Goal No: 5 Action Our Talent. Fired up and ready to nail it? In previous articles we’ve found our passion which led to discovering our talent. Now it’s time to tickle our soul and act on our preordained talent.

Fire gives us the energy to dedicate our efforts to our passions. With determination, consistent and persistent hard work we can bring it home!


Working with our talents is not remotely like the daily grind it used to be when working for a boss. When working for a boss we are not passionately motivated or deeply interested in the company’s future. Sure we give our best but our hearts arePASSION, FIRE AND TALENT not truly in it.

Our passionate talents inspire automatic enthusiasm and motivation. We can’t wait to get into again. Our efforts have grunt and we are turbo charged.

We are alive and up to any challenge that comes our way. With persistent exploration we overcome any challenge and nail it!


Ingvar Kamprad, billionaire extraordinaire and founder of IKEA quoted “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow”.

I found this surprising. When we achieve we celebrate, reward ourselves and feel good. I believe what Ingvar is saying is we get distracted from the main game celebrating a small but significant goal along the way. I know I indulge myself for too long, wasting precious time with jubilation.

Focusing on “what can be done better tomorrow” moves us closer to our end game. It is said that Ingvar continually had his butt up and head down consistently pursuing ways to help his customers more and the flatpack was born.

The lesson here is if we keep focused on what we are doing, do more of it every single day, find what can be done better to help people, we will be so busy and by the time we look up “poof” the money has followed us.

I am hoping to obtain permission to attach an inspiring article about Kamprad’s journey for those interested.  Watch this space.


Isn’t it great? We have discovered our talent, ignited our fire, we are burning with the energy to go after our passion and help people along the way.

Now we need to push the dedication, determination, persistent and consistent effort buttons. I never said any of this wasTEDIOUS AND BORING easy, a free ride or a quick fix. Ask ourselves HOW MUCH DO WE WANT IT? I want it big time!

I am a bit of a rebel and found the next step almost unacceptable! There’s nothing exciting and exhilarating about putting a plan on paper. It is just plain boring for me. How people do a 5 year plan is beyond me. Yet I knew I had to have a plan otherwise it would be like building a house by starting with the roof, then the tap fittings, choosing the window frames and the doors, then starting the foundations,  off to choose the toilet, you get where I am going with this?


We need to have, at least, a 1 year plan with goals for every month. I intensely dislike planning and goal setting however, for the first time in my life, I disciplined myself and I was surprised at the benefits. I now have clear direction, I have identified where to start and steps along the way. It is clear as day what my next 12 months will look like. I wake up every morning knowing what I am going to do.

Amazingly, when I began to put the plan on paper, it became obvious to me what the logical ordered steps were.

Without this plan I did things willy-nilly, consequently I was all over the place with nothing connecting the tasks I accomplished. Like building that house above!  I have to, somewhat reluctantly, admit It is common sense to have a paper plan and weekly, monthly goals.


WORK OUR BUTTS OFFRemember Ingvar? Butts up and head down. Surprisingly, my passion gives me pleasure in doing the necessary tasks. I am exhilarated when I discover better ways of doing things, those aah ha moments. In a nutshell I could describe it as exhilarating learning. The point here is, in the main, I love what I need to do. When in this passionate state it is not hard to stay focused and I want to throw myself into each day with enthusiasm.

Not every single thing is exhilarating, like replying to emails and tending to the “weeds” however they need to be dealt with. Personally, I choose to get them out of the way first thing knowing that my day from then on is going to be exhilarating.


The daily grind that is so familiar to all of us is nothing but survival mode. We accept the rubbish we have been conditioned to accept by the social norms, our teachers, parents and peers. Being in survival mode robs us of our true potential and we stay stuck with the brain washed masses. It is not easy to challenge social norms, choose what we like in our conditioning and trash the remainder.

Let me ask you this: Do you want out of survival mode? Do you want to love the life you live? Do you want to feel enthusiastic and alive every day? If you answered YES, what are you going to do about it? There is no magic wand.


Look back in your life for 5 minutes and recall the magical moments when you felt invincible. Have a look, I promise youINVINCIBLE they are there. I have explained what to look for in my previous article. Now you will know what it feels like, how happy and alive you felt and how you could take on the world. Do you agree? That feeling is the heightened natural state of being that we are all born with and we connect with now and then.

Do you want to feel that way every day You can! You can reconnect with it at will, by following your passion, discovering your talent, lighting your fire and taking action.

In my previous articles titled Top 10 Personal Development Goals Nos: 1-4 I have outlined the steps to take to help you reconnect to, what is, so I’ve discovered, our natural state of being. If you are serious about how to love life more, and I know you are, take action, invest in yourself with this self-help program.


The modern self help programs will have us retreating into our comfort zones at a million miles an hour. Why? We are simply not familiar with the jargon or the methods.  I dislike the word “manifest” and have replaced it with “create” (aaah I’m comfortable with that) and decided to throw myself in the deep end.

In amongst the jargon and the unfamiliar, I found a 5 step formulae that makes perfect sense to me.  Remember, I threw myself into the deep end and believe me I came up swimming like a champion.Same with the hypnosis downloads, I thought, how will I ever know if I don’t try it.  You want to try one?  Here’s one for free.


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It has been exhilerating chatting with you. As always, to help you out, I suggest investing in Hypnosis Downloads and self help program to speed up your progress.

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