Tony Robbins Interesting Questions To Ask People

Jenna Kutcher, Tony Robbins Interesting Questions To Ask. Jenna Kutcher Asked Tony Robbins Why The Heck Hasn’t He Retired Yet?


I am a friend of Jenna’s and was fascinated with her question. By the way his reply was: ” What else am I gonna do, sit on a beach, watch movies?” I’m just a guy who loves people” and he laughed (he has a BIG laugh!). Followed by ” I think my primary question in life is how can I help people”. More on this later.


Be honest with yourself. Do you feel deep down like you should be creating more impact, more meaning and more success with the influence you have? (Big or small?) Learn how by clicking here

Maybe your friends come to you for advice, or you seem to get more likes than most on your social media posts… Heck, maybe you’re amazing at building a following and you’re already crushing it in most people’s eyes…

…but you know in your heart that you have sooo much more potential. To make even greater impact and to create NEXT LEVEL success in your life.

If you’re someone people listen to, or you’re an influencer in any space, any niche and any country then you need to listen up. Because you have the very rare chance to learn from two of the best in the WORLD at doing what you probably desire – Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi…


And lucky us because these two are going LIVE for only the second time ever (and the only time in 2020) on Thursday, February 27th to share their proven blueprint for making positive impact on a massive scale, and achieving the success you crave along the way!

Use this special registration link to save your spot now:


If you don’t know Tony and Dean, (by the way Tony is the BIG guy), these are two of my dear friends who have impacted more lives than any two people I know and guided so many people to lives of true fulfillment. And what they are going to share on February 27th will blow your mind…

The first time they shared this gold standard blueprint, “The KBB Method” on a live training they had 200,000 people show up and nearly broke the internet. And they started a movement that I still struggle to wrap my head around and it honestly inspires me every day…


Tony and Dean have reached 24,000+ people in under a year, in 150 countries around the world and in 4,000+ niches. I’m telling you – this method applies to you even if you don’t believe it!

And the widespread success is the best part. I’ve seen influencers and those wanting to influence, multiply their following and make so much more positive impact while at the same time creating NEXT LEVEL success.


Here are just a few of the 125k comments a month they get in their private FB group:*

“I should’ve had to pay $15k for this! The amount of material & knowledge received? Dean and Tony are total class for “giving” this away! #mindblown” – T.S.

“Dean and Tony have me shaking, crying, laughing, having multiple breakdowns followed immediately by breakthroughs…” – Karen

“What an unbelievable collection of Wisdom and Guidance. Many thanks to Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Both are forces for good and inspire the whole world.” -Roni


So if you want access to (all new) mindset training from Tony Robbins (the most impactful person I know when it comes to human potential)… marketing training from Dean Graziosi who is the best on the planet at finding the right clients and getting them to say “yes”… and their combined tactics and secrets for implementing what you learn…

Then you need to take advantage of this once a year opportunity. Missing this could potentially lead to more regret than you’ve experienced in a while.

Use this special link I got and go register now:


Oh I forgot to mention Jenna Kutcher is a guest speaker.

Thought you may like to hear/read the full Jenna/Tony conversation I talked about earlier. Good laugh – On Jenna’s website.

The spots and the live chat are limited so make sure to show up early so we can talk and ask them questions at the end! Plus you will get instant access to Pre-Event training from Tony and Dean.

Once you’ve signed up, mark your calendar and set a reminder for Thursday, February 27th at 5 PM PST!

Lovely chatting to you again. I’ve got my seat – can’t wait! Their training has already scaled my business to greater heights.  Bet this training takes it higher!

Please feel free to share with your comrades and even watch/participate together. Let’s spread the word and help each other to make a difference in our crazy world. LOL


P.S. They’re also going to have special guest appearances from two of the most life changing people on the planet right now…

Russell Brunson, who founded one of the fastest growing non-VC backed SaaS companies in the world and just an all around awesome guy!

And Jenna Kutcher, who runs a 7 figure empire helping women live fulfilled lives by sharing the business and personal secrets she’s mastered in today’s fast moving technology and culture!




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8 Replies to “Tony Robbins Interesting Questions To Ask People”

  1. Hi again, it is a great feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. I must confess that I really love your ideals. The entire article is really inspiring and really of great help to me. Thank you

    1. Hi Benny,  Great to hear from you again.  Thank you for the compliments.  I love what I do and it is a pleasure to share about Tony, Dean Jenna and Russell.  They truly are straight shooters, over deliver in everything they do and their authenticity and integrity is beyond approach.  It is a joy to be associated with the “Awesome Foursome!’.  Cheers Jill

  2. Been listening to Robbins for years. To be honest never heard of the other guy but this post has certainly left me very intrigued indeed. I am real keen to see how they work together and also to see if I relate as well to Graziosi as I have over the years to Robbins pearls of wisdom and shots of inspiration.

    What is Graziosi’s background? Thought provoking post thanks.


    1. Hi Hamish,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  So you are a fan of Robbins like I am.  Dean has attended many of Tony’s Masterminds over the years and now he is a force to be reckoned with in his own right.  He is Italian and lives in America.  Being Italian he is very expressive, enthusiastic and completed engaging.  I am a fan of his now as well.  

      One thing I have observed and experienced is Tony is a Mindset Champion and Dean is a Marketing Champion.  They make a powerful combination.  Cheers Jill

  3. I remember asking an interesting question online and the person responded with: “You have been shaped by a number of factors like your culture, your socio economic status, your race, your religion, your values and your experiences all affect how you see the world. They influence the stories you tell yourself about who you are, what you’re capable of and what’s achievable or not.” This changed my life and you post is an uplifting one. Thanks so much for sharing 

    1. Hi Patrick,  What a great question and a profound answer.  I agree we have been shaped by those things.  Glad you found my post uplifting.  Thank you and thanks for commenting.  Cheers Jill

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us. I am a Bangladeshi and I went to the US a while back. While there I had the good fortune to see Tony and Dean live.  I gained a lot of knowledge about their KBB method. This method has made my life flow a lot as well as lead me to a real life. It inspires me a lot every day .Also, Tony Robbins’ name comes first in Mindset and Marketing Training Access. This method has had a lot of impact on my life for my success and I hope it will affect me in the future too .

    Lastly, I hope that everyone who reads your article will find out about a wonderful method and will definitely share with you their new experiences as they apply to their success.

    1. Hi again Shanta,  Tony, Dean Jenna and Russell and their KBB platform is a huge success.  I am in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint like you and their training has already scaled my biz to greater heights.  I’ve got my seat for the upcoming free training knowing it will scale my biz even higher.  I call them the “Awesome Foursome!”  You are so lucky to have seen them live!

      The KBB program has had a massive positive impact on my life as well.  I am so privileged and happy to share my talents and make an impact in people lives.

      Thanks for joining the conversation as always.

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