Self awareness will bring you to knowing your purpose life and a future of abundance. I believe we cannot get started towards our purpose life and all of life’s riches without becoming an expert in self awareness. Let’s check it out shall we?


Self awareness is absolutely essential to begin our journey to being the best we can be. I suggest, if you haven’t already, please read my previous post I AM SMALL VOICE to get an idea of how dominant and controlling our egos are. In the main most people (and this used to include me) are not aware that their lives are being dictated and controlled by our egos. Just do a quick mental check on your life now (finances, health, relationships, happiness, community) and notice how short of the mark it is to what you really want and desire. This result is and always will be the life our egos will provide. Our egos are geared/wired with false information learned from childhood onward and don’t know any other way.


Awareness Synonyms: alertness, attention, consciousness, perception, recognition, aliveness, attentiveness, cognizance, keenness, mindfulness Awareness Antonyms: disregard, ignorance, neglect, misunderstanding, unfamiliarity, insensitivity, unconsciousness

The synonyms that particularly resonate with me are alertness, attentiveness, keenness which for me are action words and suggest I stand up and pay attention, exercise my wit and preparedness. Which would you choose?

We have taken the first wobbly step once we become aware of our ego and how and from where it is geared/wired. Now we need to shed the first skin (just like a snake) to learn how to reconnect with our senses, our intuition and our inner voice. The action words I have chosen have already brought my senses into play. I feel the sensation of being on guard and ready. To become acutely aware we need to have sharp sensations that bring our six senses to life (smell, touch, thought, taste, sound, sight).

Once our senses are awakened we start to have sensations e.g. hair standing up on the back of our necks, walking over someone’s grave, uplifted by a song, toe in the water, brilliant colours in a sunset, taste of a lemon, smell of an orange. These sensations are often so strong and connected we can make our saliva start running when we imagine sucking a lemon.

Would it be true for me to say that once our senses are heightened our ego has disappeared for a bit. We are experiencing/living life in the moment not just going through the motions as our ego does. My ego can think about sucking a lemon in a flat way like “Oh yeah, you want to suck a lemon go for it you idiot, you know what will happen” and not be engaged with any of my senses therefore it is not a sensation. I noticed that my ego immediately wants to protect me, dictate to me and control me. And that’s the life my, ego will bring me. No adventure, no risk, etc. “Let’s just do what we always do. I know best”. The strong sensations I have described will always awaken our senses because they unconsciously trigger our senses whether we are still and calm or racing around like a mad thing.


Let’s look at lunch on a blanket in a park. In the fast lane (completely unaware) we can attend, eat, drink, have a conversation in which we have no idea whether we were being positive or negative, yell at the kids or the dog, even worse, at each other and leave.

If we are consciously aware, in a calm relaxed state we can attend, engage our senses, notice the bird calls, the dog chasing the ball, the formation of a beautiful tree, the smell of some nearby flowers, how hot or cold it is, the smell of the salt from the sea if we are near the sea, compliment the chef, whisper I love you, notice how subtle the herbs are in the sausage, the colour of the fruits and their individual tastes, the sweetness of the pavlova, play with the dog or the children and notice their joy, laughter, we could hold hands, a cuddle or sneak a kiss etc. etc. The latter way is conscious awareness, experiencing life, living in the moment, every day a new experience, a new adventure.

I know which lunch I would rather be at! What about you?


In order to live a self aware life and reap the riches we need to train ourselves to notice all things and bring our senses out to play. There are many simple ways to get this process underway.

Bring a calm, relaxed attitude with you when having a shower, notice the water running down your back, the warmth or coolness of the water, pay attention to your feet and notice how lost you would be without them, same with your eyes and ears, hands, arms, fingers, legs, notice your heart beats for you, your lungs breathe for you, notice your perfection and wonder where it came from, bless the creator whoever you feel that might be, notice your body and whether perhaps you feel like gently swaying as you sing or hum a favorite song. Bring your senses with you everywhere you go.

Ladies, when you are doing the ironing, notice the fabrics, the colours, the feel of the materials, the wonder of the iron and how convenient it is, the ease it brings to your life, notice if you are slumped or standing up straight, perhaps you are drinking a coffee, bring your senses to the taste, colour etc. etc.

Men, when you are wielding the chain saw in a relaxed and calm manner notice the smell of the petrol/oil, the sound of the motor, is it running smoothly or does it need a bit of maintenance, the ease in which it does the job so you don’t have to swing an axe, notice your muscles responding automatically, your balance on your feet, the smell of whatever you are cutting up etc. etc.

This is the time to introduce everyone to Melody Fletcher.  Melody is a fan of the Law Of Attraction, has worked with a Sharman, is able to enter an altered state which she calls “Translating Energy” and is not a trance. While in this state she is completely aware of what’s happening.  I was drawn to her work and I trust it.  Melody writes in a humorous way and is a fun teaching read.

When we repeatedly bring our senses into play, our egos are quietened. We then need to bring this conscious awareness to every thing we say, think and do. Choose your words carefully, choose positive words. I use the word challenge to replace many negatives e.g. this chore is so hard flipped to this chore is a bit of a challenge. It is very possible your speech will slow down because you are choosing words not running on automatic ego words. Many people speak so fast I swear they have little idea of the actual words they uttered. This used to apply to me.


As you are teaching yourself conscious awareness, share with your children what you are doing. Believe me if they grow up already habitually self aware you will have given them the edge to early abundance in their lives. The more conscious we are of truly experiencing life with our senses, speaking with positive authority, doing consciously positive things and thinking positively, we automatically become kinder more grateful, more helpful to others and we raise our vibration higher and higher and guess what we attract all of life’s riches. Wealth, Health, Joy, Love and the most powerful of all, laughter.


It’s been lovely chatting with you again and does me good to put my learnings in writing. It reinforces and reminds me of what I am doing. Please feel free to leave your comments and contributions as we learn together. I do urge you to decide to embrace your senses as I truly believe it is a speedy way to become the best person we can and reap the rewards. Cheers now, Jill

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  1. Great suggestions about becoming aware, something that can be very easy to forget. I love the pictures you put in my head about becoming aware.

    Hope you’re making today amazing,

  2. Hi Jill. It is unfortunate that we have strayed so far into the world of our ego and we accept this to be our ‘reality.’ From here it does take a lot of effort to consciously bring our awareness back to the present moment so that we can enjoy the gifts, free from previous conditioning, what each and every moment has to offer.
    Lucky indeed are the children who have parents who are wise enough to teach them to live with awareness at all times.
    Good information. Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Awareness is the first step. I agree, it is a challenge when we are so automatically ego driven these days. It is possible if we want it enough. Cheers Jill

  3. Lovely post about improving self awareness and getting rid of the stronghold that is ego. For most of us this is a lifelong pursuit, but we can see the fruits of self awareness practicing the methods like being in the shower and feeling the water on our bodies…lovely

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