Goal No: 4 FIRE YOUR BELLY MEANINGLet’s look at what is, and how to fire your belly. Follow your passion, discover your talent and light your fire! It is that simple. We all have a hidden talent and the way to discover it is by embracing our passion.

Let’s recap on Goals 1-3: What we have explored and discovered so far.

It’s okay to challenge social norms and become an independent free thinker, how our comfort zones deceive and limit us from exploring, trying new things and how our cosy couches keep us from action.


How do we do that you might ask? Our passions are things we love to do like playing a sport, writing, the arts, helping others, coaching, welding, gardening, cooking whatever ignites us. Things we can’t get enough of. We want to know more, explore, learn about it. When we are engaged in our passion time becomes irrelevant. We are so absorbed in doing what we love hours drift by and we don’t even notice.

This state of being, the zone, automatically lights our fire! It is the fire that keeps us absorbed, curious and feeling alive, excited, rewarded at each little discovery, suddenly we try new methods, add something we never thought of before etc. We are deeply engrossed.


Once we explore and find our passion/s we head off to do more of them. During in this process we will discover THE ONE that we love the most, hunger for, thirst for and our talent is out from hiding. All we have to do then is follow it.

Surprisingly, when we allow ourselves to go “all in” on the journey of following our new-found talent we shift our mind to a free space, being in the zone. Nothing else enters our mind and it not uncommon for me to forget to eat!

In the zone, the fire in our belly will contribute to whatever we are absorbed in by way of auto suggestions. Things like “would it be better this way, try this, add this, no that’s not going to work, here’s something to try”. You get my drift. I experience this all the time now and it is a brilliant, relaxed, cool and calm place to be.


I believe we all have. We have our good days when everything falls into place. Yes? I suggest we make time to think and recall times in our livesFIRE YOUR BELLY MEANING when we were in the zone. Rerun the video and notice how relaxed we are, how easy it is, we instinctively do, move, have clarity, know what to do and simply let it happen. It is especially easy to spot the zone when we are in a moving action. For example: we take an impossible perfect mark in footy, we hit repeated sixes in cricket.

When I was dancing I was simply doing it, floating along with no effort, having a conversation with my partner and my body was moving beautifully without me thinking about it. In these moments things are happening effortlessly. Do you agree?

We have an inspirational thought and the light bulb flashes. For example we write a “How To Get More Sales” Memo and sales flood in.


When we take the time to recall all the details, how we felt, which part of our brain was in action, we arm ourselves with how to consciously recreate the zone.

One thing I realised, big time, was when “in the zone” my mind was operating at a higher space in my head. When I am going about my normal everyday boring tasks, the part of my brain that is in action is between my temples. When I am “in the zone” my brain is in action a finger’s length above my temples. Fact – I can feel the difference.

The activity I was doing where I discovered this was listening to a Hynosis Download. Eeeeek! I hear you say. I was not a fan of hypnosis but I practiced what I preach. I challenged social norms, got way out of my comfort zone, took action, put on my Independent Free Thinker hat and embraced my liberated adult. What’s the harm in trying I asked myself?

Listening to a hypnosis download, giving it “our all” will automatically take us to this higher powerful space in our brains. It makes it easier to identify the zone.

FIRE YOUR BELLY MEANINGThis is getting a bit heavy! Let’s spice it up a bit. I believe when we orgasm our brain, metaphorically, sort of explodes. Our genitals are excited and stimulated but the “big moment” happens in our higher brain as well. Do you agree? The point here is to begin to identify, and know intimately, where powerful things happen in our brains.


We can recreate this power at will. When we combine the passion that engrosses us totally, the fire ignites, burns brightly and shows us the way. It really is as simple as that. Find our passions to get the ball rolling. Are we beginning to get the hang of this?


The modern self help programs will have us retreating into our comfort zones at a million miles an hour. Why? We are simply not familiar with the jargon or the methods. One word I dislike is “manifest”. For me it conjures up “what a load of crap”, it sounds like magical nonsense and I’m not into “being taken for a sucker”. Like the hypnosis downloads, I thought, how will I ever know if I don’t try it. I still dislike the word “manifest” and have replaced it with “create” (aaah I’m comfortable with that) and decided to throw myself in the deep end.

In amongst the jargon and the unfamiliar I found a 5 step formulae that makes perfect sense to me. This formulae also has me connecting with the powerful higher level in my brain. Remember I threw myself into the deep end and believe me I came up swimming like a champion.

I am ready to help you, say YES and the No BS Manifesting Program (which starts with The Manifesting Movie) is currently selling for $17 US dollars. I believe it is normally $200-300. Replace the word Manifest with Create if it makes you feel more comfortable. I don’t know when this offer expires, it’s out of my hands. Invest in ourselves and make our own informed decisions.


My journey to happiness is closer than ever now. I have enjoyed chatting with you and yes, I raise some pretty controversial topics. I’m on fire and loving it. I would love to hear your opinions in this conversation and would like you to share any experiences you may have had when “in the zone”. It fascinates me. Be well, Cheers Jill

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  1. I totally hear you, Jill! We need to follow our passion! Things we love to do!

    And I love to travel and see the world. And I have a travel blog to share my passion. I am also passionate about digital marketing and sharing articles, info and quote about good things. Hence, I have 2 other websites about this.

    Problem is there is only me. I work on part time gigs to pay the bills. And I update my blogs as and when I can. My dream is that one day soon, I can spend my days writing and sharing about these passions of mine.

    Thank you for this article that help me to reignite my fire!

    1. Hi Tim, Thanks for dropping in. You are one hell of a passionate man with all of that on your plate! Glad I could help with reigniting your fire ?! Keep it roaring. Cheers AJ

  2. Helping others fires me up! I found a huge amount of energy in pursuing my passion. I too believe that we all have a hidden talent, although, I must say that as I keep developing my personality, I find more and more talents. Therefore, I will rephrase and say that we all have multiple talents and abilities with which we are born. The thing is, we don’t use them as we should.

    Thanks for a moment of inspiration! 🙂


    1. Hi Ivan, Thank you for contributing to the conversation. It seems amazing that we have these hidden talents. The only way to find them is to recognise what we are passionate about. Follow that and a whole new exciting life opens up for all of us. It really is that simple, yet people remain in the dark. Glad to meet you. Cheers Jill

  3. Amazing AJ!

    I can relate to the hitting sixes in cricket. It’s so weird how when you hit one you all of a sudden stop thinking and just react.

    I’ve also felt the “flow” when running before, it’s very hard to explain how or when this happens but it’s so true!

    Gotta love that fire in the belly!

    Thanks again


    1. Hi Mike, Obviously you play cricket. Sixes and all! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I makes my heart sing! I’ve got to ask! Do you want more of that invincible feeling? Easiest and quickest way to reconnect is through Hypnosis Downloads. Here’s one for free. Stoke that fire. Cheers Jill

  4. It’s funny, because I experienced this zone over the weekend and today as well. Lately, my day job has been giving me nightmares, and oftentimes, the nightmares have come true at work.

    Now, I had to ask myself while dealing with stress attacks at least three times over the past week, “What can I do to make a full-time income in my passion this year?”

    Sure, I have a few of my own products out, but with anything online, it can be slow build. But I’m a writer, and the answer was literally right before my eyes in every other email I looked over…until today, that is.

    Freelancing. What’s funny is, we can all freelance, as freelancing is similar to blogging. In fact, they can go hand in hand, as many freelance sites will link your blog to their site, all while you receive income for your work.

    Some of us might be afraid of writing, but when it comes to freelancing, we all have a passion we love to talk about. I mean, there are freelance sites and magazines for literally any niche out there, and I like to think of it is talking, more than anything, about our passions.

    Blogging, affiliate marketing, selling our own products, and freelancing are literally the four corners of a financially independent income stream, and a full-time living where we live life on our own terms.

    And anyone can do this, as long as we stick to our passions.

    1. Hi Todd, Thanks for contributing to the conversation. Lovely to hear you had one of those “Aah Ha” moments. They have us on a high for days eh? The information you provided has opened my eyes too! Thanks for the helping hand. I agree anyone can do this, as long as we stick to our passions. Our passions ignite the fire! Gotta love that fire. Cheers Jill

  5. Hi Jill. About 40 years ago, someone had recommended hypnosis to me and although I was totally skeptical, I thought I will give it a try. The sessions were so enlightening. I found a strength that I didn’t know I had and discovered how I could do things that were impossible for me (stage fright) with the power of my mind. When I am distraught about something now, I still use those techniques to overcome the problem. Thanks for reminding me of some lessons from the past and informing me of new techniques.

    1. Hello Jean, Lovely to hear from you. Wonder what the stage fright is all about? Do you mean you are an actor? Glad to be able to help with information about modern techniques. They can be a bit scary however, I recommend and use them every day. Why do things the hard way when we can cheat a little bit with Hypnosis. Cheers Jill

      1. Hi Jill,
        The stage fright was about having to give presentations in front of 30+ people at my job when I was 25 years old. I had always been a shy and introverted person so that prospect scared the dickens out of me. I was shocked at how much the therapist helped me. Maybe it was a combination of getting older and wiser, I don’t know. Remember how mean your young classmates could be in school? The taunting and heckling. I think that may have started the fear. Anyways, it’s not so bad anymore. I even voluntarily speak in front of crowds now and it isn’t that bad. Thanks for the concerned reply.

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