JILLHello To Happier Days is my introduction to you.

CONTACT DETAIL:  jillxyz@bigpond.com

I was birthed on a farm and whoever would have thought I would end up building a Laptop Lifestyle!! Now that I have and I know the happiness success brings, it is my mission to serve others by designing Courses on How To Advertise A Business Online.


I was lucky to have been born a positive person. Lucky me!  By the time I was in my twenties and life had thrown me some curved balls (e.g. divorce) I started to drift away from being myself – being a positive person. I had my fair share of success for some 25 years however knew I was going nowhere. I wanted to live a stress free life and still have my share of the goodies. Around menopause and being a risk taker, I spat the dummy, resigned my Managerial Job, rented my Unit and traveled to London.

Upon my return to Australia, I was still no closer to the life I wanted, i.e. no stress and enough money to feel secure.   With this awareness I continued my travel, around Australia trying to find the answer. I kept doing the same thing and got the same results. How insane was that?

Suddenly, Boom!  In 1996 I enrolled in Charles Darwin University and after two years came home with an Associate Diploma In Fine Art.  My creativity had made itself known to me.

I was enjoying my life (e.g. remarried) but was forever chasing peace and security. I continued to stagnate, for many years. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILAR?

Acutely aware that my life was fast drifting away in front of my eyes (I am a senior now), I had to do something. TAKE ACTION. POSITIVE ACTION! I fervently looked for any type of self-help books, watched Tony Robbins on YouTube and more,  and my consciousness grew and grew and continues to grow.  It was time to “do something” with my creativity .


My life is beginning to greatly reward me for my efforts and dedication. It is my job here today, to help others with Elements In A Design. It is all there for you to DIY your own Social Media Advertisements and more.  It begins with taking the first step.


To take you on the journey with me. I have the tools to tweak your interest, will share my experiences and therefore help you to understand and give you examples.  I have found a humorous way to approach this learning and consequently it is fun to do.  I have heaps to give you and if you are serious,  hang out for a while on my site.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



CONTACT:  jillxyz@bigpond.com


    1. HI James, Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad I am inspiring you. Do you know what, when I write I often find solutions to my own problems and boy, that inspires me. Writing things down is amazing, it brings such clarity. Cheers, Jill

  1. Keep on going Jill!! I am working on my own website too through sharing my own life experience and trying to connect people with coffee and more! Life is amazing and hope to see you in person! Cheers.

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