If we would only tune in, resonate and become synchronised with our higher vibrations we would be given such knowledge. And we can. Does it seem out of our comprehension, then let’s try looking in our own back yard to become aware of the sad state of our own plot: OUR WORLD


WHERE ARE WE UNIVERSE?We have countries going bankrupt, politicians who seem to have no idea how to govern and apparently only know how to spend their time infighting, accusing, exposing affairs and such trivia. Our press, around the world, seem to mostly report disturbing news e.g. deaths, murders, drownings, fraudulent behaviour, terrorist activity, pedophiles, retirement village abuse, violence and the list of troubled behaviours, attitudes is rampid and petty. Do you notice the common factor in the above. NEGATIVITY. Low vibrations are simply a waste of energy, time and spirit. I want nothing to do with it. How about you?


We awake to a brand new day that could be so different to all the yesterdays if we choose it to be. What do we do? Exactly what we did yesterday. Each hour, day, month is the same as our yesterdays. It’s like we are in a trance, a robot without intelligence, a tired well worn machine. We are in a coma, totally unaware of our repetitious behaviour, that we ourselves are contributing to, living in, and surrounded ourselves with low vibrations and energies.  Find out more about yourself in this 30 second QUIZ



We all, every single one of us, have it right there inside us, at our fingertips waiting, waiting, waiting for us to become conscious and move from living our robotic disconnected lives. Being the curious and claiming my sub conscious person that I am I asked myself: “Is this truly what my life is supposed to look like, to be, boring repetitious years, mediocre, basic survival with flashes of joy til death do us part?” My heart screamed back at me NO, NO, NO! We could all ask ourselves the same question? Will we do it?

In our hearts, I would guess, that all of us know there is something missing, something more, something meaningful. A way to live our lives that is purposeful, brings joy, happiness and contributes to the very meaning of life for us all.


Our brilliance and genius is sitting there waiting to be discovered in our sub consciousness if we would only connect and embrace a more meaningful, purposeful path. To connect I believe we need to be open, to get out of our comfort zone and explore, accept these concepts of low and high vibrations, low and high energies, trigger our curiosity, learn and broaden our understanding of what the universe is.  I can share with you, with utmost confidence, that we are powerful blobs of energy that take a human form. We are souls, blobs of universal energy dressed in a human body. Furthermore the trees, the mountains, the sun, moon, stars, the animals, birds, flowers, earth, everything is chips of the same universal energy. “A chip off the old block” so to speak and puts this in perspective.

Does this make sense?  Does to me!  I know I am the same energy as a tree or a bird. Strip back the image and look at the perfect energy inside in all things.  This is scientifically supported by meta physics.

When we accept that we are energy it is easier to understand and want to choose to live with high energy, high vibrations. We are one with whatever energy we decide to connect with, follow and stay connected to. I say follow our knowing hearts.  So does one of my teachers Joe Vitale.  Follow the link and check him out.


Have you heard of people who need something and it suddenly turns up, might  be money, help, a partner, a health related answer, a mentor, a teacher. Once we decide to open up, go for, discover, nurture, tune into and accept our brilliance, our genius (high energy) we synchronise with high energy and whatever we need to accomplish our brilliance and genius is given or shown to us.   This helps us to be purposeful and meaningful and therefore contribute to a better, compassionate, healthy and incredible world.


My original question: Where Are We Universe? In pretty bad shape and in dire need of leaders to emerge from their comas and release/contribute their brilliant talents, innate knowing, healing, heartfelt visions to reconnect again with life as it was meant to be. I see evidence of these leaders/teachers emerging in small numbers around our world and they would welcome some help to bring those, still in a coma, back to a life fulfilled with happiness and wonder. Will we start shaking off the coma, opening up, getting out of our comfort zones, exploring, delving, learning, acquiring the necessary knowledge and researching new concepts to follow our paths to a meaningful life?  We only need to open up our sub-conscious.


I am so sick and tired of a boring and meaningless life, it has driven me to explore. This is what I’ve discovered. I sincerely hope my new knowledge has resonated with some part of you all. If it helps or simply stimulates one person to start asking questions I will be grateful. Please share your experiences and comments with us so we can embrace meaningful lives and grow together. Disagree with me if you wish. I needed to stretch myself to accept what I discovered and I am glad I did. I enjoyed chatting and sharing my opinion. Until next time, cheers now, Jill

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  1. I agree, the low vibration energy surrounding negativity is just a waste of time.

    It seems there is a lot of good and some bad in the world today. I am happy and optimistic for a variety of reasons. World War II is over, and the world looks to be FAR more peaceful in this century than it was last century. Tons of improvements in technology and medicine should make life easier and more enjoyable.

    A lot of things can and should still be improved, but we’ve come a long way from short life expectancies, working 70+ hours/week on farms, and infants dying from lack of vaccines. There’s lots to improve, but this species on this planet are as well-off as we’ve ever been.

    I agree with you about a bored and meaningless life – just this year I’ve grown less content with my situation and it’s time to keep growing and getting out of the comfort zone – it pretty much always leads to more happiness!

    Have fun,

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