This is a bit like saying “does everyone have a dark side?” The human ego is the force that prevents us from having what we really want, our dream life.


Do you resonate with “I feel stuck”. Our dark side (or our ego) runs on auto pilot whether we are aware of it consciously or not and often brings us to the point of feeling stuck. The ego consists of all the (mostly negative) behaviours we have learned from our parents, our school teachers even the press. The press these days reports negative news constantly and our egos soak it up and throws it back at us and we act on false ego guidance.


The ego is at its most damaging when we are unaware of its presence and running on auto pilot. I would like to think these days, that most people are aware or becoming aware of their egos. Are you? Simply make a statement like “I’m going to have a yacht and sail around the world, I’m going to have a Porsche very soon, I’m going to be CEO at my work place in a year or two” and then listen to your ego laughing, taunting you and telling you all the reasons why you won’t succeed.


I’m going to share with you an experience I had this very morning. I have been personally developing and working on myself for many years and believe me I know my ego well. In the last two months I have built the backbone of my online business to the extent of being ready for it to return the substantial profits I dream of. On the way I have fought many battles with my ego and won.  Want to know more, check this quiz.

This morning I asked myself “Why am I not earning dollars yet? My site still needs tweaking, however it is ready to go.” I’m ready, its not happening, I am stuck again. Off I go to look at what my ego is doing this time!

After quietly reflecting on what might be happening up came “I’m afraid of success, this is too big for me, I won’t be able to handle it”.

Ego Intellect

My ego was mouthing off to prevent me from moving forward to claim the success that I deserve and is right there in front of me. I then went and did an easy technique (more on this later), that took me deeper still and up came more layers, “people won’t love me when I’m significantly successful, I’ll feel so lonely, I’ll lose all my friends”. I might say this last one, “losing my friends” rattled me! I will devote a paragraph to this later. Blocks that are thrown up at us are dark energy fields and my dream thoughts are light energy fields. While ever this block of dark energy is in place, my dream energy fields will bounce back. Does this make sense? If not, try to have an open mind and explore the possibility. It helped me to understand and brought me clarity.


I am a logical person and somewhat skeptical about dark energy fields etc. I have persisted in calling them negative thoughts, speak and action however after being around and researching this stuff for years, I am now prepared to call it as it is. A Dark Energy Force Field. Why you might ask? Simply because this field is so powerful. By my seeing and acknowledging its true power, calling it for what it is, I know I have taken its power away. I now know what I am dealing with, I see it for what it is, a force field that can be broken down and conquered. In order to understand, what we are really dealing with, I had to move out of my comfort zone. Will you move out of your comfort zone?

Dark energy fields are low vibrations. How do we conquer them you ask?


Simply with high vibrations. I ask myself “Do I want all the riches of life e.g. happiness, love, laughter, joy, togetherness, harmony, wealth, health, abundance etc?” My answer is yes, and if i have to move out of my comfort zone to achieve what I truly want, I WILL.

We believe in ancient healing arts of Reiki, Acupuncture, Naturopaths, Massage, astrology, physics etc? These practices all work with energy fields e.g. meridians, Qi, chakras etc. So why not our egos? I am accepting of them all as energy fields. Perhaps they take us out of our comfort zone again. This is up to you.


I love my friends and the thought of losing them rocks my core. I have had time to reflect on this and I accept it is possible. I realise right now, my life and my friends are all operating on a lower vibration than I wish to achieve. I am determined to find true happiness before I die. I choose to operate on a higher vibration and it is probably natural that some of my friends will no longer resonate with me and drift away. This thought saddens me and I know I will grieve however I haven’t worked so hard to let this stop me. It is my hope that, maybe, just maybe I can bring them along with me.


I was introduced to what is called the EFT (Emotional FreedoomTechnique) which is simply tapping on 8 acupuncture points with our fingers while saying what is blocking us e.g. I’m afraid of success but I will embrace and love it. This will align our meridians and over, quite a short time, will melt the block away and therefore open the door. You guessed it, we are working with our energy fields. I first heard of this technique through my astrologer friend, thought it was a bit weird, so went off to research it. I found it everywhere and discovered Bob Doyle and Carol Look.

Bob Doyle featured in the documentary “The Secret” and has his own site called Wealth Beyond Reason. Google him and you will discover videos where he talks about the Law Of Attraction from a logical, scientific and reasonable mode that is easier to accept and not so out there. I didn’t have to move so far out of my comfort zone with his explanation. Lovely man in the video. He showcases the EFT technique in his work, comments it is a bit weird, however it works. I have found it works for me too. It is now up to you.


Again, I have enjoyed sharing and chatting with you all. My vulnerability is out there in this one however I am willing to be vulnerable in order to increase your knowledge, or at least have you question what is becoming more common place in 2019. I invite you to share your experiences, especially with EFT if you use it, so we can help each other to a happier, all of life’s riches lifestyle. Cheers now, Jill

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4 Replies to “WHAT IS THE HUMAN EGO?”

  1. Loved reading and thank you. I’m personally trying to get out of my ego myself and as we say in AA “my ego is not my amigo”. My ego is telling me I can’t succeed in my pursuit of happiness and wealth. I know I’m happy I have a job that I love and pushes me every day! I’m out of my comfort zone growing and learning and happy about it and life. I’m obviously avoiding that wealth and how to achieve or even how to start, and the funny thing is, it’s not even for me, it’s for my family. Where to start? Guess I’ll start on that quiz and go from there. Thank you, again.

    1. Hi Jason, Thank you for your contribution. Love that motto “my ego is not my amigo”. Says it all. Being out of our comfort zones brings new opportunities, new insights and uplifts us. Go man go. It is obvious that you are growing every day. Doing it for your family is honourable however YOU DESERVE all the riches of life too my friend. Let me know what you found out about yourself through the quiz if you are willing. Happy journeying. Cheers Jill

  2. This was interesting. I guess I didn’t fully understand what the human ego is and how powerful it is. I had not heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique. Perhaps I have been ignoring my ego but I’m sure that it has been active nonetheless. I should probably pay more attention.

    1. Hi Theresa, Thanks for your comments. Yes you are right. Our egos are continually active whether we are aware or not. Cheers Jill

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