Finally, Next Essential Vital Steps For Starting Online Business, Help With Choosing: A Good Fit For You, Best Education And Best Attitude When You Don’t Know Where To Start. I Don’t Pull My Punches – You Get The Facts


The only way to wealth creation is to have your own online business and I am going to share with you how to get on the starting blocks and how to choose wisely.


I naively started a couple of bricks and mortar businesses and failed. Probably what you don’t want to hear!  Yes?  Read on, failing is the road to success!  I was determined to have my own business because I know it is the ONLY way to wealth creation and I want my ideal/dream life no matter what it takes. I AM HUNGRY!

This is what failure taught me! I realised the reasons my attempts failed was because I had No idea of how to make them work, NO marketing knowledge, NO IT Tech skills,  NO Winning Mindset.  I simply opened the doors and expected people to show up.  NAIVE eh?


I researched diligently and became acutely aware that business on the net is the modern way to have your own business.

Let me share with you what I’ve discovered about on line business.

Our teenagers through to early 20’s have taken to business on line and there are more and more of them that are now millionaires in their early 20’s!  I find this staggering and amazing!  How about you?

Well, as a vibrant Senior, I was not going to be shown up by kids!  I pulled out my ballsiness, courage and hungry enthusiasm and took to the net.  VOILA!       I found what I was looking for!


There are 100’s of opportunities on line (beware, many are scams) and after due diligence and research I joined not one but two Programs.  I haven’t quite caught up to those teenagers yet but I am closing on their heels!

Remember I failed because I had NO knowledge, NO idea of how to make a business work.

What I have weeded out for you is these two programs that have AWESOME, EASY TO FOLLOW TRAINING and strong supportive communities who will not only answer your questions and direct how to do it or where to go, but will keep you inspired, full of momentum and have your back.   Hand holding like never before.  You will never feel alone.  They are in fact your mentors.


The training gives you this needed knowledge:  Marketing on Social Media, IT skills, Content and Headline tips, templates (fill in the blanks), Search Engine Optimisation and all the education you need to launch your online business.  Depending on the capabilities you already have acquired (I had zero, NONE), will result in how fast your business will get a hold.  It will not happen overnight. 

Most of you will be on a massive learning curve (like me) so be prepared to work harder than you ever have and as you learn and grow so does your business.


Thomas Edison, Colonel Sanders, Henry Ford and countless others failed time and time again on their journeys to success. I believe Colonel Sanders took his famous recipe to some 60 odd people before he found the one that would help him.  Failure is part of the process.  Their driving force was not only could they could see the end product/service, their dream but their success would help others.


The knowing how and how to do it,  goes hand in hand with the right attitude.  Having the education alone will not get you there.  Without the ballsy, gutsy attitude and the hunger, I hate to say it, you will be doomed before you start.

Be prepared to groom your mindset BIG TIME! No BS.  I can give you the path to walk, how to get the education and it will be all in vain if you are not prepared to work on yourself, trash your comfort zone, learn, apply and master the mindset required to succeed.  Entrepreneurs/millionaires have owned this mindset and mastered it.

Helen Keller Quote
Wealth Creation Tips


This free bonus Winning Mindset list is the attributes anyone needs to be successful.  Many of them you will have already conquered and the others you will need to work on.  Tick off the list below.

    1. Courage and bravery and hunger
    2. Consistency, persistence
    3. Enthusiasm (the type that gives your goosebumps)
    4. Drive (Your dream will gift you this) accompanied by patience
    5. Attitude like “I got this no matter what!”
    6. Determination
    7. Fire in your belly
    8. Love yourself (and others) like you have never loved before
    9. Conquer whatever falls on your path,( your own naysayer that lives in your comfort zone), the obstacles etc.
    10. Authenticity/integrity/ honesty
    11. Take Massive Action
    12. Self Education: Have an inquiring Mind: research, discover, be curious, learn and apply
    13. Eat the elephant: ONE bite at a time (elly jelly, elly meatballs, elly pate- want the recipes?)
    14. Be gentle with yourself: You are on a MASSIVE LEARNING CURVE
    15. Sense of humour.  Have a wee RANT every now and then, followed by laughs and smiles

One I didn’t mention deliberately because I wanted to highlight it is:  Be content to go at your own pace. I do not compare my progress to anyone else’s however I make it a “must” to progress every day in some way, shape or form. Sometimes it’s a big leap, sometimes it’s a small step and sometime’s it’s a barely visible crack. ” Chip away at it” is my motto.



How many did you tick off?  I bet it was more than you thought.  Let me know in the comments below.

Dressed in this winning arsenal I wake up with vibrant “let me at it” energy every day. If I could bottle this energy I would be a billionaire! It would be a bad thing! Cultivating these weapons brings priceless knowledge/wisdom that will enhance your entire life.


Now you know what education and attributes you need to have for a successful online business, you will want to choose between the two programs I talked about.   I don’t want you to go in cold and unprepared, so I will give you the run down on both to help you choose wisely and which  is the best fit for you in my Mastermind.



It has been my pleasure to share with you.  Sometimes the timing is perfect. Is the information  I have given you what you needed to know?  I decided to give you another free bonus breathing technique that will help with anxiety, frustration, . relaxation and sleep.  Go now and BE UNSTOPPABLE. You are AMAZING.  Cheers Jill


This breathing technique is great for anxiety, frustration, sleep and relaxation.  Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Repeat 3-5 times. Quick and easy

Click Here  and meet me!  Another bonus!!!!

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  1. Thanks for your article and I couldn’t agree more with you that getting out of our comfort zone is surely one of the best ways to becoming a success. Making money online requires patience, diligence and constancy as that would ascertain progress. I like this article for the tips you have shared. Also, the Happier Days Mastermind is surely a must join for me as I’m sure I would learn a lot in there. Thanks

    1. Hey,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  Our comfort zones rob us of creating wealth big time!  I tell you what, once I trashed my comfort zone, my life was enhanced across the board. Career, relationships and health.  My energy turned from have boring and little to having vibrant “let me at it” energy all day.  Look forward to meeting you in the Mastermind.  Cheers Jill

  2. This really is a fantastic post, I have been trying to build an online affiliate marketing business for quite a while now with limited success, I have been reading various articles etc in an attempt to get some tips and ideas and I am so pleased that I stumbled across this post, it has given me a whole now perspective and some great info, tips and ideas, I have bookmarked your website for future reference and I will be coming back to check on more of your posts, thank you for sharing. 

    1. Hey Russ,  Thank you for your comments.  So happy I was able to help with your perspective.  It has taken time and overcoming many challenges for me to put this recipe for a winning mindset together.  Blood, sweat and tears in fact!  There has to be some hardship to bring us to our senses, when trying to trash our comfort zones.  Believe me, the rewards are well worth all the discomfort and tears.  Good luck with your venture.  Cheers Jill

  3. Oh this is very good. I like how your posts can be both inspiring and educative.  You have given us a good recommendation for us to make money and nothing can be as helpful as that. Many times I have been scammed and that’s a very bad thing. Thank you so much for the help and the bonus too. I will check out Happier Days Mastermind. Again, thank you!

    1. Hey John,  Thanks for joining the conversation.  Sorry to hear you have been scammed.  The online business opportunities are a minefield.  I researched many of them before making a choice.  So glad I did.  My pleasure to help you.  Cheers Jill

  4. Jill

    This article is awesome! I remember being there…at the very bottom, rejected, exhausted, with nowhere left to turn, feeling like a complete failure and wondering if perhaps quitting EVERYTHING is my best option. And then thinking that tomorrow is another day…maybe… I remember opening my “Notebook of Goals” where I wrote down all of my goals that I wanted to accomplish…some of them over two years old, and being no closer to any of them now than I was two years ago…. and all of them looking completely impossible still today.

    Maybe if I had access to your wisdom a while back I would have saved myself some unnecessary stress. Like when you say “Be content to go at your own pace”…what a great line!

    I think that I have figured out that determination trumps talent, physical weakness, fear and any other problem, real or imagined… 

    You have amazing information and you have an amazing way of presenting it. What you say and how you say it…makes the world a better place

    Thank you


    1. Hey Dennis,  Thank you for these compliments.  I am blushing!!  Being content to go at your pace and resisting comparing yourself to others was the best realisation I ever had.  It takes unbelievable pressure off and makes progress possible at a gentle relaxed pace.  I hope people will hear this and will be amazed at their steady progress.  Thanks for your comments.  Cheers Jill

  5. Anything Tony Robbins is a winner in my book! You have knocked it out of the park with the mindset and you have got it to give in spades. This is one of the best I have read in a long time. I have taken your list and wrote it out also. Thank you for that and the inspiration.

    1. Hey Cathy,  Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are teachers extraordinaire!  Check out Dean Graziosi on Social Media EVERYWHERE if you want or need to get pumped up!  He does it for me every time!  Thanks for your compliments.  I am slightly blushing.  Honoured that I have been able to help you.  Cheers Jill

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