Finally, A Way To Put Yourself In The Running For Wealth Creation Like The Cool Dudes Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start!


The ONLY way to create wealth is to have your own business.  Oh, I hear you! “I’m not good enough to do that, I’m not smart enough, I don’t know what or how to do anything like that!” Just listen to your monkey on your shoulder ruling the roost yet again and feeding you bull ….   TIME TO STOP LISTENING TO THE LIES!

Rouse your ballsiness, gutsiness, take the bull… by the horns, defeat the friggin bull…… be an action taker and WIN! That’s your first action!

Click and take action to reserve your spot and start your own on line business.

I highly recommend The Knowledge Business Blueprint which requires an investment in yourself.  The reason for this is the extraordinary software packages provided for free, the best “hand holding” ever, training like never before and business secrets to help you understand Wealth Creation and the “how to”.  Tony and Dean have given their all to show us how to create a successful business of our own, based on sharing decades of their accumulated knowledge and refining the processes to make it simple for newbies.


The monkey on your shoulder (your comfort zone) or a vibrant life force that will bring you happiness like you have never had as well as your ideal life, your dream life?


Will you choose the “same ol, same ol”, different day same shite or will you choose a dynamic vibrant life?


Do you dream of a vibrant happy wealthy life? The only person stopping you from having it is YOU! How does that feel? YOU are the one that is stopping yourself from having it all. It’s not the knowledge, nor the capabilities, nor the being smarter. That can all be learned if you are hungry enough? I was a HUNGRY PENSIONER and I learned them all why can’t you?

You, like me, are probably going to be the only employee in your on line business and we have to wear all the hats! The Manager hat, the marketing hat, the IT hat, the content hat, the traffic hat, and every other friggin hat required to build a successful and fulfilling business. I long for the day where I can employ a small team to share the load. It will come!

Do you know what? I am the happiest I’ve ever been, I’ve uncovered my vibrant life force that has me moving closer and closer to my dream ideal life every single day. I am required to work harder than I ever have and I am loving and thriving on it knowing I am getting better and better and closing in on my dream.



Helen Keller Quote
Wealth Creation Tips

In my experience my (cultivated and home made) winning mindset is the ONLY thing that keeps me thriving on the many challenges we face as business owners. I understand what I need to draw on (from my mindset) to help me overcome obstacles as they come up. And believe me obstacles are part of the journey whether we like it or not.

Yes, we all face obstacles and I have learned that by conquering each one I come out the other side armed with priceless new knowledge/wisdom. I’m now addicted to this new knowledge and can’t wait to find my way through and experience the winning feeling and being pumped up with new knowledge. What a reward! I have faced many challenges and conquered them because of my mindset.



To trash my comfort zone (the lying monkey on my shoulder) I needed to cultivate:

  1. Courage and bravery
  2. Consistency, persistence
  3. Enthusiasm (the type that gives your goosebumps)
  4. Drive (Your dream will gift you this) accompanied by patience
  5. Attitude like “I got this no matter what!”
  6. Determination
  7. Fire in your belly
  8. Love yourself (and others) like you have never loved before
  9. Conquer whatever falls on your path,( your own naysayer that lives in your comfort zone), the obstacles etc.
  10. Authenticity/integrity/ honesty
  11. Take Massive Action
  12. Self Education: Have an inquiring Mind: research, discover, be curious, learn and apply
  13. Eat the elephant: ONE bite at a time (elly jelly, elly meatballs, elly pate- want the recipes?)
  14. Be gentle with yourself: You are on a MASSIVE LEARNING CURVE
  15. Sense of humour.  Have a wee RANT every now and then, followed by laughs and smiles

One I didn’t mention deliberately because I wanted to highlight it is:  Be content to go at your own pace. I do not compare my progress to anyone else’s however I make it a “must” to progress every day in some way, shape or form. Sometimes it’s a big leap, sometimes it’s a small step and sometime’s it’s a barely visible crack. ” Chip away at it” is my motto.

Dressed in these weapons I wake up with vibrant “let me at it” energy every day. If I could bottle this energy I would be a billionaire! It would be a bad thing! Cultivating these weapons brings that priceless knowledge/wisdom I talked about.


Modern day teenagers and youngsters in their 20s have embraced the opportunities to build a business on line and we now have millionaires in their twenties. How extraordinary is that?

I started as a Senior, with no IT experience, and dependent on the pension. I hated it and there wasn’t enough money to do anything that was FUN! I was going to die having had a mediocre penniless existence. I had to find a way, had to TAKE ACTION and DO something.

After months of research and authentication with regard to on line business opportunities I discovered Knowledge Business Blueprint (Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi Teachers Extraordinaire) and Wealthy Affiliates. I joined both!  They are both the real deal!  I’ve taken the hardship out of finding the real deal and there is no scam here.

When I was a beginner I chose Wealthy Affiliates. It is free to join for 7 days and have a look around at the platform. You can actually start the excellent training course so you know what to expect and read the inspiring, helpful blogs written by the members to help each other get over sticky spots and report their progress and their wins. Great jubilation and celebrations!

You can learn about “keywords” and check out the free Jaxxy Keyword Program. Later you can build 2 well protected websites for free. The community is strong and will hold your hand as you learn. This was a huge plus for me, I was so naive about the processes.  Hit the link below to get all the info!



If I died before fulfilling my ideal life I would die happy and contented with a smile on my face, knowing my latter life had been “one helleva ride”. If I haven’t been able to inspire you perhaps the INVICTUS GAMES motto will! The Invictus Games feature Athletes across all sports that are disabled. These heroes have been through excruciating pain experiences, have lost limbs, some are now in wheel chairs etc. Here it is: I AM: The Master Of My Fate, The Captain Of My Soul.

Cheers Jill


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  1. Hello, Jill and thanks for the pep talk. Everyone who reads this should feel encouraged and inspired as am I.  

    I feel like you are talking directly to me.  I struggle with many of the things you mention and am still trying to change that mindset that has sooooo dug itself into my psyche.  It’s not easy to get that out of there.

    The “Invictus Motto”… I need to find a way to put that in the start-up window of my computer so I see every time I turn it on.

    Inspired so, thank you.  Very tired of the status quo.


    1. Hey Wayne,  Oops!  I didn’t mean my post to be a “lecture!”  I decided to cut the softer lingo and give it the way it is!  The list of attributes is a comprehensive one.  Certainly I understand how challenging it is to transform our mindsets from same ol to a winning mindset. I took old attitudes and beliefs 2-3 at a time and conquered them. Suddenly it became easier to trash unhelpful habits having experienced the benefits of changing a few. 

      What helped me enormously was daily doses of Dean Graziosi.  He has hand holding videos and posts all over social media.  Praps he can help you too!

      Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your honesty. Cheers Jill 

  2. What a great, inspirational article.  I love the idea of joining a self-improvement program at the same time as an educational program like Wealthy Affiliate.  Sometimes we need a little more of a push to complete our self-studies.  As you noted, self-education is one of Tony’s steps in living an ideal life.  They really go hand in hand,  Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!

    1. Hey Ashley, You wonderful man!  I hadn’t quite realised, “running a self improvement program at the same time as an educational program” is the recipe for never ending success.  It is so obvious to me now that they go hand in hand.  Thank you so much for this inspiration.  The best of the best to you!  Cheers Jill 

  3. You have really gone a long way with this beautiful post here. I can understand what you mean by the comfort zone or the monkey on the shoulder. I have been is that spot before and if one doesn’t let go and work as hard as possible well, you have said it all yourself. This is a beautiful post. Not only does it inspire, it also educates. Its true, there are online platforms where one can become very successful. I joined wealthy affiliate after a long round of skepticism. I found out how useful it was, it wasn’t too late but I had wasted so much time and like the saying goes, time is money and money is wealth. So the more time we waste to take those important life changing decisions, the more wealth we are losing out on. Awesome post!

    1. Hey, Thank you for joining the conversation.  I didn’t mean to be rude in my post, but decided to say it how it really is.  Hang onto our comfort zones and we will keep getting the same results of a mediocre life.  To get ahead and in the running for wealth creation requires our own business (that one is the easy one) and massive courage to take a leap of faith in ourselves and check out what is holding us back, scaring us and baulking us.  Once we dismiss these old habits and embrace new weapons we are off and running.  The best of the best to you!  

      Cheers Jill

  4. I feel like this article is peeling off my thick skin while I was reading through it. It is true that mindset is the first and  most important tool needed to create wealth. Having the mindset that everything is possible would actually make everything possible and easy to achieve rather than nursing the negativities attached to all the openings.
    I battle with lot of things in my life and right now, all I need to do is just to arouse my self interest in whatever I want to do and just go for it. A man lives only but once. Thanks

    1. Hey Roland,  Thank you for contributing to the conversation.  You say that you battle with lots of things in life right now!  I know that to be true and you need to know you are not alone!  Developing a winning mindset and trashing our monkeys on our shoulders is one helluva challenge.  You know what?  It is possible with persistence and patience.  I never said it was easy however it is possible if we are hungry enough.

      Heed your own words:  “GO FOR IT!”  BE UNSTOPPABLE!  All the best, Cheers Jill

  5. Hi, Jill!  

    First of all, I need to tell you that I love the Helen Keller quote you included in this post.  It is so encouraging!  Also, I admire all of your encouraging advice.  You clearly understand the content you’re sharing, and you have me convinced that it is worth taking a further look into.  I also like your list of weapons – very true, and important to have such an arsenal!  Thank you for inspiring me to continue down this path to online marketing!  Best of luck to you as well.  🙂 

    1. Hey,  Thanks for contributing to the conversation. Oh yes!  Helen Keller has some truly remarkable quotes and this one is particularly relevant to people stuck in their comfort zones.  Wow I never thought of my weapons as arsenal!  I LIKE THAT WORD!  Thank you and the best of the best to you.  Cheers, Jill

  6. Hmm! This is everything I need to get my life running back on track and I’m glad I came across this post just at this crucial moment of my life. I have been self defeated on countless occasions though, this time around I just quit everything to give it all up but seeing this post has restored my courage. All I need to do is to believe and have a positive mindset towards the better days and everything would definitely be okay, soon. The invictus motto too is a nice addition and I think that would be my motto henceforth. Thanks so much for this post

    1. Hey Ramos,  Did I hear the “quit” word?  NO, NO,NO!  Dear friend, that is not an option – there is no growth in quitting and going back to tolerating Different Day Same Shite!  What helped me a ton was making some progress every single day.  It might be writing a post or even making a start on a post, it might be asking for help, it might be putting together a few “great” keywords or it might be taking on developing one or two of those weapons head on!  I am honoured that my post has restored your courage.  Truly, to live a happy vibrant life we have to be so BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS.  Congrats my friend on having the courage to go on!  Pat yourself on the back, treat yourself to ………… because you deserve it.  

      Our mission to our ideal life is a “work in progress”.  I do not compare myself to anyone else however I progress every single day in some way.  It may be a leap, a small step or an invisible crack.  The culture of progress every day will get your ideal life one bite at a time!  Cheers and the best of the best to you!  Jill

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