Goal No 2 & 3: Escape rat race and take action. Let’s look at how we are stuck in the rat race and ways to get out. Again, our brain washed/conditioned sub conscious teaches us to live this way and many of us simply accept it. It is not your fault.


I have covered, in depth, how our sub conscious pretty well controls our lives in my previous post titled Altered States of Consciousness Examples. If you haven’t already read this article, I suggest you do, and it will help you understand and apply what follows. For those who are already aware of our conditioned sub conscious let’s explore and take action shall we?


Let’s picture in our minds the image of a giant wheel in a cage where millions of rats run forward, the wheel constantly turns in a never ending circle and they get nowhere. This is the bulk of humanity going around in a circle. Do we see ourselves there?

ESCAPE RAT RACEWhere are we when we participate in the ludicrous behaviour? In our comfort zone. So cosy doing what everyone else is doing, following the only plan in our sub conscious that has been placed there from the limited thinking of our parents, peers and teachers.

We have inadvertently absorbed these habits and it is not our fault. How do we get out of this never ending circle? Answer: challenge our comfort zones.


Our comfort zones are full of unhealthy lies, deceptions and automatic decisions. One poignant one that comes to my mind is, our parents voted labor, liberal etc resulting in us voting the same. We don’t question whether we actually agree with the party lines, we simply do what our parents did and it is so warm and cosy. How’s this one: Mum and Dad follow the footy and support ………. and without questioning, who do we support? Remember there are a few independent free thinkers out that choose for themselves.

Our automatic behaviours are so ingrained almost across the board of life. We might ask ourselves what can I do to habitually make my own choices. Retrain our sub conscious. How do we do that? In this modern world there are self-help programs everywhere to help us create our own plan, our own unique blueprint and discover what we want to choose in life, instead of accepting what is installed in our comfort zones.

Remember our brains are sophisticated computers and we can install whatever program we choose.


Our comfort zones make us so lazy, we are now laying on the couch, totally accepting the life dictated to us from our brainwashed/conditioned sub conscious. Isn’t there an adventurer, explorer within us screaming “let me out, this is so boring! I want some action, excitement, to create my own informed choices, install my own fun computer programs. Even my computer is going rusty from lying idle. What you are doing to us “sucks!”.

To which we could reply: “Okay you smart ar…. what can we do?” “For starters We are passionate about ………… We couldTAKE ACTION learn all there is to know about it, perhaps it’s even a money making idea and we can ditch that boring job. Let’s go at it and we can create and install our own income program. Let’s actually research what life has to offer and install the plugin called Informed Choices, there’s another plugin we could install titled Jump Off The Never Ending Circle Wheel. Oh yeah there’s a widget, I love, titled Bucket List: How To Achieve Goals. Let’s take action, explore and have some fun”.

We need to give ourselves a kick up the backside, get off the couch, go take this bull (called Life) by the horns, subdue it and master it. Kick the boring, dead, habitual program out of the window and replace it with a brand new way of thinking.

We don’t hesitate to upgrade to the next model IPhone or push the upgrade button on our PC’s, televisions and cars. Let’s upgrade the most sophisticated computer on the planet: our brains.


Take a bow all of you precious people with a disability. Are we all living life in a wheelchair? We take for granted our fully functioning and mobile bodies and put them in a wheelchair. Picture that. The Invictus Games Athletes demonstrate passion, conviction and courage. They consciously create and install a brand new program into their computers. It is titled: I AM, MASTER OF MY FATE, CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL. (The Games motto). These inspiring life champions take the bull by the horns, subdue it and master it. If you decide “yes” to become master of your fate, let me help you.  Read self help articles.


I love writing these articles that reflect my journey to happiness. Whenever I put my thoughts on paper namely my recent discoveries, it firmly installs and upgrades my own new unique instructions into my brain. It is intended to help you out, even if my articles only evoke thought. That is a great place to start.

I commend the self-help programs that I recommend because I have purchased, used them and reaped the benefits. In particular, they speed up the process of change. The old hard slog of evoking change by affirmations, vision boards, goal setting still have their place, however coupling them with modern methods brings change rapidly. Believe me the new unfamiliar methods will have some of us wanting to rush back to our cosy comfort zones. Be brave, take action, try a new experience and make your own informed decision.


Well, having written about these goals, they have surely become my new and installed computer program. How’s that? I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you and invite you to share your experiences and join the conversation with your comments. Hello To Happier Days! Cheers, Jill

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  1. Working within yourself is one of the most important things to be happy. I use to be a lazy person and just did the bare minimum that I had to and I was so sad. I never connected two and two together but one day I decided to make something of myself and I’ve been working hard, watching much less tv, exercising, eating healthy and more. Things like these are making me happier every day and before I used to think that doing stuff like that would just bore me. I was so wrong. I love reading articles like this one because it keeps me motivated on my own journey of self-development.

    1. Hi Isabel, Thank you for contributing to the conversation. Proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone and taking action. Woo Hoo! You are one brave and courageous lady and your life is all the happier for taking charge of your life. Bravo! Cheers Jill

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