. You are all an inspiration to many.


  3. Most certainly one of the best personal testament to the value that you have received from joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I have read about. Perhaps what struck me the closest was the age span of members. I had no idea that there were that many generations all within the Wealthy Affiliate fold! 

    Being able to start there for free means there is no excuse for any of us that want to start online some kind of business to make some extra money. This was a selling point for me. If they believe in their platform and training so much that they will allow you to start free, why not try?

    This post hit me from another angle too by the way: I am 63 (almost) and although I do not feel that old (sometimes!) as a member there now I see that I am not alone. There are a lot of people (you for one) that feel pretty darn good about doing what we are doing with the training that we get from Wealthy Affiliate added to the tools and features you have access to.

    The bottom line for me is that the nice thing that the internet has opened for us older people is that we can start and build an online business and do so for free with Wealthy Affiliate. It does work, there are many thousands that have started and learned just like we have.   

    1. Hi Dave,  Yes it is an extraordinary opportunity for all ages.  Thank you for your commentary. I truly believe the online business machine is opening up a wonderful avenue for people to move from a mediocre lifestyle to a more meaningful and happier life.  This time I concede the “new modern way” is superior to the old 9-5 drudgery that was my option when I was growing up.  Bring it on!  Cheers Jill 

  4. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about a year now and you have pretty much nailed it on the head in the fact that the community are always there for you no matter what time of the day or night that you need help, and that is without mentioning the site support that you get 24/7.

    The training here is amazing and has got me to where I am today from not knowing a thing about working online, Wealthy Affiliate really has changed my life for the better and the sky is the limit here

    For those that are reading this comment and you haven’t already, Join Wealthy Affiliate today and it will be the best thing that you ever do in your life!

    1. Hi Matthew,  It is not hard to nail it when I speak truth.  I noticed you too had no experience with online business when you joined.  Doesn’t it amaze you, when you look back at your first week and realise how far you have come?  It does me.  Thanks for sharing.  Cheers AJ

  5. Hi, Jill.
    You are the true motivation for the younger generation who is afraid to decide and take action.
    If you can start an entrepreneur at the age of 70 why can’t others do? You correctly said that WA is not Quick Rich Scheme and has a big Learning Curve. But those who take action are the true winners.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav,  Thank you.  I am passionate about this opportunity!  On the same page when you say “take action”.  Once the ball is rolling there is not stopping it if we keep pushing forward.  Cheers Jill 

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