Our belly is fired up due to our passions/talents, and along comes the obstacles. This is, unfortunately, perfectly normal and our plan goes “poof” out the window.  .

For the newcomers to my site, a big WELCOME and let me fill you in a bit. HelloTo Happier days is my personal diary of events, over the past 6 or so months, that has led me to the now. Choose to follow my journey, each step of the way, and you will find out where you are in your journey and what comes next.


Keep our fires stoked by facing these challenges “head on”. For example, an opportunity came my way that was in conflict with my passion. I was selected for an intensive training program (real hand holding and person to person), that could EXAMPLES OVERCOMING OBSTACLESmaybe bring dollars into my life more rapidly. I was emotionally tempted with the shiny thing, however it meant changing my focus away from my passion, leaving 4 months of work behind and starting again! Bitter pill I was not about to swallow. I faced the dilemma and it took me about a week to discover a way I could have my cake and eat it too!

Instead of changing direction, moving away from my passion, I found a way to weave the program criteria into my passion. Much to my delight, this move has been accepted and I’M IN! Woo Hoo!

I guess what I learned from this, is obstacles can be overcome if we look at them wisely and not allow our emotions to make the decision. I practiced what I preach by staying on track following my passion, thought outside the box and VOILA!


We are all faced with obstacles when learning new things. Emotional obstacles are perhaps the most common. For me to follow my passion (personal development) I needed to find a way to promote my thoughts and opinions. This meant building my website. I am not a tech savvy guru, more like a babe in the woods, however threw myself into the deep end. I was faced with numerous technical tasks where I felt totally at sea. I needed no idea of what I was doing and robotically followed instructions, banking on the hope that I needed followed the instructions properly.

On many occasions I needed misunderstood or missed some !#! gorgeous#&# little thing and what was supposed to happen didn’t happen. This caused me great frustration, overwhelm and I often ended up wound up tight as a spring. Time to walk away for a bit, breathe and be kind to ourselves. When learning something new we need to accept that sometimes it will be challenging and with passionate perseverance we will win.

I am glad to report that these basic technical skills have now become automatic, now I do them without even thinking about the how. I am constantly facing new technical tasks and when frustrated, I recall my knowing it will eventually fall into place. I keep my fire stoked!


HOW TO STICK WITH A PLANRemember that goddamn 12 Month Plan we put on paper previously? Because we are researching and learning new things about our passions new bells and whistles are constantly in our face. Ooooo that looks good, want to try that one etc. What do these bells and whistles do? They distract us from our plan and we spend/waste hours exploring the how, why and when they might be handy? Do you agree?

We have a goal for the week and the month and this needs to be forefront in our minds daily. I keep reminding myself each day, now what is it I am focused on this week. I then go looking for anything that can help me achieve my goals.

Being able to tick off tasks brings us great satisfaction (that “I did it, woo hoo” feeling) and has us charging forward to the next step to get that feeling again.

When we stay focused and can tick off little steps along the way that brings us tremendous pleasure we move closer to the end game. Furthermore, before we know it we have achieved our weekly goal.


Do you know what, this doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. I have read over and over that successful people surround themselves with like-minded people. By keeping company with others who are taking responsibility for their actions we automatically receive “free” mentoring. Like minded people share what is happening, how they did it, or how they overcame the very same obstacle. They willingly lift us up when we are down, point us in the right direction and have our backs. AndHOW TO STICK WITH A PLAN we delight in doing the same for them. We have our own community and so do the entrepreneurs.

I have discovered when I was wallowing around in the “norm” with my friends, we were all complaining about how tough life was, how stupid the pollies are, discussing the pros and cons of renewable energy etc. etc. and you know where I am going with this. In essence, we were wasting our lives, totally unaware of the way out of the rat race and keeping each other in the mud. Poignant quote comes to mind: “How can we soar with the eagles when we are mixing with the turkeys”. When we set our sights on being successful, we naturally surround ourselves with friends that take responsibility for themselves, are on the same journey and support our endeavours.


I am proud of those of you that have discovered your unique talent and need a way to promote them.  Online marketing is fast becoming the “norm” (I might add a good “norm”) and in my opinion is the best way to expose and promote your talents.

After much researching I managed to sort the scams from the authentic ones.  I joined Wealthy Affiliates and into the bargain came an exceptional community of like minded people that have held my hand and continue to support my endeavours.  Are you ready to showcase your talent?  YES!  Join for free, have a look around and come with me on this roller coaster life giving ride.  I too will be there to hold your hand and get your back.


AND I AM LOVING IT! Do you know what, I am aware now, that I am living my life on a higher level. How did this happen you might ask? It happened with a hell of a lot of hard work, questioning, exploring and discovery. My journey is documented here in the pages of Hello To Happier Days. Maybe these pages can help you out? I discovered self help programs, cheat sheets  and hypnosis downloads that are common in today’s world, and are designed to speed up our progress.  We will need to trash our comfort zones and become liberated adults to take advantage of these programs.  Help is everywhere. Do you want another helping hand?  YES!  Try this Cheat Sheet for free.

I am happier than I ever was, leading an exhilarating uplifting life, that is meaningful because I chose to find happiness.


Do you know what, I could beg you to challenge the “norm”, get out of your comfort zone, force yourselves off the couch, follow your passion, discover your unique talent and take action but it would all be in vain. You and only you can take responsibility for what we want out of our lives. It’s all there for the taking for all of us. Believe me there is nothing special about me.

Hey people, if you want to make a start, it is my job to help you out . Meanwhile, my writing my thoughts on paper helps me to reinforce the strength, courage and attitude to follow my passion.

I would love you to share your thoughts, experiences and understanding life’s processes so we can help each other and all grow together.


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Cheers now and HELLO TO HAPPIER DAYS for you all.


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  1. Thanks for your post Jill – it’s so true that we need to get away from our “comfort zone” or nothing will change! We have our dreams and wants and whys but we need to transform ourselves from the caterpillar into the butterfly to really fly. I have been doing something similar to you and although it is a bit scary, it is also very exciting and I am learning a lot about myself and how I really can achieve my goals if I am open to what is offered to me and willing to act! I wish you well on your journey and I’ll check in to see how your are traveling! Thanks again

    1. Hi Lindsay, I love your comment about caterpillar to butterfly. That truly explains getting out of our comfort zones in a nutshell. Hey, it is scary and not easy however the rewards are exciting and my self confidence has reached the heights! Thanks for sharing and joining the conversation.
      Cheers AJ

  2. It can definitely be challenging when you are faced with obstacles in your life. For a lot of people just giving up may seem like the easy thing to do, but persevering and learning how to overcome these challenges and setbacks can go a long way towards leading a better and happier life. Great read, thank you!

  3. As humans we have a tendency to drown in our sorrows, feeling sorry for ourselves, but this only perpetuates the problem.

    I agree with you that only we can take responsibility for what we want out of life. That is very different from feeling sorry for ourselves.

    Once we take responsibility for ourselves, how we choose to respond to a situation can either make us or break us. And if we have a sympathetic ear to steer us in the right direction that is always a plus.

    I enjoyed your post and look forward to visiting again for help or to offer help. Thanks!

    1. Hi Christie, Hey, Thanks for joining the conversation. When we are feeling sorry, we make emotional decisions. The best decisions are made from a place of clarity and the answers are easily spotted. We make life so complicated! Cheers Jill

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