Let’s Face It:  I’m An Underdog… Are You?  Stuck Where You Don’t Belong?  BOOM This Opportunity Will Tow You Out Of The Bog!





Do you hate struggling?

Do you feel like you don’t have the support you need from friends and family…

Don’t have he finances to fund your dreams…

Or Doesn’t it suck to feel like an underdog?


Being an underdog is tough and so many of us have been one at some point in our lives…

Maybe you feel like one right now.


But what if being an underdog was actually your greatest strength?

What if this was the path you were supposed to be on, and being an underdog was your unfair advantage to reach your full potential when it comes to your career, your income and your success?

What if, because you’re an underdog, you can actually be more likely to succeed once you actually understand how to flip on the success switch….


Look I don’t know about you, but being an underdog is part of MY past…

I have never been wealthy and struggled along from week to week, saving for a holiday, earning just enough to keep my mediocre life tootling along. Does this sound like you? Was I happy? No, not really but I didn’t know any different along with the underdog masses in the world.

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One day, in my 30’s, I spat the dummy. I was so sick and tired of the 9-5 routine, absolutely cherished, no actually lived for weekends, paying a mortgage on a single salary (had split from my husband), always fretting about money. I was so unhappy I had to do something. I quit my job, headed to London, got ANOTHER job and that got me nowhere. “Changing job” syndrome had got me and continued for years!

Fast forward 30 years and the very worst thing ever happened! I was now happily remarried and an investment we made went sour and BOOM! We, as pensioners couldn’t pay the mortgage and foreclosure loomed!

I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! I wish Dean’s book “The Underdog Advantage” had been there for me then. I had to grapple, struggle, search and explore to find the answers! What did I find? I started an online business and with guts, grunt and freaking hard work I am close to turning our lives around. Yay!  More on Starting An Online Business here.

The knowledge of how to flip these situations and find answers quickly is in the pages of Dean’s book, especially written for Underdogs. The answer, knowledge and “how to” is now at your fingertips. You are so lucky!


Just think about it, we all LOVE the underdog story!!

Some of the most iconic people in history were underdogs.

Rocky, Rudy, some of the best Disney movies…

Walt Disney, once being fired for “lacking imagination and not having good ideas…”

Colonel Sanders who slept in his car traveling around north America trying to persuade restaurants to join his franchise…

To Michael Jordan being cut from the team… Oprah Winfrey being thrown off TV… Tom Cruise not being able to read until he was 26 years old… Dr. Phil being homeless and so many more…

Some of the best presidents, athletes, musicians, heck LEADERS of all time were major underdogs.

For a long time I’ve thought about what makes the difference and why underdogs seem to have the best stories…

And my good friend Dean Graziosi finally revealed the answer to turning our disadvantages into our superpowers, to actually live out that classic underdog success story!

Difference Between Rich And Poor People
First Goal: Buy The Book
Give Yourself The Opportunity


You’ve probably heard of Dean before… he’s a multiple New York Times bestselling author who wrote Millionaire Success Habits, one of the best selling books the past couple years…

And he finally released his brand new book called The Underdog Advantage.

This is the book that flips the script and shows you that what you thought was a disadvantage, is actually your ultimate unfair advantage that you can use to reach your full potential!!

I’ll be straight with you – Dean’s last book was one of my favorites ever… but this book takes it to a whole new level.

And here’s the crazy part…

Because he’s launching this new book to the world this week, Dean decided to give it to you for FREE…

Yes, you can also get it on Amazon for $19.95 anytime you want…

But this week is your chance to get a hardcover copy for FREE, PLUS a ridiculous lineup of bonuses and all he’s asking is that you pay a small shipping and handling…


So click this link to go to the page and claim your free book!

I’ve known Dean for a while now and I can tell he is feeling extra generous this week… Besides giving away his book for free…

He’s taking the time to do a free LIVE training for you at the end of the book launch, to teach you what he believes is the most powerful way to create abundance and security in today’s shifting economy.

…AND he’s even giving away some of the coolest bonuses I’ve ever seen if you go get a book this week!!

Just look at what he’s offering you:


A behind the scenes video training on every chapter of The Underdog Advantage so you can go through it WITH Dean

FREE Access to the 30 day Better Life Challenge and a chance to win a new car

Professionally designed digital version of The Underdog Advantage so you can access the book anywhere, anytime

Look if you have ever felt like an underdog or like the cards are stacked against you…

Then I truly believe this book will change your life by giving you the keys to unlocking your ultimate unfair advantage for new levels of success and happiness.

Underdog Advantage

So click this link to go grab a free copy before the offer is gone


Spit the dummy, take action, hit the link and claim your book before the” hand holding training on every chapter” goes away.  This deal is too good to miss and a big opportunity knocks.

Thank you for reading this article. I really would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment and sharing your journey with the rest of us.

Also, don’t forget to share this article if you found it helpful.

Lovely chatting with you.

Cheers Jill


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10 Replies to “THE FARMER AND THE DOG”

  1. Right now, i don’t see anything that is as good as being able to get a book that can change my life. The book by Dean is one of them. I know Dean and have seen some of his publications before. I will definitely snatch up this book because it is in fact a very good buy. I like that you could give us this information on it. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I want to switch away from being an underdog.

    1. Hey, Sure is a good buy right now.  The book launch offer gives you the book for free and all you have to pay for is the postage and handling.  Generous offer – Dean always over delivers.  Being an underdog opens doors – amazing eh?  Cheers Jill

  2. Hello Jill, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about this book and honestly, I want to give it to my Mom like a New Year present. I like the quality of the book and after all, it is not expensive compared to its benefits of learning new things. I will definitely get a copy.

    1. Hi Danijel,  Oh Dean’s Book”The Underdog Advantage” is a gem.  Great idea for a Christmas or New Year present.  Especially, if purchased now, during it’s launch, as the book itself is free and you only have to pay for postage and handling.  You have given me the idea for Christmas presents.  Thank you.  Cheers Jill

  3. I think BEING AN UNDERDOG IS PART OF ALL THE PAST. It’s just that some of us are not happy with this status and are looking for all kinds of ways out of mediocrity .

  4. I loved your article because I can relate to it. When we hit bottom or get close to it, we realize that there is something wrong about how things are regularly done and there has to be another way. We the “underdogs” are the ones that dare in the end, because we see things differently. We no longer fit into the “normal World”. Wish you the best and keep writing like that, to encourage “underdogs to become wolfs”. 

    1. Hey Manual,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  You hit the nail on the head with your rhetoric.  Underdogs that DARE  do become wolves.  I love this!  Thanks for your contribution.  Cheers Jill

  5. Thanks Jill, your post is exactly what I need right now. I have been thinking there has to be a way out. I just have to stop being an under dog! I’d rather go through the pain of change and the pain of growth than being stuck down where everything is dark and nothing is happening. I’m definitely getting a copy of of this book. 

    1. Hi Juliet,  Oh I am so happy The Underdog Advantage book fell into your lap at what sounds like a very special moment.  Dean is an amazing teacher, so easy to follow and understand.  I’m sure you will value plus.  Thanks for commenting.  Cheers Jill

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