DOES WEALTH CREATE HAPPINESS? It is a widely known fact that money does not buy you happiness. Let’s take a closer look at money and it’s place in our lives.


To be truly happy we need to cultivate positive habits around joy, love, laughter, contentment, harmony, healing peacefulness, gratefulness, giving and receiving, random acts of kindness, help others etc. In other words a broad spectrum of all the uplifting thoughts, actions and speak. When we are surrounded by like minded people we all resonate with each other and spread more of. This results, quite obviously, in more happy days.

Family and friends (our sense of community), are super important to help us to feel loved, recognised, heard etc. When we belong to a community that embraces cultivating positive habits we are all on the same page and all meeting each other’s needs naturally. The consequent result: We have nailed true happiness, acquired the positive persona, are in charge of ourselves and are in the best possible place to attract abundance and be even happier! So, you ask where does the wealth fit it?


We all need money for basics like shelter, food, electricity, fuel etc. and when we cover the basics we are just surviving which is not a healthy nor happy place to be. To have a truly happy life we strive to accumulate abundance. Having developed heart happiness from embracing our positive community, we are better equipped to attract wealth.

Acquiring abundance in our lives gives us freedom to travel the world, experience sport masters in the flesh ( Wimbledon, World Cup), attend Concerts, drive the car of our choosing, live where and how we like and fulfill our biggest dreams. Abundance is there for everyone so how do we go about attracting it. Believe you can have it, have conviction and positive intent, choose a niche you are passionate about and take action, action, action!


Sadly, in my opinion, business has changed from the face to face and deals done on a handshake. Online shopping has gone viral and we can buy anything we need or want on the net somewhere. After researching, due diligence I armed myself with knowledge, became aware of the scammers and took the plunge. My aim to have a passive income, be free doing something I was passionate about, be my own boss and an online business is mobile. What would you aims be?


What is affiliate marketing you may ask? Affiliate marketing is simply to promote someone else’s product by way of a website and receive commission for the products you have sold on their behalf. What I love about it is I am not required to handle the product and shipping etc. My heart goes out to the retailers, like David Jones and Myer who are now losing customers hand over fist to the online giants like Amazon. I have done the hard researching for you and now the choice is yours.


This is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it multi level marketing and they are the reasons I chose Wealthy Affiliates. I joined only a month ago and with their unparalleled training and community help I have built this awesome website, chosen my niche (my passion is Personal Development) and I have explored and joined affiliate programs selling products that resonate with my conviction to help us all achieve true happiness.

Owning your own website maybe a challenge for some of you. I suggest you take up this challenge with the confidence that the training and supporting community will hold your hand. I am learning to be tech savvy
day by day and writing content to put on my website is easy because I already have knowledge of and am passionate about my niche. Believe me if I can do this affiliate marketing thing SO CAN YOU. Wealthy Affiliates if free to join  which allows people the chance to look around the platform, read community questions and answers, read about the community challenges and wins and take a good look at the unparalleled training. One thing that will not be obvious is the training in Search Engine ranking and indexing. This refers to “how to get on the first page” of the Google, Bing and Yahoo platforms. What are you talking about I hear someone ask? Say you want to buy a new lap pool. The first thing you would do is type into google search keywords “lap pool” and up would come the first page of the search. Everyone’s aim is to be on that front page for massive exposure to interested people. Wealthy Affiliates train us “how to get to the first page” with your website. Wealthy Affiliates really do take us by the hand and walk us, step by step to achieve abundance.

Once we have explored the Program and decided to join, it will cost $US49 per month and there are no upsells. I have only come across one upgrade that is available however not really necessary.  It is the cream on the cake so to speak.

I strongly suggest you join for free, take a good look, explore the site and then the choice is yours. Join and I, personally, will be holding your hand too. This program is my No: 1 choice to move towards abundance one step at a time.


I am now off to learn how to attach a Wealthy Affiliate Banner to my page so you can look around. I have never done this type of attachment in my life. Am I concerned? No, the training and the community will hold my hand.

Your comments on Talking Money Making Sense will be greatly appreciated. Do you agree with my take on how money fits into our lives?

Cheers now, Jill

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